7 Best OBD2 Scanner for VW and Audi for 2023

When you buy from a vehicle manufacturer such as Audi or Volkswagen, you expect a premium-quality product. However, merely owning an Audi or Volkswagen isn’t enough to ensure you have a car for life.

Nowadays, the mechanics and operating systems of most Audi or Volkswagen are controlled digitally by the car’s computer.

While this makes for a smoother and more laid-back driving experience overall, it can mean that any problems are often difficult to identify without the correct tools.

A VAG-COM scan tool quickly solves this by giving Audi and Volkswagen owners an easy way to run diagnostics on their car’s operating systems and promptly resolve any detected issues.

Any Volkswagen or Audi owner who truly values their car should invest in a vehicle-specific diagnostic tool.

Luckily for readers, we have put together a list of the best Volkswagen and Audi diagnostic tools – so that you can keep your car doing what it does best.

How We Evaluated These VW and Audi OBD2 Scanner Tools

In order to make the best recommendations for these Audi and VW OBD2 scanner tools, we evaluated each on a specific set of criteria. Each of these scan tools has been tested based on the following attributes by our team of experts.

Compatibility – We made sure that these are compatible with Audi and Volkswagen vehicles so that the outputs are accurate. When that check engine light comes on, you can be sure you’re getting an accurate reading. 

Functionality – Some VW and Audi diagnostic tools have better functionality than others. Our review takes this into account by comparing what makes each tool stand out.

Quality – We looked at the components used to make each OBD scanner for VW and Audi, and whether they’re built for the long haul. Those made with higher quality materials and tech were given the nod over lower quality models.

Reliability – This ties in with quality, but we made sure that readings are consistent and reliable – and that the VW or Audi OBD scanner would hold up over repeated use. 

Ease of Use – This is particularly important for those who don’t have a ton of mechanical knowledge. We accounted for whether these diagnostic scanners are user-friendly and easy to understand.

Overview of the Best 3 VW Scan Tool and Audi Scan Tools

Check Price
FIXD OBD2 Scanner Tool
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Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter
Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter
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My Rating
4.54.5 / 5
55 / 5
3.43.4 / 5
PriceAUTOPHIX V007 priceFIXD priceCarista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter price
Product Dimensions8" x 7" x 2"1.5" x 0.5" x 1.8"2.8" x 2.8" x 1.6"
Item Weight12oz0.96oz2.88oz
Live Data--
Engine/ Transmission

The engineering behind modern VW and Audi vehicles has excelled far beyond the basic comprehension of even the most tech-savvy car enthusiast.

No longer can car troubles be solved simply by popping the hood and looking at things yourself, as issues are often related to the vehicle’s computer software. Even though regular OBD2 software updates can sort out bugs, issues can still pop up.

This software usually has full system control, so Audi and VW owners need to have the right tools for the job – and it is here that the magic of a VW or Audi scan tool truly shines.

We have compiled a list of some of the top models out there to help our readers make more informed decisions. Here are our top picks:

  1. FIXDTM OBDII Scanner
  2. Carista OBD 2 Bluetooth Adaptor
  3. Autophix V007 OBDII Scanner
  4. XTool Vag401 OBD2 Code Reader
  5. iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 Code Reader
  6. Autel MST505 OBD2 Scanner
  7. OBDeleven PRO Edition OBD2 Scan Tool

Below you’ll find our list, followed by a detailed review of each – including specifics on features and functionality, pricing, pros and cons, and comparable models. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a clear idea of the best OBD scanner Volkswagen and Audi owners should use, depending on their budgets and particular needs.

1. FIXD™ OBDII Scanner – Editor’s Pick

FIXD OBD2 Scanner for iPhone Android
55 / 5
Using the same Identifix database professional shops use, FIXD will match your vehicle’s make, model, year, and trouble code to a specific fix from a database of over 30 million fixes

The FIXDOBDII scanner is by far one of the best Audi OBD2 scanner tools we’ve tested for these makes. It works effectively on all models of VW and Audi, and displays any trouble codes clearly and concisely.

Like other models, it includes monitoring information about your vehicle’s ABS, transmission, Steering and Suspension (SAS), and tire pressure. It also has a service reset button and built-in battery monitoring.

Furthermore, the FIXD scanner features an Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) reset button, which helps prevent your vehicle from throttling at higher speeds.

Compared to other models, the FIXD scanner is ultra easy to use. You just plug the small scanner directly into your port beneath your steering wheel, start your vehicle and open the app. We loved how intuitive the app design was. You’re able to immediately run a test on your vehicle to determine if something is wrong with your vehicle.

You also can upgrade to a premium plan that has a mechanic hotline where you can get expert advice on any issues and potential fixes. This is an awesome help for anyone who has limited mechanic skills. It’s a really unique feature that helps FIXD stand out.


