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7 Best Professional VW/Audi Scan Tool Review 2020

Best Professional VW/Audi Scan Tool Review
You need the a scan tool that is specifically made for VW Audi to have the best diagnostic experiences on your cars.

A specifically made scan tool helps you in perfectly managing VAGCOM vehicles with the diagnostic system installed in them. These are great diagnostic tools with Volkswagen Group motor vehicles in mind. They particularly cover Audi, Volkswagen, several Bently or Lambogini, also SEAT, vs Škoda automobiles.

With such a scanner tool, you can initiate a diagnosis for the optimum performance of your car.


What is the recommendation?

Buy FIXD™ if you’re looking for a genuine scan tool for VAGCOM vehicles

FIXD OBDII Scanner for VW Audi
4.44.4 / 5
It is a full-time scanner which helps you in getting updates about different modes of car.

Still need some more details about the FIXD and its competitors?

Let’s get started.

Best VW Scan Tool/ Audi Scan Tool

FIXD™ OBDII Scanner – Editor’s Pick

FIXD™ diagnostic scanner is compatible with VW and Audi models. This device helps in clearing up the trouble codes which you can easily read.

FIXD Scanner
FIXD™ OBDII Scanner for VW Audi
4.44.4 / 5
It is a full-time scanner which helps you in getting updates about different modes of car. [/review_product]

Those include transmission, ABS, SAS, TPMS and overall the entire systems of the vehicle. Additionally, there is also a service reset and battery monitoring system available which you can use in the Audi and VW models.

The EPB reset button is also there with the unit diagnosis to make sure that the car does not throttle when it is moving fast. With the support of IMMO, you can protect your Audi even if you have lost the key or from any theft threat.

Furthermore, the electronic stability program in the device helps in keeping the continuous detection of the problems. It also keeps the skidding level reduced overall within the vehicle.


  • Full system of diagnostics
  • Real time cost estimates.
  • Accessible menu
  • Affordable
  • Up to 50% discount available at the official website


  • No data freeze frame
  • Sells Out too frequently

This VW diagnostic scanner is a great standalone device which you can prefer to use in the Audi and VW vehicles for the best performance. You can even erase the codes within the device or look up for the definitions if you do not understand the words.

best audi scanner
FIXD™ is particularly for VAG vehicles. ———

This device can also be turned off and on for the engine light checking. Retrieve the VIN information easily through the menu options. So save some money of inspection for your vehicle by using this device as it will be helpful for you.

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Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter for VAG vehicles
3.43.4 / 5
So, you have to download the applicator of Carista in your mobile and connect to the vehicle via Bluetooth adapter.

Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter works well with Android and iOS smartphone devices. It also helps in getting a diagnosis for the vehicle.

It helps in seeing the interface on your phone to manage the overall performance. There are many other diagnostic functions which you can perform from your smartphone. With that, you have the option to erase the codes for transmission, ABS and airbag.

Carista helps you in viewing the real-time data for the engine load, temp, speed of the vehicle and much more. You can also get the gauges number exactly, but it depends on what kind of app you are using.

best vw scanner
Free 1-month trial of paid Carista app features. ———

Moreover, you have the option to use third party apps with this adapter such as OBD Car Doctor, OBD Auto Doctor, and others. So, make sure to prefer the app which has a lot of functions in one so that you do not have to switch between multiple ones.

Along with that, you can also get services such as ECU information view and EPB retraction as well. It is a simple way to use the OBDII device in your vehicle by connecting it through your smartphone.

You can also view the live data monitoring on the cellphone along with fuel economy measurement in the VW diagnostic scanner.


  • Easy to manage
  • Reliable
  • Works smoothly
  • Multiple functions available
  • Allows third-party application usage


  • Only works with specific vehicles
  • May require in-app purchases
  • May drain car battery

If you own a VAGS vehicle, don’t miss this compact scanner. It customizes well your vehicles and helps to monitor your car’s health.

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AUTOPHIX V007 OBDII Scan Tool for Audi VW Cars
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.

AUTOPHIX diagnostic tool comes with the free option of oil service reset. The design is compatible with all the VW vehicles and Audi of 1996 and above models. Vehicles which are OBD2 compliant will be able to get the installation of this device without any hassle.

