7 Best Code Readers For Heavy Duty Trucks (2023)

There are a lot of auto scan tools on the market today, but more often than not, they are not suitable for diagnosing heavy-duty trucks.

Lucky for you, we have done our research and found the Top 7 Truck Scan Tools that will help with all your diagnostic needs on your bulkier engines.

How We Evaluated These Diagnostic Scan Tools

If you look at the breadth of content on our site about car code readers (specifically OBD2 scanners), you’ll notice that, well, we’ve evaluated a lot of them. We take what we do very seriously, and want to give the best recommendations to our readers. 

That being said, each code reader is evaluated based on a certain set of criteria that help guide which models make the top of our list. Here are some of the things we looked at for this specific ranking.

Truck Compatibility – We tested each code reader on heavy duty trucks to ensure that each of them are compatible with popular models. You can be sure that any of these code readers are up to the task of scanning accurately to help diagnose error codes on your vehicle.

User-Friendliness – A major component of our evaluation was whether these code readers are user-friendly. That means, essentially, that they’re easy and simple to use and understand. 

Functionality – Apart from being able to work with heavy duty trucks, many of these scan tools offer functionality that is different from one another. We parsed all of the functions of each scan tool and compared the features of each tool. 

Value – One of the goals of our reviews is to bring value to our readers, and that’s not about just propping up scan tools that are sold at a lower cost. We instead want to make sure that cost lines up with value and our audience is getting the best bang for their hard-earned buck. 

Reliability – As with everything in mechanics – from tools to parts – reliability is paramount. Reliability was definitely a factor in evaluation. We wanted to make sure that the tools worked as they should, and that both the tech and physical components can stand the test of time. 

Heavy Duty Truck Scanner Comparison Chart

Check Price
LAUNCH CReader HD Plus
LAUNCH CReader HD Plus
Check Price
Kzyee KC601
Kzyee KC601
Check Price
Our Rating
3.43.4 / 5
3.83.8 / 5
3.73.7 / 5
PriceNEXAS NL102P priceLAUNCH CReader HD PlusKzyee KC601 price
Product Dimensions10.1" x 7.2" x 2.7"10.2" x 7.2" x 2.5"10.5" x 7.5" x 3.4"
Item Weight2.2lbs1.9lbs2.4lbs
OBD2 modes for all
ABS codes
I/M readiness
Live data
Works with J1939, J1708, and J1587

Truck scanner is a diagnostic tool specifically for heavy duty trucks. Thus it may not be compatible with normal cars.

We have broken down this article to help you discover exactly what you need to know in order to find the perfect match to your truck.

Best Truck Scanners – Individual Reviews

You know how we evaluated these scanners, you know what some of our favorites are, but now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty: which of these scanners is actually best for your truck? 

The following are our top picks for the best truck code scanners of 2022. Following the last are individual reviews of each diagnostic scanner, along with some insights into how they function and what features are offered. 

  1. NEXAS NL102 Plus
  2. LAUNCH CReader HD Plus
  3. Autel Maxisys MS908CV 
  4. Kzyee KC601
  5. Quicklynks T71
  6. LAUNCH X431 V+

1. NEXAS NL102 Plus Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool – Editor’s Pick

First and Foremost, we have the NL102 from Nexas.

ANCEL BD310 Bluetooth
NEXAS NL102 Plus Heavy Duty Truck Scan Tool
3.23.2 / 5
Nexas is a reputable manufacturer in the world of diagnostic readers, tools, and equipment.

If you are looking for a well-priced scan tool that covers most heavy-duty trucks, this might be the tool you have been looking for.

But don’t just take my word for it, read about the special functions and features offered by the NL102 Plus.

Features and Functions

Before purchase, you should make sure your truck is in compliance with the stand ECUs J1939, J1708, and J1587.

Depending if your truck is compatible with the standard heavy-duty protocols, the NL102 can offer various services.

With this auto scan tool, you will have everything necessary to begin reading and clearing codes as well as reading live engine data.

You will be able to pull engine codes, as well as transmission ABS, ESP, EPS information from the engine.

Additionally, you will have access to the instrument panel, the braking system, suspension, and fuel systems.

