The 6 Best Porsche Diagnostic Scan Tools To Use in 2022

OBD2 scanners are extremely useful tools that can simplify the life of any mechanic or DIY enthusiast. Finding a scan tool that works seamlessly with your vehicle is a surefire way to keep it running smoothly and save yourself expensive trips to the auto repair shop or Porsche dealerships.

There are many fantastic diagnostic tools on the market that have been designed with Porsche and other Volkswagen Group vehicles in mind. We’ve collected the very best ones below to help you find the right OBD2 scanner for you.

Our Top Picks for Porsche OBD2 Scanners Right Now

There are loads of OBD2 scanners on the market, so how do you go about choosing the right one for your Porsche? There are several considerations to take into account to ensure the scan tool you’re buying is the best option for you.

Firstly, you should check the tool’s compatibility. An OBD2 scanner labeled for Porsche vehicles will typically be compatible with any car built after 1996. However, if your Porsche was manufactured before this date, then you’ll have to look for an OBD1-compliant diagnostic scanner.

Another thing to consider is the features and functions that the scanner comes with. If you’re just going to be performing basic error code reading, then most tools will be able to accommodate you. But if you need more complex functions such as IMMO programming or ECU coding, then you may have to look a little further.

It’s also worth remembering that some OBD2 scanners require a PC connection to a “diesel laptop” to operate. You can find out more about what diesel laptops do and the best products on the market at OBD Station.

Let’s get going with our list of the best OBD2 scan tools for Porsche vehicles:


The Launch CRP123 is a simple but effective OBD2 scanner that will act as a fantastic diagnostic tool for any Porsche owner. The device balances functionality and affordability perfectly to provide reliable fault codes readings at a sensible price point.

The CRP123 doesn’t feel like a cheap device, though. It’s well-built, durable, and feels like it could stand up to a beating in the workshop. Although there’s no wireless functionality, the OBD cable is thick and strong, making it very easy to get connected to your vehicle.


  • Fantastic features at this price point
  • Built by a trusted manufacturer
  • Offers a live data stream and comprehensive fault code coverage
  • Good compatibility across vehicle brands, including Porsche


  • No wireless capabilities
  • Updating the device can be a slight pain
  • No advanced OBD2 features

2. Autel MaxiCOM MK808

Autel is one of the leading brands in the vehicle diagnostic world, and the MaxiCOM MK808 is one of their most respected products. Featuring over 25 different maintenance functions and an impressive price tag, the MK808 is the perfect way for Porsche owners to take care of their vehicles.

The scanner is full of professional-standard functions, including ABS bleeding and IMMO programming. IMMO is a particularly useful feature that allows the user to program new car keys to their vehicle without going to Porsche dealerships or an auto shop.


  • All the features you could ever need for accurate diagnosis
  • Although not designed specifically for Porsche, it works well with most OBD2-compliant models
  • Switches off the check engine light in seconds
  • A cost-effective investment for a Porsche owner


  • Large touchscreen means the device isn’t as rugged as others
  • Touchscreen can also be difficult to use with gloves

3. Foxwell NT510 Elite

The NT510 Elite from Foxwell is a professional-level diagnostic scanner that is accessible for everyone. If you’re in the market for a device designed specifically for Porsche vehicles, you can’t go wrong with this scan tool. Its feature set is second to none, and there are plenty of functions that Porsche owners can get a lot of use out of.

One of the NT501’s biggest selling points is its Bi-Directional control circuit. This allows you to actually control your vehicle’s systems directly from the device. For example, you can use the NT501 to open the throttle while observing the effect this has on the engine RPM.


  • A very powerful diagnostic tool that professionals trust
  • Bi-Directional control is an excellent feature
  • Ability to record, replay and graph live data
  • Compatible with all Porsche models


  • No wireless capabilities
  • There’s an extra cost if you want the tool to be compatible with other brands

4. ANCEL AD310

The next Porsche scanner we have for you is the ANCEL AD310. This device is easily the most affordable on our list, but it manages to vastly out-perform its attractive price tag. With a simple layout and stripped-back feature set, it’s absolutely ideal for Porsche owners looking to dip their toes into the diagnostic world.

Using the AD310, you can expect to read and erase fault codes quickly, turn off the check engine light and view a live data stream. The device will even perform an I/M Readiness test, which checks your vehicle to see whether it will pass an emissions examination. This can save you a load of money compared to going to an auto repair shop.


  • Maybe the best Porsche scanner at this price point
  • Reports live sensor data in real-time
  • I/M Readiness test can help you avoid costly emission exam failures
  • Very easy to use


  • Not the most powerful diagnostic tool
  • No Bluetooth functions
  • Few advanced features to speak of

5. iCarsoft POR-II

The iCarsoft POR-II is a device that has been designed explicitly with Porsche vehicles in mind. Because of this, you can expect flawless, rapid performance every time you plug the tool into your car. The device comes with a range of diagnostic features, from basic code reading to DPF Regeneration.

One of the best things about the POR-II is that it is regularly updated with new software. iCarsoft is clearly a brand that is always looking to improve user experience and offers these updates for free for the scanner’s lifetime.


  • Supports oil service reset
  • Fast connection & easy to read trouble codes
  • Connects via USB to PC
  • Supports all ten service modes on your car


  • Need a WiFi connection to connect to USB
  • No Bluetooth connection

6. Innova 3160g PRO

Innova’s 3160g PRO is one of the brand’s best products. It’s packed with all the features you’d expect from a powerful diagnostic tool and includes some nice extra features such as live data graphing and service light resetting. The 3160g also has Bluetooth to connect directly to smartphone diagnostic apps.

The tool can quickly diagnose multiple Porsche systems and give you instant feedback on the health of your car. Its rugged design makes it perfect for workshop use, too – you don’t have to worry about it breaking the first time you drop it on the floor.


  • Highly durable design
  • Offers a wireless Bluetooth connection to third-party apps
  • Live data can be recorded and sent to a computer for further analysis
  • Quick and accurate reading of fault codes


  • The device itself needs a cable to connect to the OBD port
  • Live data graphing may not be compatible with your particular Porsche model
  • More expensive than similar competitors

Why Should You Get An OBD-II Scanner for Your Porsche? 

If you often find yourself dragging your Porsche off to the auto repair shop, then an OBD2 scanner could be the solution you’ve been waiting for. Having the ability to diagnose problems yourself can save you a load of time and money in the long run. Even if you’re not a confident mechanic, there are many situations where you can avoid a trip to the garage by clearing unnecessary error codes.

OBD2 tools can recognize a wide variety of issues before they develop into more complex problems. For example, your scanner will catch errors in the transmission, engine, and braking systems, as well as notice issues with restraint systems and the airbags. So if there’s a problem with your car, then you can be sure an OBD2 scanner will be able to find it.

Learning How to Read OBD2 Scanners for Porsche

Now that you know all about the best Porsche OBD2 scanners, you might be wondering how to actually use them. With a bit of research and practice, you’ll quickly discover that OBD2 tools are very intuitive and straightforward devices.

OBD Station is the best place to learn more about OBD2 scan tools and build your knowledge. We have articles covering every corner of the OBD2 world, from DIY troubleshooting tips to reviews of the latest diagnostic devices.