Noregon DLA+ 2.0 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Noregon DLA+ is an adapter kit that is designed to be used with a wide variety of different heavy duty and medium duty vehicles. It acts as a diagnostic scan tool, that can help mechanics uncover problems with their trucks and assist them with the necessary repairs.

The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit is compatible with a large range of different vehicles. Whether you want read and clear error codes, or view vehicle live data, a scan tool like the DLA+ 2.0 is a must have tool for your workshop. Diagnostic scanners play a role that really can’t be filled by any other tool.

If you’re a mechanic or a truck fleet manager, then you’ll know the value of a high quality diagnostic scanner, and how much it can simplify servicing and repairs. This review will give a good overview of all the features of the DLA+ 2.0 and help you decide whether or not this is the right device for you.

Product Overview

The DLA+ 2.0 is an adapter that plugs into a heavy duty vehicle OBD II diagnostic port, and can then run vehicle scans and act as a general servicing tool. It is an alternative to a dedicated diagnostic scan tool, which would plug directly into the vehicle, and is usually a cheaper choice. It is also compatible with medium duty vehicles, so is an ideal tool for a mechanic who is dealing with lots of different vehicles everyday, or a fleet manager who looks after a range of trucks.

The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit connects to a PC USB port via the included cable. Although the adaptor will work with most PCs, there are some system requirements necessary to run the adapter to its full potential. Noregon recommend that your computer is running either Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10. This does cover most PCs, but its worth checking that your compute is compatible, especially if it is an older model.

In the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit, Noregon include a variety of different cables so that you can connect to nearly all heavy duty and medium duty vehicles. Specifically you’ll be able to use a 6 pin and a 9 pin connector. The 9 pin is also backwards compatible with all existing 9 pin connectors. In addition, the kit also includes and OBD II cable for Mack and Volvo vehicles, and another OBD II cable for medium duty trucks such as Ford, GM and Isuzu.

So once you’ve got the thing connected, what exactly can the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit do? Well firstly, like all good diagnostic tools, this one can read error codes from across vehicle systems which helps mechanics located problems within those systems and assist them in the repairs. The DLA+ 2.0 adapter can recognise errors from the engine, transmission, ABS systems and many more. It will read the codes and then give a brief description of what they mean. This is much easier than having to research error codes every time a new one comes up.

After you’ve completed a repair to fix an error code, the DLA 2,0+ adapter kit can then be used to clear the offending codes. This means the vehicle is reset to its base state and the errors won’t be showing when the truck has been fully fixed. This is important because you don’t want to be driving around in a truck that is displaying errors, even thought the truck is fully functional. Then you won’t know if new problems develop and it could get pretty confusing.

A great feature of the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit is that you can view live data that is gathered by the tool. Live data lets the user see vehicle information and statistics in real time, which it makes it much easier to spot problems with vehicle systems and quickly work out what kind of repair needs to be completed. Live data is a feature that all mechanics look out for when buying a new diagnostic tool, since it can speed up servicing considerably. The DLA+ 2.0 adapter from Noregon does live data very well.

A cool thing about live data is that you can actually use vehicle functions whilst the live data is running, and watch it to see how the statistics change. For example you can press the accelerator pedal and see how the engine RPM changes. If the RPM is too high or low, then you know that there could be a problem. As well as RPM readings, the live data stream on the adapter kit will also display stats for fuel trims, throttle position, oxygen sensors and more. Live data is a must have feature for professional mechanics and their workshops.

In some cases, the DLA+ 2.0 adapter can also be used for vehicle reprogramming. This is usually called ECU coding, and lets the mechanic make direct changes to the CPU. There are a couple of reasons a mechanic may want to do this. The first is to tune the vehicle to their or a customer’s requirements. The other is to register new vehicle parts with the CPU, so that it knows to control them and is searching for the old parts. ECU coding is quite a rare feature amongst adapter scanners, so to have it on this DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit is a big plus for the device.

The design of the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit is intuitive and well built. It has a strong plastic shell with moulded edges for extra grip. Both these features reduce the chance of dropping the device, but also protect it if an accidental drop is to happen. You don’t need to worry about being gentle with this device, it’s sure to stand up to a beating. The adapter is small and very portable and comes in a hard plastic carry case that fits in all the cables as well. This package is really easy to take on the go and through into the back of your truck.

The diagnostic software of the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit can be regularly updated to keep it in line with all the brand new tools. The updates are completed via your PC USB port and are done through flash firmware downloads. These updates usually bring bug fixes, as well as adding compatibility for more vehicle brands, and extra features.

