XY FindIt – locate your car in seconds


XY Find It is a smart Bluetooth device designed to help you keep a short leash on what matters
to you with the help of KeepNear™ alerts, which are triggered through your device when the XY
app loses contact with your item so you can avoid leaving it behind and losing it in the first

  • The XY app also comes with a map feature that displays the last approximate location
    where your device was when it had contact with your item to help you retrace your steps
    in the event that you miss the KeepNear™ alert or in case the alerts are turned off.
  • XY Find It beacons communicate with the XY app with the help of Bluetooth (BLE)
    technology. This means that Bluetooth needs to be enabled at all times and that the XY
    Find It needs to be within Bluetooth range of the device running the XY app in order to be
    able to communicate with it.
  • The XY app also uses your device’s GPS for features such as the map, KeepNear™ alerts,
    etc. This means that Location also needs to be enabled on your device at all times.
  • XY Find It is not a GPS device

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