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5 Most Common Transmission Problems

These are the 5 most common transmission trouble codes that can appear and cause you a headache. 

Transmission Problems

#1. Transmission Over-Heating: Error code P0218

This code is pretty self-explanatory, the temperature of the transmission is over the limit. There are many different reasons for this to happen. It could be as simple as low transmission fluid. But to get to know the problem at root, you may need a transmission diagnostic tool.

#2. Transmission Control Module or TCM: Transmission OBD2 code P0613

If the Transmission is experiencing a miscommunication, this code will appear. Besides, the root of the problem may be a shorted wire. Or simply, it could be caused by poor connection within the transmission.

#3. Engine Control Module (ECM/TCM) Incompatible: Fault code P0614

Another code that appears to inform you that important components within the vehicle are not communicating. This light is usually illuminated after the ECM has been replaced and needs to be reprogrammed.

#4. Transmission Control Module Malfunction: Error Code P0700

An important role of the TCM is to tell the computer in the car to turn on the check engine light. This code is indicating there is a problem and the engine light was not properly turned on.

#5. Transmission Range Sensor Circuit Performance: OBD2 Code P0706

The transmission range sensor circuit gives information about what gear the vehicle is currently positioned. This code could appear for various reasons and a transmission scan tool is the best way to identify the cause.

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