The Best OBD2 Bluetooth Wireless OBD2 Scanners and Adapters to Buy in 2022

If you’re in the market for a new OBD2 scanner, one with bluetooth functionality should be at the top of your list. A wireless OBD2 scanner is easy to use, convenient, and connects directly to your cell phone. 

Getting a high quality OBD-II Scanner can put all your worries to rest. In this article, you will get to know about all these adapters in detail so that you can pick one that’s best for you.

Why Get a Wireless OBD2 Scanner?

An OBD (on-board diagnostics) system gives repair technicians and/or vehicle owners access to the vehicle’s subsystems to diagnose issues. Bluetooth scanners are a type of car diagnostic tool that provide live data and the transmission is much faster as well.

OBD2 scanners can read several thousands of codes and provide tips on how to solve problems. They can also be updated with new firmware, which allows them to handle even more problems.

How We Ranked Our Top Wireless OBD2 Diagnostic Tools

Every bluetooth scan tool we evaluate is tested using the same criteria to ensure we provide the most useful, most accurate information possible. The following scanners were tested using the following criteria:  

  • Compatibility: iOS, Android, or Windows?: We prioritize scanners with a wide range of compatibility, so your life stays easy whether you have Apple or Android devices. 
  • Basic vs Advanced Features: If you know mechanics then go for a scanner that can do much more than just display basic features. Look for one that offers advanced features such as airbag issues, engine oil data, battery initializing capability, etc. Plus, the fixes suggested should be reliable and detailed.
  • Efficiency: We made sure to look for products that consume less power– and even better if they can go in sleep mode when not in use.
  • Free Updates: New problems arise with new car models. This is why you need an adapter that can be easily updated.
  • Live Data: All of our top tools show immediate results so that the problem can be fixed quickly.

Our Top 8 Best OBD2 Scanners with Bluetooth Connectivity

While there are a lot of OBD2 car diagnostic scanners on the market that operate with a bluetooth connection, it is important to find one that works well for your price range and needs. 

Our top 8 OBD2 bluetooth scanners are:

  1. FIXD™ OBD2 Scanner  (Editor’s Pick)
  2. BAFX Products OBD2 Adapter
  3. Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Adapter
  4. Carista OBD2 Scanner
  5. OBDLink MX OBD-II Scan Tool
  6. OBDLink LX OBD2 Scanner with Bluetooth Connectivity
  7. PLX Devices Kiwi 3 OBD2 Scanner
  8. Innova 3150f OBD2 Scan Tool with ABS SRS

1. FIXD™ OBD2 Scanner  (Editor’s Pick)

If you are looking for a Bluetooth code reader that has a professional touch to it. then FIXD™ Bluetooth Professional won’t disappoint you. It is compatible with iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android, but will not work with Windows.

Some of the key features of the FIXD™ OBD2 Scanner include:

  • Live Data: You can view data in the form of graphs, digital display, and gauge. Moreover, you can also customize graph colors for better understanding. 
  • Displays Complete And Accurate Vehicle Info: FIXD™ scanner displays complete information of your car including vehicle specifications, maintenance schedules, TSBs (technical service bulletins) and recalls.
  • Smog Check: The scanner can let you know if your vehicle is ready for a local smog test or not. This is very important since failing a Local Smog Check Program can get you in real trouble.
  • Advanced Tests: It can conduct a variety of advanced tests such as fuel system test, comprehensive components test, airbag, ABS, misfire counts, etc.
  • Export Data: The wireless Android/iPhone scanner can create a log file and export it to a computer.

Complete Repair Solution: FIXD™ scanner offers the same diagnostics that you find in professionals scanning tools. It has around 30 million fixes in the database. The system is smart and provides you with the best solution.

FIXD™ Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
4.44.4 / 5
FIXD™ is an expert problem-solving Scanner, authorized for Apple and Android devices. In this device features of a sophisticated scanner are coupled with the marvelous technology in your smartphone, giving you a unique tool to count on.


