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TOAD Pro: Excellent OBD2 Software Review and Comparison

If you are like many car owners, you’ve probably been hit by an outrageous “diagnostic” fee when taking your vehicle to a repair shop to find out why your Check Engine light has come on. 

Everyone agrees that it is really annoying to pay $75 or more only to be told that some minor problem, which took the mechanic 5 minutes to fix. 

Do you want to stop paying those beastly prices to a mechanic for information? 

Do you like to tinker with your vehicle settings so it will run better and get better mileage without sacrificing performance? 

Are you a mechanic that would like to save time looking up codes and deciphering what they mean? 

You can get all of that and so much more with a TOAD PRO

No, not the kind out in your garden, but a Total OBD And ECU Diagnostic tool, shortened to TOAD, that can save you money while allowing you to get more horsepower. 

TOAD Pro Vs. FORScan Vs. OBD Auto Doctor

 Editor's PickRunner-up
FunctionsTOAD ProForscan
Read & Clear Codes✔*
Full OBD2 Tests✔*
Turn Off Check Engine Light✔*
Read live PCM DataStream✔*
Support CAN (Controller Area Network)--
DTC Lookup--
Full System Diagnostics--
Reset, Calibration, Regeneration, Relearn Systems--
IMMO Keys--
Key Programming--
ECU Programming--
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  • ABS monitoring does not work on all models. See the instructions for the complete list. 
  • Free software is being shown only and is indicated by * and is supported by advertising. Other functions must be purchased. 


Keep reading to find out how this one software tool can do so much more than you ever imagined. 

Toad Pro OB2 Programming Software Review

It was easy to read and well-organized with TOAD Pro which has a graphic interface.
The Toad Pro has a graphic interface that was easy to read and well-organized.

For those who are new to this, OBD2 dongles and software communicate with your vehicle’s computer to tell you what that Check Engine light means and other diagnostic information. You can also use it to alter the software in your vehicle, giving you better gas mileage and more horsepower. 

While some OBD2 dongles promise that they can do this or that, the Toad Pro was the one that worked the best for us. The software has a graphic interface that was easy to read and well-organized. We were even able to access the ECU and remap it for performance that was insane! 

One item that really impressed us was the optimal parameters. The Toad Pro notified us when a part was outside of normal parameters (in this case, the battery voltage) which most likely saved us from being stranded with a dead battery in some inconvenient location. 

This easily was the most complete software program we have ever seen at any price. 



  • Outstanding list of compatible car makes and models
  • Resets the warning lights 
  • Wireless version
  • Lifetime system updates
  • Real-time data streaming


  • The program might be a bit complicated for a novice
  • The USB cord is very short, so you really need the wireless setup
  • Can be a bit pricey for some 

Check Price at TOAD Official Site

Who Should Have the Toad Pro?

In our opinion, anyone who has a car and feels that they are the DIY type will want to have this amazing diagnostic tool to save themselves hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year. 

Even professional mechanics, automotive repair shops, or even the “shade tree” mechanic who does repairs on family and friend’s vehicles will want to use this tool. 

There are step by step instructions and advice, but if you still need help, you can reach out to customer service for more information. 

Why Toad Pro and Not Some Other Brand?

There are several companies now making OBD software and dongles, it can be confusing to know which one is the best for you. 

FORscan is one OBD2 scanner you may have heard of. Unfortunately, it will only work with Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. This obviously leaves many other people out of the proverbial loop. FORscan also uses only a “lite” version of the product for mobile phones. You must use a tablet or Windows based laptop to access all features. This software does allow some free readings, but most functions will have to be purchased. 

The Toad Pro includes the software you need for diagnostics for Ford products, so that means you don’t need to buy two scanners if you have a Ford or if you purchase one in the future. 

Another product you may have seen advertised is the Auto Doctor. This OBD2 name is well-known due to a marketing hack they employ where the advertised software can be downloaded for free! Who doesn’t like free? Unfortunately, unless you purchase the license, most of the information will remain locked and unavailable. 

Auto Doctor also needs an ELM327-based adapter to work, which you will also need to purchase. 

You will have none of these problems with Toad Pro, everything is included, which makes it our top choice by far. 

Which Cars Will Toad Work On? 

Believe it or not, Toad will work on nearly every vehicle out there! OBD has been used in cars since 1996, so unless you have a classic car in your garage, Toad will work on your vehicle. 

The truth, however, is that some manufacturers don’t like you having access to their codes and information. This is why updates are needed on a regular basis. 

More than that, nearly all car manufacturers, such as Nissan, Ford, and Toyota, use their own private codes. You will need to have the correct codes for your make and model, because one code for Ford can mean something completely different in a Nissan!

Check Price at TOADOfficialSite


Q: I am in the USA. Will Toad Pro work on my car? 

A: Yes! Any car imported or made after January 1996 is covered

Q: Will the Toad Pro scan both my engine and transmission?

A: Yes. The Toad Pro scans both

Q: Will I need to buy a connecting dongle or interface?

A: The Toad Pro system has its own interface

Q: What system will I need to use the Toad Pro software?

A: Any laptop or tablet using Windows XP, Vista, 7,8, 8.1, or 10

The Bottom Line

The good news here is that nearly every car on the road today can use the Toad Pro to do complete diagnostic and “hacking” of their vehicle’s software, saving you both time and money. We recommend the Toad Pro for anyone who owns a car, loves saving money while getting better performance and gas mileage.

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