  • The FIXD OBDII can provide full diagnostics on any VW and Audi vehicles.
  • It gives users transparent and up-to-date price estimates for all repair issues.
  • This OBDII scanner is optimized for easy-to-use accessibility.
  • It is a cost-effective, dependable performer that is ideal for Volkswagen and Audi owners.


  • Because of the high consumer demand for the FIXD OBDII scanner, stock levels are often low.

As the FIXD OBDII scanner’s electronic stability programming works continuously, it is useful in detecting threats – before they have a chance to develop into problems.

Customers can also use their FIXD OBDII scanner to retrieve their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) easily through its simple-to-navigate display.

Another benefit of this diagnostic scanner is that it allows owners to quickly clear codes within their device and easily define any words or phrases they don’t understand. All in all, it’s a fantastic Audi and VW OBD2 scanner, both for complete beginners and experienced car enthusiasts.

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2. Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter

The Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter seamlessly merges iOS and Android smartphone devices with VW / Audi vehicle diagnostics.

It places full diagnostic control over your vehicle in the palm of your hand by using your smartphone’s interface to manage your Volkswagen or Audi’s functionality and operation.

By utilizing your smartphone’s interface, this Audi and VW OBD scanner adapter gives owners the ability to read and clear error codes for their vehicle’s anti-lock brake system (ABS), airbag, and transmission.

VW/Audi owners can use their Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter to get real-time live data about their car, including the temperature, engine load, and vehicle speed – amongst others.

Depending on the specific variety of apps the customer is using, it is also possible to determine the exact number of gauges within your vehicle.

Another benefit to using the Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter is that customers can use it in conjunction with third-party applications such as OBD Auto Doctor or OBD Car Doctor.

The Carista OBD2 Bluetooth adapter also provides users with Engine Control Unit (ECU) information, alongside Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) and brake pad testing.


  • A simple and effective way to run Audi/VW diagnostics at your fingertips.
  • As customers operate the Carista OBD2 scanner through their phones, it is effortless to use.
  • Facilitates the use of third-party applications to keep your Audi / VW in top condition.
  • The Carista OBD2 scanner is a multi-faceted tool that customers can use in several different ways.


  • Requires the use of a smartphone device to be fully utilized.
  • Only specific vehicle owners can use the Carista scanner.

VAG-COM vehicle owners may be drawn to the easy-to-use software and compact size of the Carista scanner.

Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter for VAG vehicles
3.43.4 / 5
In order to use the Carista OBD scanner for VW and Audi, you’ll have to download the application of Carista on your mobile and connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth adapter.

3. AUTOPHIX V007 OBDII Scan Tool

As one of the leading diagnostic tool brands, the Autophix V007 OBDII scan tool is another top choice.

It is fully compatible with any post-1996 Volkswagen or Audi models and comes alongside a complimentary optional oil service reset.

OBD2-compliant Audi or Volkswagen owners can have the Autophix V007 OBDII installed hassle-free.

Not only does the Autophix V007 OBDII scan tool allow Audi / VW enthusiasts a chance to get better acquainted with their vehicle’s inner workings, but users can easily read and delete fault codes that they do not need within the VAG-COM.

It can also provide information about the ABS, SRS (supplemental restraint system), and transmission, as well as detecting up to a further 120 systems within your vehicle!

The Autophix V007 OBDII scanner provides vehicle owners with all they need to make sure their Audi or VW functions as it should. This includes an oil service check, light check, and brake pad testing.

It is the best Audi diagnostic tool for all those looking to gain better insight into their car’s workings and ensure that nothing keeps them off the road.


  • Multiple features
  • Best to start with
  • Easy to read
  • Reliable machine
  • Long term warranty


  • Low in data relay
  • Slow in pulling out data
  • No live data
  • No freeze frame data

The functionality and usability of the Autophix V007 are what truly sets it apart as an ideal VW / Audi scan tool for both novices and experts alike.

AUTOPHIX V007 OBDII Scan Tool for Audi VW Cars
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.

4. XTOOL Vag401 OBD2 Code Reader

The XTOOL code reader diagnostic tool is a perfect fit for the VW and Audi models. It comes with an oil reset, SRS, and ABS bleeding reading for the drivers.

Another ideal diagnostic tool for Audi and VW owners is the XTool Vag401 OBD2 code reader.

The XTool code reader provides a full-encompassing VW / Audi scan tool that comes equipped with an oil check, SRS (Supplemental Restraint System), and ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) reading.

One benefit of the XTool code reader for VW and Audi is its compatibility with several of the best OBD2 protocols – including KWP2000, J1850, CAN, and ISO9141.

To operate the XTool code reader, vehicle owners insert it into the OBD2 port – after which it will automatically begin running diagnostics on the Audi or Volkswagen.