While the FIXD™ OBD2 Scanner can keep up with some of the professional models on the market, it does have some drawbacks.

  • Doesn’t Support Camshaft Timing: Unlike most professional OBD2 scanners, the FIXD™ model does not support camshaft timing. This means that you’re missing out on valuable information about your engine and ignition.
  • Does Not Read Transmission Temperature: This diagnostic scanner does not read transmission temperature, meaning that there are a few issues that you cannot catch with it. 

Frequently Out of Stock: This model is so popular with DIY home mechanics because of its low price point. Because of its popularity, it can be difficult to find this model in stock.

This device is easy-to-use and powerful are no longer two separate things
The FIXD™App and FIXD™ Sensor work exclusively with each other to ensure quality.

2. BAFX Products OBD2 Adapter

BAFX OBD2 Bluetooth Car Code Reader works with both Android and Windows phones. It is easy to use and provides quick results. Some of the top features of this BAFX product include:

  • Basic Functions: This BAFX scanner can check engine light code, air-fuel ratio, coolant temp, fuel pressure, DPF temp, and a variety of other basic functions.
  • Graphing, Data Logging And Real-time Diagnosis: Run a diagnosis right there and then and get results. Moreover, BAFX offers data logging and graphs for easy understanding.
  • Smog Check: BAFX also lets you check if your vehicle is ready for a smog test.
  • Compatibility: This model is compatible with vehicles in the US, like most OBD2 scanners. However, it is also compatible with certain vehicles outside of the United States, including:
    • Israel – All vehicles, 2003 & Newer
    • Brazil – All vehicles, 2008 & Newer
    • Canada – All vehicles, 1998 & Newer
    • Japan – All vehicles, 2010 & Newer
    • Mexico – All vehicles, 2006 & Newer
    • Australia – All vehicles, 2006 & Newer
    • India – All vehicles, 2013 & Newer
    • EU (Petrol) – All vehicles, 2001 & Newer
    • EU (Diesel) – All vehicles, 2004 & Newer
Bafx products
BAFX Products Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter
4.44.4 / 5
Many similar OBD2 tools CLAIM to work on all vehicles but have problems with the J1850 & CAN protocols however….. the BAFX Products OBD reader actually DOES work on all vehicles & ALL OBD2 protocols!


While this scanner has a long list of benefits, it also has its drawbacks. Before you purchase this OBD2 scanner, consider the following cons:

  • Connectivity Issues After a Few Years: The BAFX Products OBD2 Adapter may have some connectivity issues after a few years. This could impact your ability to read diagnostic trouble codes on your vehicle. It also is not covered by a warranty. 

No Advanced Functions: Compared to some of the other more advanced OBD2 adapters on the market, this one does not have any advanced features. While it can perform the basic functions, other OBD2 scanners will have more features.

Operated using Android and Windows devices, this OBD2 Bluetooth adapter works on all US purchased cars (1996 and newer models).
BAFX can read & clear your Check Engine Light (CEL) & check your vehicle monitors.

3. Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Adapter

The Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Adapter is a great option for both professionals and home mechanics. This product can operate with both iOS and Android software. It is a Bluetooth code reader that can monitor advanced functions with the help of a third party app and includes the following key features:

  • Low Power Usage: This diagnostic scan tool works on Bluetooth 4.0 which is known for consuming very less power.
  • Low Price Point: This product is incredibly affordable compared to other OBD2 products on the market. Usually priced between $30-$40, most people can afford to have this in their toolkit.
  • Advanced Features But With The Right App: Different apps bring about different features in this OBD2 scanner.
    • The app OBD Auto Doctor lets you check engine lights.
    • Car Scanner ELM OBD2 allows you to monitor what your car is doing in real-time. Additionally, it also lets you read OBD fault codes.
    • DashCommand lets you read readings, check engine light diagnostics and PIDs for a few manufacturers.
    • Dash allows drivers a better experience by offering engine light diagnostics.
    • BimmerCode lets you do coding for BMWs.
    • TripLog makes it easy to track your vehicle mileage.
    • Carista OBD2 offers good customization options.
    • OBD Auto Doctor offers CEL diagnostics.
    • LeafSpy lets Nissan Leaf owners keep an eye on the battery and other vehicle information.
    • Torque Pro (Android) lets one monitor faults, customize data and perform diagnostics and sensor readings.