The VW scan tool/Audi scan tool is reliable and also an excellent source of getting to know the vehicle in a better way.

You can read and erase the codes when you do not need them later on the VAG-COM. With the AUTOPHIX diagnostic tool, you can get the reading for transmission, ABS, SRS and other 120 systems in the vehicle. There is nothing better than knowing what is wrong with your vehicle when it is behaving out of the ordinary.

best audi scan tool
V007 Special Functions.

Moreover, it comes with essential functions which are necessary to maintain the overall service. You can also change the oil, reset lights, check the brake pad, reset the brake pad and much more.

It is a trouble-free best obd2 scanner for VW tool which you can use as a start and then move to an advanced version when you get a complete hold of it.


  • Multiple features
  • Best to start with
  • Easy to read
  • Reliable machine
  • Long term warranty


  • Low in data relay
  • Slow in pulling out data
  • No live data
  • No freeze frame data

If you are someone who is an enthusiast, then you will surely want to have this installed. It comes at an affordable price along with that; there are some basic functions to get started. Functions are easily manageable by anyone whether you are a newbie or professional.

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XTOOL Vag401 OBD2 Code Reader

The XTOOL code reader diagnostic tool is a perfect fit for the VW and Audi models. It comes with oil reset, SRS and ABS bleeding reading for the drivers.

XTOOL Vag401 OBD2 Code Reader for VAG Cars
44 / 5
There is no need to start the diagnosis manually, but when there is a problem, it detects automatically through VAG-COM.

XTOOL machine supports various protocols of OBD2 such as J1850, CAN, KWP2000 and ISO9141. You have to plug in the machine into the port of OBD2 to make it work smoothly. As it connects, it will run the diagnostics without any hassle.

If there is trouble in the vehicle, then it will show you on the display screen. You can erase the codes along with reading it in the modes of airbag, transmission, engine and other systems of the vehicle.

Along with that, you can view the live data of the performance within the vehicle along with building history in the VW scan tool. There are sensors, monitor and performance modules available with this machine as well.

best vw scanner
Once you plug the cable into the tool & into the vehicle’s connector, the vag scan tool will automatically turn on. ———

Moreover, you can get information about the overall health of the engine to save some fuel as well. Additionally, you can also check over the I/M readiness which indicates if there is a problem with the emission system or not of VW vehicles.

It also helps you in knowing whether the vehicle can pass through the smog test easily or not.


  • Easy retrieval of pin codes
  • Guide available for instructions
  • Easy to manage
  • Updates automatically timely
  • Affordable


  • No built-in battery

The Audi/VW scanner is great for enthusiasts and mechanic alike. This machine is a great one for the AUDI vehicles to read through the coding and adaptations.

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iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 Professional Scan Tool

iCarsoft Professional Auto Diagnostic tool is specially designed for Audi and VW. It is an easy to use tool which helps you diagnose the vehicle within seconds. You have to plug it in the port of OBD II, and the device will start automatically with the display of VAG-COM.

iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 Professional Audi VW Scan Tool
3.43.4 / 5
VAWS V2.0 can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on all the systems such as engine, transmission, ABS and SRS etc.

As it starts, there will be step by step instructions for you to follow to get the analysis of your car. Furthermore, the multi-system tool has a large screen with a 4-inch display and easy to read for anyone.

Also, trouble codes are checking for you to make the change of it as soon as possible. There are different test modes which are known as J1850, ISO9141, CANBUS and more which you can assess through this device. Due to the various ways, you can fix multiple complex problems of the vehicle without wasting any time.

With the iCarsoft diagnostic tools, you can also access the live data streaming off the car and detect it quickly if there are any issues. The keys are silicone on the tool so you can easily use it.

There is also an oil and service reset light which indicates you to change it when it requires maintenance.


  • Supports ABS bleeding
  • Programming injection available
  • Easy to use
  • Large screen
  • Various modes of diagnoses
  • Supports multi-languages


  • Have to check the compatibility before buying.
Icarsoft product descriptions

It is a user-friendly device which does not require the user to have any other or additional software installation.

The capabilities of VW scan tool helps in reading the engine’s condition with providing you full detail within no time.