If the XTool Vag scanner detects any trouble codes during the VW / Audi scan, it will illustrate them clearly on its display screen.

The vehicle owner can then erase these error codes and review all relevant information concerning their engine, transmission, airbags, and more.

Another one of the XTool code reader’s benefits is that it displays live data on your Audi or Volkswagen’s performance. This live-data can help manage fuel consumption and keep you on the road for longer.


  • Easy retrieval of pin codes
  • Guide available for instructions
  • Easy to manage
  • Updates automatically timely
  • Affordable


  • No built-in battery

The XTool code reader is perfect for both professional mechanics and enthusiasts alike. It is ideal for Audi and Volkswagen owners who want to stay informed about any adaptations to their vehicle’s coding.

XTOOL Vag401 OBD2 Code Reader for VAG Cars
44 / 5
There is no need to start the diagnosis manually, but when there is a problem, it detects automatically through VAG-COM.

5. iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 Professional Scan Tool

The iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 is another bespoke scan tool that has been built specifically with Audi and Volkswagen vehicles in mind.

It is the best Audi OBD2 scanner for vehicle owners who value ease-of-use and the ability to identify any issues within their car’s operating systems in just seconds.

Plugging the iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 scan tool into the OBD II port automatically begins scanning the vehicle’s full system. It then displays any error codes that are found clearly on the VAG-COM.

The 4″ display screen of the iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 scan tool means that anyone can read it, and it comes equipped with step-by-step instructions for easy set-up.

Part of what makes the iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 such a desirable Volkswagen or Audi scan tool is its proven ability to quickly and easily identify – and solve complex problems within your vehicle.

It allows vehicle owners an opportunity to run multiple test modes on their Audi or Volkswagen, including ISO9141, CANBUS and J1850, and several others.

The iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 also gives vehicle owners live-data about their car’s inner workings to ensure that any trouble codes are identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Additionally, the iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 features an oil service light that keeps drivers informed when they require an oil change or maintenance.


  • Supports ABS bleeding
  • Programming injection available
  • Easy to use
  • Large screen
  • Various modes of diagnoses
  • Supports multi-languages


  • Have to check the compatibility before buying.
Icarsoft product descriptions

One of the main appeals to the iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 over other Audi or VW OBD2 scanner devices is that it does not require any additional software installation.

This means that owners can set it up and check engine function within their vehicle in a matter of seconds!

It is a user-friendly device which does not require the user to have any other or additional software installation.

iCarsoft VAWS V2.0 Professional Audi VW Scan Tool
3.43.4 / 5
VAWS V2.0 can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on all the systems such as engine, transmission, ABS and SRS etc.

6. Autel MST505 OBD2 Scanner with Oil Reset

The Autel MST505 OBD2 scanner is another reliable option for both Volkswagen and Audi owners.

It can be used on any VW, Audi, or Skoda model built after 1990 and provides full system diagnostics within your vehicle.

It is a dependable and reliable Skoda, VW or Audi OBD2 scanner, equipped with advanced support, including DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) erasing and MIL (Malfunction-Indicator-Lamp) switch-off.

The Autel MST505 OBD2 scanner also provides Audi or Volkswagen drivers with live data and freeze frame date about all aspects of their vehicle’s performance.

In addition to all these features, the Autel MST505 OBD2 scanner also lets owners clear error codes and read sensor data from within their vehicles ABS, SRS, and airbags.

For Audi or Volkswagen owners who enjoy life on the open road, the Autel MST505 OBD2 scanner is an ideal choice as it is wrapped in protective rubber that will keep it secure and operational for years to come!

This advanced OBD2 scanner supports retrieving and clearing codes in ABS, SRS, Airbag. ———

As soon as you open the machine and turn it on, it will begin the work of detecting any problems in the vehicle.


  • Protective tool for vehicles
  • Reliable machine
  • Affordable
  • Light in weight
  • Easily managed and operated


  • No built in batteries
  • May require frequent restart

This Autel VAG-COM scanner is perfect for home or professional mechanic. You get more with its advanced special functions.

Autel MST505 Audi VW OBD2 Scanner with Oil Reset
3.63.6 / 5
It is a full system of diagnoses which you can use for your vehicle and know its accurate performance.

7. OBDeleven PRO Edition OBD2 Scan Tool for Android

The OBDeleven Pro is another scan tool that combines the usability and interface of an Android smartphone or tablet device with full-system Audi and Volkswagen diagnostic capabilities.

The OBDeleven Pro is a compact-size scanner that can quickly identify issues within a vehicle’s transmission, engine, ABS, and much more.

Unlike some of the other scan devices mentioned, the OBDeleven Pro has no display screen or buttons.