However, not all of these apps are free. In order to use some of the advanced upgrades offered by this product, you may have to purchase a specific application.

veepeak obdcheck ble
Veepeak OBDCheck BLE OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter
3.83.8 / 5
The OBDCheck BLE directly plugs into your vehicle and connects to an OBD II App on your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Whenever you have a check engine light on or want to see how your car is performing, the OBDCheck BLE will be a very useful gadget for you.


While this scanner offers a wide variety of advanced features, there are a few drawbacks including:

  • No Universal App: This OBD2 scanner does not have a universal app to access all of the features. There may be additional costs associated with various apps in addition to the initial cost of the scanner.
  • Compatibility Issues Dealing with Advanced Features: This OBD2 scanner can have some compatibility issues when dealing with advanced features. Because of these inconsistencies, this may be a better choice for a home mechanic.

Slow When Performing Advanced Features: Because it uses third party apps to access certain features, it can be slow when performing them. While the basic functions are performed at regular speed, the advanced ones may be slower.

best OBD2 Bluetooth scanner
Veepeak OBDCheck BLE is a bluetooth OBD2 adapter for IOS & ANDROID.

4. Carista OBD2 Scanner

The Carista OBD2 Scanner is an affordable bluetooth option for both professionals and DIY home mechanics. 

Even with a lower price tag, this scanner can connect to both iOS and Android operating systems, easily read error codes, and provide freeze frame data snapshots. Some of the key features on this OBD2 code reader include:

  • Basic Functions: The Carista code reader allows you access to a wide suite of basic OBD2 scanner functions including CEL engine code reading and emissions tests. 
  • Advanced Functions: This bluetooth obd2 code reader works for ABS, Airbags, Service Reset, EPB, Module Resetting, Launch Control Counter. However, some functions are only supported in those models including Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mini, Scion and Toyota.
  • Customize With Carista: The Carista app allows you to access advanced customization features.
  • Wide Range of Compatibility: This code reader is compatible with all cars running on the OBD2 system. Generally, that is any car manufactured after 1996.

Carista is ideal for users who have any one of these cars (Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mini, Scion and Toyota) for Bluetooth diagnosis. It lets you perform many advanced functions in these models using an Obd2 scanner for iPhone.


The Carista scan tool comes with a wide range of benefits, which is great for the initial cost of the scan tool. However, with such a low price tag, the Carisa OBD2 Scanner does have a few key drawbacks:

  • Cost of the App: In order to use this tool, you must have access to the Carista app on your bluetooth device. While the company does allow you to use this app for one month free, it does usually cost $40/month. 

Not Ideal for Some Popular Car Brands: While this tool works well for some car manufacturers, it won’t work very well for some of the most popular including: Ford, Chevrolet, GM, Honda and more.

Carista is an OBD2 scanner for iPhone that has can diagnose a range of issues and provide good fixes
Carista helps you to customize your vehicle.

The OBDLink MX OBD-II Scan Tool is a great option for professionals or advanced home mechanics. It has a higher price tag than some of the other comparable products. However, it also comes with a few key benefits:

  • Increased Performance Compared to Other Scan Tools: Thanks to the overvoltage protection of OBDLINK MX, it doesn’t heat up or catch fire. Moreover, it sleeps when not in use to save battery.It accelerates apps by 250% and software by 300%, this improves overall speed and graphics of the device.
  • 3 Year Warranty: OBDLINK MX has a 3-year warranty for manufacturing faults and also comes with lifetime free software upgrades.
  • Detailed Data And Performance: The device, when connected with a good app, works 4x faster and shows detailed graphics, accurate results, and top-notch performance.
  • Variety Of Basic Functions: It can diagnose and show ‘check engine light’ warnings while also suggesting reliable fixes. Other than that, you can see graphs, logs, and even export data to a computer.

