Xtool X100 PAD : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Xtool X100 PAD is an OBD2 diagnostic tool that is built with the professional workshop in mind. It has a variety of features to assist mechanics during servicing and repairs, and help them complete jobs more efficiently. The X100 PAD is a tablet style device, which sets it apart from some of its competitors.

This review will hopefully provide some useful information that will allow you to make an informed decision as to wether this is the right tool for you and your workshop. The first part of the review will outline what the scan tool can do and its main features. Then it will talk about the device’s vehicle coverage, before taking a more in depth look at its standout features. Finally we’ll let you know whether we would recommend the Xtool X100 PAD to professional mechanics.

Product Overview

The Xtool X100 PAD is a diagnostic scan tool, built into a tablet style device. As a diagnostic tool, the X100 PAD is designed to be a tool for mechanics to use during servicing and repairs, to help them locate vehicle problems, and generally simplify and speed up their jobs. A good scan tool can save a mechanic a lot of time, labour costs and money overall, so is definitely a worthwhile investment for the workshop.

The Xtool X100 PAD can complete a number of ‘standard’ OBD functions. These are the things that you’d usually expect a scan tool like this to be capable of. However, the Xtool X100 PAD also has some special functionality that make it unique and stand out from the crowd. This section will divide the scanner’s functionality into basic and advanced functions, to make it easier to understand. We’ll start with the standard functions:

Basic Functions

The first thing that the X100 PAD can do is read and clear error codes from across a variety of different vehicle systems. Whether the trouble codes are originating from the engine, transmission or ABS systems, the X100 PAD will be able to understand them. The scanner will read these codes and then provide a short code description to the user to let them know what the code means. This is much easier and more time efficient than having to constantly look up what a new code means.

After the repairs have been completed, the mechanic can then use the Xtool X100 PAD to clear the offending error codes. If you’re running a professional standard workshop, then you absolutely want the option to be able to clear error codes. You don’t want to be handing a vehicle back to a customer whilst error codes are still displaying, this probably won’t go down well.

In a similar fashion, the Xtool X100 PAD is also capable of turning off vehicle warning lights when they are illuminated, such as the check engine light. This is an important function for the same reason as clearing error codes, the repair isn’t really complete until the warning lights are not showing. The Xtool can also run a tire pressure warning light reset. Although lots of scan tools can turn off the check engine light and do a tire pressure warning light reset, the X100 PAD does it quickly and without fuss.

Advanced Functions

It is true that the Xtool X100 PAD is a great code reader, but this isn’t the extent of its powers. It can also complete a lot of more advanced functions that can prove very useful in the workshop. When selecting a new scan tool, it is usually the extra features that will convince you to make the purchase. The X100 PAD has these features in abundance.

The first of these features is ECU coding. ECU coding allows a mechanic or user to re-programme sections of the vehicle CPU to suit their needs. There are a couple of reasons a mechanic might want to do this. The first is to tune the vehicle to the requirements of the client. For example the electronics could be altered to serve different purposes. The second reason is to make sure that the CPU will work with new actuators and vehicle parts. Often new parts have to programmed into the CPU to make sure that they will work as expected.

Another advanced feature is the X100’s immobilisation capabilities. Immobilisation allows the mechanic to programme new car keys to a vehicle. This is ideal if a client has had some car keys stolen, then it is important that the immobiliser is changed so that the thief can’t come back from the car. Of course it’s also needed so that some new keys can be prepared for the client so they can use their car again. Key programming is quite a rare feature for OBD2 tools. To have it on the Xtool X100 PAD is a big plus for the device.

The next example of one of the special functions is the live data stream. Live data is a great feature that professionals always look out for on scan tools, thanks to how helpful it proves to be in the workshop. This live data stream displays vehicle information in real time, which allows mechanics to get to the root cause of vehicle problems. The live data will also change when the user inputs vehicle functions, for example pressing the accelerator pedal.