Instead, the compact device is plugged into the Audi or Volkswagen’s OBD2 port and operated through the owner’s Android smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

Once connected, the OBDeleven Pro dongle will automatically recognize the Audi or Volkswagen through its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and begin to scan and display any DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) that it detects throughout the vehicle.

The OBDeleven Pro lets owners check their vehicle’s transmission, engine, and airbags, and allows them to erase error codes, which are solved quickly.

Alongside these features, the OBDeleven Pro also lets Audi and Volkswagen owners reset their oil service, correct their brake pad configuration and alter their vehicle lights.

The OBDeleven Pro also lets owners view and use live data to run multiple individual tests on various components of their car.


  • Smooth interface
  • Readable gauges diagnostics
  • Sharing of trouble codes through email
  • Can be used in multiple languages
  • VAG group diagnostics support


  • No batteries.
  • May take up car battery.

OBDeleven Standard is THE perfect VAGS scan tool for car enthusiasts and home mechanics. Despite being one of the best VW and Audi diagnostic tools out there, it also comes with an affordable price tag, likely because it doesn’t have a screen and relies on the user’s smartphone to display all the data.

OBDeleven PRO Edition by Voltas IT, VW AUDI OBD2 Scan Tool for Android
4.14.1 / 5
There are diagnostics available for various modes such as ABS, Transmission, Engine and more.

My Recommendation for VW and Volkswagen Scanners

When it comes to choosing the ideal scan-tool, I would personally recommend the FIXD scanner which you can get here.

While every device has its unique qualities, the FIXD scanner stands apart from its competitors due to the expanse its diagnostic system covers. It’s the best OBD2 scanner for VW and Audi vehicles that money can buy, period.

The fully-encompassing diagnostics, combined with a seamless and easy-to-use interface, is what – for me – places the FIXD scanner above the rest.

Following closely behind the FIXD scanner comes the Autophix V007 due to the high volume of functions supported through a single device.

Finally, the third-place position goes to the XTool Vag401 because of its detailed set-up guide and ability to quickly retrieve pin codes.

Another advantage to the XTool is its reasonable price-tag, which may appeal to Audi and Volkswagen owners looking to make a saving – while still taking care of their vehicles.

The VW and Audi scan tools market is a large one – meaning there is a device out there for everyone.

While certain devices may have specific appeal to certain customers, such as mechanics or specialists, the truth is that every scan tool has its own value – and is bound to leave drivers better off than without one.

Diagnostic Scan Tool FAQs:

What is the best Audi scan tool?

Choosing which diagnostic tool is ‘the best’ depends primarily on who is using it. For example, an Audi or Volkswagen owner trained as a mechanic may be better suited to a particular device than someone new to car maintenance. No matter what Audi diagnostic tool you eventually choose, it is undoubtedly a good decision to have one at all. Remember to make an informed purchase based on reviews from experienced professionals, such as this one.

Does VW use OBD2?

OBD2 stands for ‘on-board diagnostics II’ – which means any computer-based system built into the car. Most VW models constructed after 1996 will use OBD2. As these computer systems control much of the vehicle’s functionality, a VW or Audi scan tool is a truly vital tool.

What is the best automotive diagnostic scan tool?

The ‘best’ diagnostic scan tool again depends on the needs of who is using it. More tech-savvy vehicle owners may prefer a Bluetooth or wireless device controlled through their phone – whereas older owners may prefer a more traditional interface. It also depends on your car’s make and model. The best Audi diagnostic tool will also probably rank as #1 for Volkswagen too, but it might turn out to be completely useless for other makes like Nissan or Peugeot.

What is VCDS for VW?

VAGCOM or VCDS is the name given to the diagnostic programming that allows drivers to access the various electronic modules within their VW. VCDS also works on Audi vehicles as well as Skodas and Seat models.

Bottom Line

If you own an Audi or Volkswagen that you genuinely value, you should invest in a decent VW or Audi scan tool.

With technological advancements in motoring excelling every year, Audi vehicles and Volkswagens’ inner workings are becoming increasingly complex.

With these technological advancements comes the need for more technological safeguards, so a quality vehicle specific scan tool is essential.

Scan tools reassure Audi and Volkswagen owners that their car runs as it should and makes solving complicated problems far more straightforward – and quite often cheaper.

When shopping around for a VAG scanning device, customers should make sure they choose a device that has a simple and easy-to-use interface.

This way, they can avoid the frustration that’s often associated with new gadgets and focus entirely on getting their car running correctly.

VAG scanners are becoming an increasingly essential device for Audi and VW motor owners who want their vehicles’ best. Device specifics aside, anyone who drives an OBD2 vehicle ought to own a VAG diagnostic tool.

This way, any issues within the vehicle’s inner-workings can be diagnosed quickly and effectively, which can save on any unnecessary costs of taking it to a garage or repair shop.

3.5/5 (64 Reviews)