U11E9 – What Does It Mean and How To Fix It

Every driver will greatly benefit from using an OBD2 scanner – thanks to it, you will be able to find issues with your vehicle before they become so severe they will be irreparable. The key is understanding what the code showing up on the screen means. U11E9 is one of the codes you’re most likely to see.

What does the U11E9 code mean? What are the symptoms? How do you fix it? You can find the answers to those questions below.

U11E9 Code – What Does It Mean

First thing first – what does the U11E9 code mean? This particular code is shown when the problem occurs with Dodge and Jeep vehicles.

The code shows up when there is a communication problem between the Engine Control Module (ECM) and the active grill shutter – precisely, it means Lost Communication with Active Grill Shutter.

The grill shutter’s function is to decrease aerodynamic drag, as well as retain engine heat and decrease the time the engine needs to warm up.

U11E9 – Symptoms

There are a few things that can indicate the code U11E9 is about to pop up on your OBD2 scanner. Those are the Check Engine light appearing on your dashboard, as well as a worse performance of the engine, which can also overheat.

U11E9 – What Are the Causes

There could be several causes as to why this code appears on your OBD2 scanner. For example, the wiring and/or the connectors might be damaged, corroded, burnt, shortened, or disconnected. Or the problem might be with the active grill shutter or a bad ground connection. The issue might also be with the Powertrain Control Module (PCM).

How Would a Technician Diagnose a U11E9 Code

Here is how a professional would diagnose the U11E9 Jeep code:

  • Firstly, they will scan for codes in the Engine Control Module (ECM). Then, they will check the freeze frame data for any failure.
  • Then, they will check all the wiring and connectors for any kind of damage – they will check if they’re burnt, shortened, or corroded.
  • Then, they will inspect the active grill shutter and make sure that it is working properly.
  • The next step they would take would be to check whether all grounds are connected and clean.
  • Once they’ve checked everything, they will repair and replace all of the needed parts.
  • Finally, they will clear the codes and test drive the vehicle to make sure that the code doesn’t appear again.

Mistakes When Diagnosing the U11E9 Code

There are a few things that can be done wrong when diagnosing the U11E9 code. Those are:

  • Not checking all the wiring and the connectors.
  • Not inspecting all the grounds.
  • Not checking the active grill shutter motor.
  • Replacing the parts without doing a proper inspection.

U11E9 Code – How to Fix It

Fixing the U11E9 Dodge Dart code by yourself is almost identical to how a mechanic would do it. Here is a show instruction on what you can do to fix the U11E9 code:

  • Firstly, check whether there are any faulty parts, such as the connectors, the wiring, or the active grill shutter. If there are, you need to replace them.
  • Secondly, check all grounds – if anything needs replacement or repair, now’s the time to do it.
  • Finally, once you’ve checked all of the above, drive the vehicle for a while and see whether the code appears again.

U11E9 Code – Frequently Asked Questions

Is the U11E9 Code Serious?

Yes, the U11E9 code indicates a serious issue – you should have your vehicle looked at by a professional as soon as possible. The consequences of this code include overheating of the engine, its reduced performance and, in the long run, damage to the engine.

How much does it cost to diagnose and fix the U11E9 code?

It will take a professional more or less an hour to an hour and a half to diagnose the U11E9 RAM code – how much time exactly it will take depends on several things, such as your car’s make and model or the type of your engine. How much you will pay for that depends on how much a specific car workshop charges per hour. On average, that would be between $75 and $150.
As for fixing, it depends on whether you decide to fix it yourself or if you want a professional to do it for you. For the first option, you need to take into account the cost of the parts that need to be replaced. As for the second, you not only need to consider the parts but also the labor cost.
Depending on the workshop you will use, it will cost you about $200 to fix it. This brings the total cost of diagnosing and fixing the U11E9 code to $275 to $350.


The U11E9 code is one of the most common codes you will see when using an OBD2 scanner to diagnose issues with your vehicle. It appears when there is a problem with communication between the ECM and the active grill shutter.

Some of the things that you might notice when this code appears include your engine not performing as well as usual, or the Check Engine warning light that can appear on your dashboard.

If you want to make sure that the problem is dealt with properly, the easiest way would be to contact a professional – they’ll be able to identify the root of the issue and what needs to be replaced or repaired for your car to work flawlessly again.

And if you’re wondering what other codes you might see on your OBD2 scanner mean, check out our blog section.