For certain engines such as Maxxfforce, Detroit, Commins and ISUZU, this tool is also equipped to help clear the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF.


The NL102 Plus is an auto scanner that is equipped to diagnosis all heavy-duty trucks that are in compliance with the standard protocols. (J1587, J1939 and J1708 Class 4- class 8 trucks)

Additionally, this device is equipped to perform check engine diagnosis on all passenger cars and other lighter duty trucks built after 1996.

It is important to keep in mind that this tool has certain features for certain heavy-duty trucks models. Those are Maxxfforce, Cummings, Detroit, Caterpillar, Freightliner plus more.


  • Wide coverage and support
  • Built-in DTC library to help learn code meaning
  • DPF Reset to clear dirt from filters
  • Smart Design to help all users


  • Some features are exempt from certain vehicle models

Since the NL102 Plus has a wide variety of coverage from small cars to heavy-duty trucks, this scan tool is compliant for all types of users.

The system is set up for users to chose HD OBD for heavy-duty trucks, or OBD/EOBD for cars, minivans, SUVs or light-duty trucks.

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2. LAUNCH CReader HD Plus Truck Scanner

CReader HD plus
LAUNCH CReader HD Plus Truck Scanner
44 / 5
The CReader HD plus is one of the top-of-the-line tools for reading, clearing, and diagnostic trouble codes on heavy-duty engines.

This tool is not only a truck reader but also works with OBD2 engines as an auto scanner for all 10 OBD2 test modes.

Features and Functions

One of the first things you will notice about this very portable, user-friendly device is the 2.8 inch LCD display screen.

Beyond the screen is a world of functions that can help assist in reading and clearing both live and inactive fault codes.

With this tool, you will easily be able to determine the cause of the check engine light. As well as turn off the light, reset the check engine and reset monitors.

Additionally, with the CReader HD from launch, you will be able to read and graph live data. You can check O2 sensors, perform EVAP tests and check I/M readiness.

Go beyond the engine and also read codes for the transmission, brakes and more heavy duty codes.

With the purchase of this scanner, you will also receive a protective case, 6pin,9pin, and 16pin adapters, as well as lifetime free internet updates.


This device works with OBD2 protocol engines as well as heavy-duty trucks.

The CReader has coverage for all J1587, J1708, and J1939 protocol trucks, as well as all Class 4, to class 8 heavy duty trucks.


  • OBD2 and Heavy Duty compliant
  • Loaded with features
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Reliable and dependable manufacturer and tool


  • Some users received faulty devices

The Launch team is a reputable company that has a name for dependable products built for beginners or professional users.

The CReader HD Plus is recommended for users working with heavy duty engines but additionally works with OBD2 engines.

Therefore any vehicle owner can use this tool, so the CReader is built for mechanics, DIYers or any car enthusiast.
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3. Autel MS908CV Professional Heavy Truck Scan Tool

The Autel Maxisys MS908CV is a professional automotive scan tool that is specially built for heavy-duty diagnostics.

Autel Maxisys MS908CV
Autel MS908CV Professional Heavy Truck Scan Tool
4.34.3 / 5
The Ancel BD310 is a 2 in 1 diagnostic device that allows you to see all your vehicles diagnostics on the screen of the scanner or on the screen of your own Android or IOS device.

For a higher price tag, this tool is loaded with special features and programming tools that are essential to help diagnosis and repair a heavy duty engine.

Features and Functions

With the purchase of this device, you will also receive multiple heavy-duty adapters as well as receive access to the essential service functions.

Using Bluetooth technology, this diagnostic truck scanner can give you handsfree engine results covering over 230m from your engine to the display tablet.

Those functions include oil reset, emissions reset, Electronic Parking Brake, Brake Bleeding, Diesel Particulate Filtration, Injector throttle, plus more basic procedures.

There are many attractive features that help sell this device for any user. Oil reset, Anti-theft matching and SAS reset are just a few.
Some features that set this code scanner apart are Injector Quantity adjustment, Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration, adaptations, and maintenance resets.
Additionally, with the MS908CV you will be able to read/clear codes. Plus, you can view live data, and diagnosis systems specific to the manufacturer.