The design of the Xtool X100 PAD is pretty intuitive and easy to use. It is a tablet style device that features a large, 7 inch touch screen. The size of the touch screen makes all of the functions easily accessible and simple to find. This screen is well protected by a solid plastic shell with rubber accents. This shell protects the screen from those accidental drops that happen all the time in the workshop.

The X100 PAD connects to your vehicle’s diagnostic port via a heavy duty cable that plugs into the top of the tablet. Having a wired connection ensures that you have a lag free connection when completing OBD functions. Lag is sometimes an issue with wireless, bluetooth scan tools. Overall, the design of the tablet is solid and durable, and is lightweight enough to carry around the workshop all day. Although the screen is large, the device is till small enough to be very portable, and can be taken out on call easily.


Software is an important consideration since this is what powers all of the OBD diagnostic functions. A scan tool can have excellent features and a fantastic design, but if the software doesn’t work well then the device is obsolete. However, that is not a worry with the Xtool X100 PAD.

The X100 PAD runs an Android operating system. Android produces software for thousands of different smartphones and tablets all over the world, and are well known for making reliable and high performing firmware. The software on the X100 PAD lives up to that reputation. It is fast and efficient, and all the diagnostic functions run smoothly. The menu systems are all extremely easy to navigate – even a beginner with no servicing experience will be able to use this tool. Having said that, the scan tool offers enough features to fully satisfy a professional mechanic as well.

Xtool throw in 2 years of free software updates when you buy an X 100 PAD scan tool. These updates usually bring bug fixes, as well as add new features and vehicle coverage. The updates are completed via wifi, and are done quickly and without any issues.


  •  Efficient Android operating system
  •   Accurate code reading
  •  Innovative key programming
  •  ECU coding gives the mechanic a lot of freedom
  •  2 years free updates via wifi


  • Included cable could be longer  
  •  Quite hard to find in stock


The Xtool X100 PAD is compatible with a huge range of vehicles and makes from across US, European and Asian car markets. The X100 PAD is an OBD2 tool, which means that it is compatible with OBD2 vehicles. OBD2 vehicles are those built in 1996 or later. Cars built before 1996 are OBD1 compliant, and usually mechanics will need to get a separate scan tool in order to test them.

Compatibility is an important consideration when picking your next scan tool. If you’re working in a professional workshop, then most likely you’ll be dealing with a range of different car makes every single day. So it makes sense to look for a device that will be able to assist your repairs for the most possible services and repairs. This way you’ll save time during servicing, and be able to complete more jobs per day.

There’s not really much point picking up a diagnostic tool that is only compatible with one or two different brands, if you’re only going to be able to use it once a month. This is not the case for the X100 PAD, which will be able to help with nearly every vehicle that comes into the workshop.


We’ve already talked about some of the features of the Xtool X100 PAD. In this section, we’ll take more in depth look at some of its best functions, and then highlight the key features at the end.

Read and clear error codes

As we previously mentioned, the X100 PAD is an effective and efficient code reader. This means that it can recognise error codes from lots of different vehicle components. Once a code has been recognised, the scanner will give a brief code description to the user, so that they know if the error is in the engine, transmission or braking systems. Being able to get this information so easily is a really big time saver in the workshop, since it means you don’t have to look up codes yourself whenever they appear.

Just as important a feature as code reading, the Xtool can also clear codes. It does this quickly and accurately to ensure that errors aren’t hanging around on the system after a repair is completed. As we said before, clearing error codes is absolutely essential in the professional workshop, as all mechanics will know.

The X 100 PAD is also good at turning off vehicle warning lights. For example it can easily complete a tire pressure warning light reset, or deactivate the check engine light.

Key Programming

A big selling point of the X100 PAD is the fact that it is a key programmer. The scan tool can set new car keys up with a vehicle, and change the immobiliser coding so that only the new keys work. This is the ideal function for when someone has had their car keys stolen, and doesn’t want the thief to be able to access the vehicle. The key programming function works very well and runs smoothly on the X100 PAD.