Those who want an OBD2 Bluetooth scanner that offers top-notch performance, and is faster to respond to faulty messages should go for this OBDLink adapter.

obdlink mx
OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBD-II Scan Tool
4.24.2 / 5
The OBDLink MX Bluetooth OBD-II adapter provides access to SW-CAN & MS-CAN networks in addition to all legislated OBD-II protocols.


While this OBD scanner is a great option for both professionals and home mechanics alike, it does have some drawbacks. Some of the cons to this model include:

  • Doesn’t Support Apple Devices: While this model is supported on both Windows and Android, it can not be used with any Apple or iOS devices. 
  • Monitoring Multiple PIDs Can Be Difficult: This OBD2 Scanner does not have a great way to monitor multiple Parameter IDs (PIDs) on a car. If you need to monitor multiple error codes, this may not be a great option for you. 
  • Connectivity Issues Can Be Common: One of the common complaints with this model is that the connector is faulty. Luckily, the 3-year warranty can cover you for issues like this, there is no solution once the warranty is void.
  • No Extended Support for Ford and GM Without Paying More: GM and Ford are two of the most popular car brands in the United States. However, this model does not come standard with support for Ford and GM without paying more.
OBDLINK MX has a 3-year warranty for manufacturing faults and also comes with lifetime free software upgrades.
OBDLink MX Bluetooth works on all 1996+ cars and light trucks sold in the USA.

6. OBDLink LX OBD2 Scanner with Bluetooth Connectivity

This product is one of the best ODB2 Bluetooth adapters as it is said to be designed with professionals in mind. It offers a mix of basic and advanced features and is quite easy to use. Some of the key features offered by this adapter include:

  • Faster In Speed: OBDLink Bluetooth scan tool is 3x faster than rival devices. It offers detailed graphs, accurate results, and realistic virtual gauges.
  • Consumes Less Power: OBDLINK scanner is a battery saver. It goes to sleep mode when not in use.
  • Hack Proof: The scanner hack proof and comes with reliable security features including 128-bit data encryption.
  • Better Than Conventional Scan Tools: OBDLink Scanner is fireproof thanks to its over-voltage protection. It automatically sleeps and wakes up to save battery. The scanner also enhances integrated apps by 250%, software by 300%.

Vehicle owners who want an OBDii Bluetooth Scan Tool which is easy and fast to use should go for this one. It’s a perfect fit for both DIYers and professionals.

obdlink lx
OBDLink LX OBD2 Scanner with Bluetooth Connectivity
4.14.1 / 5
OBDLink LX is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, hacker-proof, lightning-fast Bluetooth OBD-II adapter that can turn your Android or Windows smart phone, tablet, laptop, or PC into a sophisticated diagnostic scan tool, trip computer, and real-time performance monitor


Along with the advanced features of this OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner, there also come some drawbacks. Some of the cons you should consider before purchasing the OBDLink LX model include:

  • Can’t Monitor Multiple PIDs: This OBD2 scanner model does have trouble monitoring multiple PIDs. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to monitor one PID at a time. 
  • Connectivity Issues: The OBDLink LX model has some complaints of connectivity issues, especially due to regular updates. This can be frustrating especially if this is your only OBD2 scanner. 
  • Slow PID Read Rate: This model could be much more efficient in the way it reads PID codes. You may experience slow read times with this product.

Does Not Support Apple Products: While this automotive diagnostic tool supports Windows and Android operating systems, it is not supported by Apple products.

OBDLink scanner only works with Android and Windows devices and has an extensive range of compatible vehicles.
OBDLink LX Bluetooth can transform your Windows PC, laptop, or phone into a super-fast, accurate automotive diagnostic device.