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Autel MST505 OBD2 Scanner with Oil Reset

Autel MST505 OBD2 VW Audi Scanner with Oil Reset
3.63.6 / 5
It is a full system of diagnoses which you can use for your vehicle and know its accurate performance.

Autel MST505 OBDII scanner is designed to work with the Skoda, VW and Audi models which are above 1990.

Functions in this machine are reliable such as MIL turn off, DTC erasing, live data, I/M readiness, freeze frame, monitor on board and much more. Moreover, it also comes with the advanced support of clearing codes from the ABS, SRS, and airbag.

Apart from this, there is also an EPB reset option to utilize as well. If you want to get a thoughtful tool with you wherever you go then this is the best option to consider for VW vehicles. It has resistance to get damaged or any scratches when you are driving the vehicle.

The rubber boot protects it at all times so you can carry it and take it anywhere you want even if you are on the bumpy roads. The warranty is lifetime which you can claim at any point on the official website of Autel.

It comes with airbag light illuminator and works perfectly with Sonata 2007. You can also check the manual in the package to take help as guidance while installing it. There is no need of installing additional software to get started with the Audi obd2 scanner as it already has the VAG-COM.

This advanced OBDII scanner support retrieving and clearing codes in ABS, SRS, Airbag. ———

As soon as you open the machine and turn it on, it will begin the work of detecting any problems in the vehicle.


  • Protective tool for vehicles
  • Reliable machine
  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Easily managed and operated


  • No built in batteries
  • May require frequent restart

This Autel VAG-COM scanner is perfect for home or professional mechanic. You get more with its advanced functions.

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OBDeleven PRO Edition OBD2 Scan Tool for Android

OBDeleven Standard Edition diagnostic device is manageable when you have a proper understanding of the tools. You can read the clear trouble codes which are in the vehicle through VAG-COM.

OBDeleven PRO Edition by Voltas IT, VW AUDI OBD2 Scan Tool for Android
4.14.1 / 5
There are diagnostics available for various modes such as ABS, Transmission, Engine and more.

Moreover, there are also customization options which help in adapting the device even better for the vehicle. You can also check the live data and programming history through the device. It is a specific design made for VW and Audi models.

With that, you have the option to use one-click programming which helps in working with the app. You can know a lot about your vehicle through this tool.

It helps in comforting windows, interior lighting, oil service reset, motion video and much more.

There is also a Bluetooth in this device which helps in monitoring the VW vehicle accurately. If you want to make this device and use it to the optimal level, then you can download scan tools from the Google Play Store easily.

You can read through the trouble codes on Audi obd2 scanner and check on AC performance as well.

Additionally, it shows you the status of the vehicle’s battery, output test, auto updates, engine condition and much more. As you use this device, you will get the pro-activation code which helps in the setup of the device in the vehicle.

If you want to learn more about the device, then you have to operate it with customizing it according to your needs.


  • Smooth interface
  • Readable gauges diagnostics
  • Sharing of trouble codes through email
  • Can be used in multiple languages
  • VAG group diagnostics support


  • No batteries.
  • May take up car battery.

OBDeleven Standard is perfect VAGS scan tool for car enthusiasts and home mechanic.

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According to me, the top three recommendations among the options would be FIXD Scanner because of the complete system of diagnostics in it. The menu is quite accessible and works smoothly with the user even if you are new to it.

Next to it, is AUTOPHIX V007 OBDII Scan Tool for Audi VW because of the multiple functions it supports. It is an ultimate package for you in one device which you can utilize best for the vehicle.

Last but not the least, XTOOL Vag401 Code Reader for VW Audi also helps in the pin codes retrieval and has a detailed guide for you to get started. It is also affordable in cost which can be a catching point for some people.

Bottom line

As a car owner, you also need to have the best VW/Audi scan tool. Even if you are a professional, this device helps you in bringing out the best analysis for the VW vehicles and Audi vehicles.

You have to do thorough research before purchasing the diagnostic tool for your vehicle. So, settle for something which suits best according to your needs and capability of the car.

Always remember that the interface should be user-friendly so that you do not have to face any hassle in getting started with it if you are a novice driver.

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