This tool is a super-durable, professional-grade automotive scanner that is built to help with ECU programming for heavy-duty engines.


The Autel MaxiSys MS908CV is a professional scan tool that is compatible that covers many different types of vehicles.
This device is equipped for over 80 US, European, and Asian commercial vehicles as well as industrial machines.


  • A highly reputable brand and professional-grade tool
  • Sleek design with Bluetooth technology
  • Equipped for a wide variety of vehicles
  • Loaded with special features


  • Autel US and Autel China make similar tools, one of less quality

This specific scan tool is equipped with special features and functions that are unique to helping professional users.
The MS908CV is a scan tool that is recommended for professional mechanics that are familiar with heavy-duty engines.
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4. Kzyee KC601 Heavy Duty Scan Tool

Kzyee KC601
Kzyee KC601 Heavy Duty Scan Tool
55 / 5
This Kyzee Heavy duty scanner is built with high definition features that give a detailed report about what is happening within your engine.

With this diagnostic scanner, you will be able to keep money in your pocket. All the while getting to know your vehicle better.

So, what makes this scanner so great?

Features and Functions

Firstly, with the Kzyee KC601 Truck Scanner, you will easily understand how to read and clear engine codes with its very user-friendly interface.

The menu is simply put and allows you to read ECU information, Read or Erase Fault Codes or check out live engine data.

That means you can easily erase codes from the engine, transmission, body, controller chassis control, cruise control, ABS and more.

Additionally, you will have access to detailed vehicle information in order to find vehicle VIN number, average fuel economy, battery voltage plus other useful info.

You will have accurate codes available at your fingertips. With live data you can also learn your engine temperate, engine fluid pressure and the power take information.

This device supports all OBDII protocols and has exceptional features like O2 sensor tests, EVAP, and Mode 6 testing.

Lastly, it comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime of free updates.


This Kzyee OBD2 Heavy duty scanner covers Cummins, Detroit, Freightliner, Caterpillar, International, Kenworth, and other popular brands.

Users should note, this device is only supported with Class 8 systems that have protocols J1587, J1708 and J1939.

To ensure this device will work with various engines, it comes equipped with various 6pin, 9pin, and 16pin cables

If you have any doubts about the compatibility of your engine, you can contact the Kzyee support to determine eligibility.


  • OBD2 and Heavy Duty compliant
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Easy to Use interface
  • Large screen with clear instructions


  • Not updatable on MAC
  • No support for DPF Regen

The Kzyee KC601 Heavy Duty scanner is an easy-to-use handheld scan tool that is equipped for even beginner users.

This tool can be used in the workshop or by the DIY user who is familiar with heavy-duty engine codes.

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5. Quicklynks T71 Universal Diesel Heavy Duty Code Reader

The T71 Truck and Bus scanner is a tool that comes with four different OBD cable adapters in order to give you connection options.

Truck scanner T71
Quicklynks T71 Universal Diesel Heavy Duty Code Reader
33 / 5
It is a diagnostic testing tool that can help pull codes from both heavy-duty trucks and buses.

Users should note, that this particular adapter will not work with light-duty trucks, cars or SUVs.

That being said, for heavy-duty truck/bus drivers or mechanics, the T71 scanner comes with a selection of features.

Features and Functions

Primarily, this scanner has a 2.8 inch LD color screen to ensure clear code reading straight from the device.

You will easily be able to navigate the user-friendly interface to begin reading and clearing trouble codes.

The T71 Heavy Truck and Bus Scanner can display vehicle information, reset check engine lights and display the vehicles sensor status information.

Additionally, with this tool you will have access to I/M readiness, identify pending codes, as well as get live data access.

You do not have to be a genius fault code reader – with this tool you will receive the total number of codes along with a clear definition of the code.

Beyond that, this tool is upgradable using flash programming.


The T71 Code Reading tool is compatible with those heavy-duty engines that are in compliance with J1939, J1587, and 1708 protocol.

Users should expect a full range of heavy-duty truck and bus support.

However, this tool is not compatible with lighter duty engines. Therefore, it is not for every user.