7. PLX Devices Kiwi 3 OBD2 Scanner

PLX Kiwi 3 is a compact and user-friendly OBD2 car code reader due to it being a plug and play device. This beauty has also won several awards for being one of the best Bluetooth scanners out there. Some of the key features of this model include:

  • Exclusive App: This device utilizes Kiwi’s exclusive app “Kiwi OBD”, which is easy to use and has some amazing features.
  • Uses Low Power: It only uses 0.2W when active and only 0.05 W when in sleep mode.
  • Size: This device is among the smallest OBD adapters with only a dimension of 0.68″.
  • Faster: The device is said to be 4 times faster than many other devices in the same price range.

Kiwi 3 is only for people who want a device that works on all platforms, but without offering advanced features. This is one of the best bluetooth obd2 scan tools for your basic needs.

PLX Devices Kiwi 3
PLX Devices Kiwi 3 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
4.14.1 / 5
Kiwi 3 is a plug and play automotive tool that connects to the onboard diagnostic port (OBDII / CAN), retrieves information from your car’s computer, and wirelessly transmits to your smart phone, tablet, smart watch, or PC.


While the features of the Kiwi 3 are desirable for home mechanics, this model does have some drawbacks. The cons you should consider before purchasing this model include:

  • Only Monitors Basic Functions: Though this model offers a full range of basic functions, it cannot monitor any advanced functions like some scanners. 
  • Kiwi App May Need To Be Purchased: Though Kiwi offers a free version of their app, you need to purchase the advanced version to access some of the features on this model.

Connection Keeps On Breaking: This model has frequent complaints about connectivity issues. This is important to keep in mind if you need to use this tool frequently.

PLX Kiwi 3 is a compact and user-friendly OBD2 Bluetooth scanner due to it being a plug and play device.
PLX Devices Kiwi 3 works well with Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), and Windows mobile.

8. Innova 3150f OBD2 Scan Tool with ABS SRS

The Innova 3150f OBD2 code reader is the ideal tool for professional and DIYers alike. Aside from the basic functions of an OBD2 scanner, this model also offers the following features:

  • Shows Vehicle Specific Fixes: Innova is your one-stop shop because it reads your car’s data and then suggests the most suitable repair fixes. Suggestions include estimated repair costs, information on parts, how to videos, etc.
  • Advanced Features: Innova offers advanced features as well including reading airbag problems, anti-brake lock system, and a supplemental restraint system.
  • Oil Reset: Innova provides you with a detailed oil report with timely oil changes notifications.
  • Battery Initialization: Your car’s battery is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. To make sure that your vehicle excels with optimum performance, this scanner offers battery initialization options, too.

People looking to handle both moderate and basic issues in the car can opt for this scanner. While it’s not meant for professional mechanics, it can be useful for the DIY enthusiast.

innova 3150f
Innova 3150f OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool with ABS SRS
4.24.2 / 5
The 3150 code reader is the ideal tool for professional and DIYers alike looking to retrieve Check Engine Light codes, while having advanced features such as ABS, SRS, Oil Light Reset, Battery Initialization, and Battery Light Reset.


  • No Instructions: Unfortunately, this model does not come with a set of instructions on how to use it. While the interface was meant to be intuitive, you may run into a learning curve with this tool.
  • The Software Only Works Online: This software will only work when connected to WiFi. That means you cannot use it away from your garage very often. 
  • Updating The Software Requires You To Connect The Device To A Computer: In order to update this device, you’ll need to connect it directly to a computer. 

Sometimes No Code Details Are Provided: If you are a DIY mechanic, you may find yourself relying on Google to figure out what some of the codes mean. This model does not provide code details on all of the error codes read.

 Innova 3140f is small and easy to use with some reliable fixes.
Innova 3140f reader can display both basic and advanced features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my phone as an OBD2 scanner?

Yes, both Android phones (Windows)  and iPhones (ios) can transform into OBD2 scanners using OBD2 bluetooth applications.

Do I need to turn on the internet to use the scanner on an iPhone?

No. You will only need to access the internet when downloading updates or searching codes.

Which is the best iPhone app for an OBD2 scanner?

The FIXD™ app is quite amazing and works well on almost all iPhones. However, this also depends on what functions you need and what app your scanner supports.

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