As mentioned before, key programming, or any immobiliser adjustment at all, is a pretty rare feature amongst scan tools. It is a feature that mechanics look out for when picking up a new tool, since it adds an extra string to their bow – being able to re-programme keys is another service you can offer at your workshop if you have an X100.

ECU coding

ECU coding is another big, and relatively rare, feature that the X100 PAD possesses. ECU coding allows the user to recode parts of the vehicle CPU, to tune their vehicle any way they like. For example, a mechanic could change the amount of times the indicator blinks on the change lane mode. The feature is also necessary for coding new actuators and other electronic parts so that they are compatible with the CPU. If not, the new parts are unlikely to work particularly well.

It’s worth noting that ECU coding should only really be done by someone who has a good knowledge of vehicle coding and has done some before. You don’t want to accidentally delete an important section of code. Having said that, the X100 makes ECU coding as easy as it could ever be, and you’re unlikely to get in a mess if you give the ECU coding feature a go.

Live Data

Like all great OBD2 scan tools, the X 100 PAD has a fantastic live data feature that can assist a mechanic greatly during important servicing and repairs. Live data lets the mechanic see vehicle statistics in real time. This is a really useful to locate problems within different vehicle systems. The live data stream includes readings for fuel trims, throttle position, oxygen sensor levels and engine RPM.

A good way to use live data is to input vehicle functions whilst observing the data stream. For example, a mechanic could press the accelerator whilst looking at the live data and watch how the engine RPM changes. If the RPM doesn’t increase as expected, then this would suggest there is a problem. All mechanics who have used live data absolutely love it, and many would not be able to complete repairs at the rate they do if they didn’t have it.

Steering angle calibration

The X 100 PAD also has the option to adjust the steering angle calibration. The steering angle is a crucial part of the overall steering system, and lets the CPU know what position the steering wheel is in and how far it has been turned. Steering angle calibration is essential to ensure that car goes in the direction that the driver wants it to.

Steering angle calibration is another of the special functions that isn’t commonly found on diagnostic scan tools. It is these features that really make the X 100 PAD a fantastic scanner, and differentiate it from its competitors.

Key Features:

Read and clear codes

The Xtool X 100 PAD is a pretty effective code reader, and can read and clear error codes without much trouble at all. It can also clear vehicle warning lamps. For example it can run a tire pressure warning light reset or deactivate the check engine light.

Special Functions

The X 100 PAD features a number of special functions that are unique to the Xtool. These include ECU coding, key programming and live data streaming.

ECU coding

The X 100 PAD gives the user the freedom to re-programme vehicles however they want. It lets them adjust electronics and actuator response, as well as tune some engine functions.

Android OS

The X 100 PAD runs an Android operating system. This OS powers all the scanner’s functions, and is reliable and runs smoothly. Android are well known all over the world for making fantastic smartphone and tablet firmware. Software updates can be regularly completed via wifi


In conclusion, the Xtool X 100 PAD is a brilliant diagnostic scan tool that will be a great help in the workshop for any mechanic that decides to pick one up. Whether you want to run a tire pressure warning light reset, or make use of one the special functions such as key programming, the X100 will always be able to help out. We highly recommend this scan tool to all professional mechanics, and know you won’t be disappointed if you decide to buy.


How do you program transponder key?

The Xtool X 100 PAD has an excellent key programming feature that will be able to assist when programming transponder keys. This feature pairs up new keys with any vehicle, so is also useful if someone has had their keys stolen and needs a replacement pair.

How do I use Xtool x100?

Using the Xtool X 100 PAD is as simple as plugging it into a vehicle’s diagnostic port and powering up the tablet. You’ll then be able to access all of the functions from the main menu.

What’s the best car key programmer?

There are a lot of good options for car key programmers, but the Xtool X 100 PAD is definitely a good option. The good thing about buying a scan tool like the Xtool key programmer is that it also has a lot of other features and special functions that are bound to come in useful in the future.

Xtool X 100 PAD
Xtool X 100 PAD OBD2 Scanner
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