  • Friendly, Easy-To-Use interface
  • Comes complete with 6pin,9pin, and 30pin connectors
  • Suitable for a variety of heavy-duty trucks and buses
  • Double sets of DLC support


  • This tool cannot help diagnose other types of engines

Because the T71 Automotive Scan tool is only equipped for heavy-duty engines. This tool is built for truck/bus drivers or mechanics working with these engines.

This tool is not functional for other engines, even if you drive a Ford Raptor, Avalanche or other large truck.
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6. LAUNCH X431 V+ HD For Heavy Duty Truck

LAUNCH X431 V+ HD For Heavy Duty Truck
4.14.1 / 5
This Heavy Duty scan tool is a professional-grade scan tool that takes car diagnosis to the next level.

With Wireless convenience and a tablet-size screen, you will be able to navigate the Android-based interface and discover all the features.

Features and Functions

Using the Launch X431 V+ you can expect quick auto scanning and vehicle diagnosis, large storage compacity and a long-lasting battery.

The device itself is smartly built for industrial environments with a shockproof case, multiple adapting cables for heavy-duty engines, and tough carrying case.

This 10-inch professional-level scan tool can provide a full system diagnosis of all engine, transmission, and brake systems.

Along with a full system scan, this tool has multiple reset features to help reset oil, SAS, EPB, ABS Bleeding, DPF Regeneration, and others.

Additionally, this tool is marked among the best because of itś bi-directional technology that allows you to program new information.


The Launch X431V+ is able to test gasoline engine trucks or engines with 12V or 24V battery power, as well as diesel trucks.

Moreover, you can expect support for 68 brands and over 220 models from America, Europe, and Asia.

This tool has integrated the basic diagnostic procedures for J1939 and J1708 compatible engines.


  • Professional level, bi-directional device
  • Built to last
  • Advanced engine code reading for ALL systems
  • Bluetooth Wireless technology for handsfree diagnosis


  • Hefty Price Tag

Launch Diagnostics technologies build state of the art diagnostic scan tools to last and give reliable results.

This particular tool is built for professional mechanics familiar with heavy-duty engines.
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7. VDIAGTOOL Wifi Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool

The VDIAGTOOL is the only truck scanner on our list that handles all diagnostic procedures with the help of a PC or handheld device.

VDIAGTOOL Wifi Diesel Truck Diagnostic Tool
4.64.6 / 5
The Ancel BD310 is a 2 in 1 diagnostic device that allows you to see all your vehicles diagnostics on the screen of the scanner or on the screen of your own Android or IOS device.

This tool is unique because of its interesting design and communication with your PC or external device.

Features and Functions

A very simple setup of the VDIAGTOOL only requires a plus into the OBD port and the tool utilizes engine power to begin diagnostics.

It is compatible with applications to diagnosis engine, transmission, ABS, instrument panels and more.

It is easily portable and gives quick access to vehicle information.

Additionally, this tool will reduce programming time because of the ability to directly connect with USB connection.


The VDIAGTOOL truck scanner is equipped to handle the SAE J1708/J1587 as well as 2 CAN J1939 with a 25 pin connector.

Moreover, this scan tool comes with various adapting cables, but compatibility can be double-checked with VDIAGTOOL customer support.


  • Handsfree diagnostic with your laptop via WiFi
  • Capable of doing a full system scan
  • Unique design
  • Affordable scan tool option


  • Cannot be updated over the internet
  • Not compatible with Windows 10

This device is for anyone who loves Handsfree car diagnostics and is comfortable with a PC for a scan tool.

The VDIAGTOOL is easy to use and can help the beginner user or a more advanced technician begin diagnosis on their heavy-duty engine.

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Now you have read the reviews of each scan tool, take a look at this helpful comparison chart.

Final Thoughts on Truck Code Readers

Finding the perfect car diagnostic tool is not an easy feat. It is especially difficult for those looking for a tool to help with heavy-duty engines.

Lucky for you, we have helped ease the search and narrowed it down to the top 7 choices.

It is my hope that with this review you can find the best Heavy Duty Scan tool that is perfect for you and your engine.

4.1/5 (24 Reviews)