For some extra peace of mind, Noregon also include a free one year warranty when you buy a DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit. This warranty protects the buyer from manufacturer defects and poor build quality. If your DLA+ 2.0 adapter develops problems that aren’t your fault, then Noregon will replace your adapter kit free of charge. Having said that, it is very unlikely that you’ll need to use this warranty, since Noregon products are always built to a very high standard and hardly ever have issues.

Overall the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit from Noregon is a very good, feature packed scan tool that is a viable alternative to a dedicated scan tool. It is easy to use and intuitive and can be a big help to mechanics in their servicing and repair jobs. It plugs very easily into any PC USB port. The free flash firmware downloads and one year warranty only make the DLA+ 2.0 an even more attractive package.


The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit is compatible with a large range of heavy duty and medium duty vehicles. Specifically, it works with nearly all truck makes and their vehicles that were built in or after 2004. It also works on a range of medium sized HGVs and small truck triage, again if they are built in 2004 or later. This is quite impressive coverage, since many scan tools are only compatible with a handful of different vehicle makes. The fact that this device works with the vast majority of heavy duty truck brands really sets in apart from some of its competitors, and Noregon are known for their great vehicle coverage.

The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit can achieve this great range of compatibility thanks to the many different cable that it comes with. Included in the package are a 6 pin and 9 pin adapter, as well as OBD II cables for Mack, Volvo, Ford, GM, Sprinter and other truck brands. The 9 pin adapter is actually backwards compatible with all older 9 pin connections as well and the OBD II cables can be used on a lot of older vehicles.

Compatibility is important when looking for a new vehicle scanner, especially if you are a professional mechanic that is working with a variety of different vehicles every single day. You want an adapter kit that will be compatible with whatever is brought into the workshop next, whether it is heavy duty or medium duty. Having one that is only compatible with a few makes is not really worth it in a professional workshop. The Noregon DLA is not one of these tools!

In essence, the DLA+ 2.0 impressive coverage of medium and heavy duty vehicles, as well as OBD II ones, from the United States, Europe and Asia will mean that you’ll be able to use it on nearly all your repairs. This will save a lot of time in the long run, saving money in labour costs and also meaning that you can complete more jobs every day. Definitely consider compatibility when searching for a new workshop tool.


In the first part of this review we gave a rough overview of some of the main features of this Noregon scan tool. Here, we’ll look at those features in more depth so that you have a much better idea of what it can offer before you decide to buy a Noregon DLA tool.

Read and clear error codes

Like all of the best diagnostic tools on the market, the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit by Noregon can read and clear fault codes effectively. It can read error codes from the engine, transmission, or ABS systems. The device also provides quick fault code descriptions to let the user know specifically where the problem lies. This is very useful since otherwise you’d have to research every error code yourself.

After you have completed a repair, the DLA+ 2.0 can then be used to clear and reset the offending error codes. This is again important since you want to reset these codes, so that even the code reappears then it isn’t just the same problem as before.

Although reading and clearing error codes is a standard feature of many scan tools, the DLA+ 2.0 can do it very well indeed. It reads the codes quickly and accurately and can clear them just as efficiently. The code reading on the DLA+ 2.0 Noregon adapter kit will ensure that your workshop is running as smoothly as possible.

Live Data

The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit includes a live data feature that is ideal for professional mechanics and their workshops. Live data reads vehicle information in real time and displays it in an easy to read format. Some diagnostic computer programmes will also have a graphing function, and let the user display their data on graphs, to make the information even easier to visualise and understand.

Since live data changes in real time, a mechanic can actually use vehicle inputs and see how the data changes. For example if the mechanic wanted to see how well the catalytic converter and emissions system were functioning, they could press the accelerator pedal and see how pure the oxygen levels are that are leaving the exhaust. This use in particular can be very useful as it gives a mechanic a good indication of whether a truck will be able to pass an emissions test, before sending it off to be tested. This can save a mechanic a lot of time and money.

Live data is a feature that professionals always look out for since they use it on a daily basis. Having a device that can read live data well will improve your workshop efficiency and let you complete more jobs every single day. The Noregon DLA fits that description and the DLA+ 2.0 will serve you well with its excellent live data diagnostic software.

ECU Coding

A great feature of the DLA+ 2.0 adapter is its ability to re-programme the CPU of your heavy duty and medium duty trucks and vehicles. Re-programming is quite a unique feature and one that isn’t seen on a lot of similarly priced and sized devices. Re-programming allows the user to customise and set up a vehicle how they or a customer want it to be. Whether you want to change how many times the indicator blinks on a change lane command, or even delve deep into the actuator response, the DLA+ 2.0 will make this all possible.

ECU coding is great, but its always worth checking that you aren’t going to be voiding any vehicle warranties by changing the CPU. Having said that, it is usually more than fine to make alterations, and you won’t be voiding anything by doing so.

Diagnostic software

The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit runs on some excellent diagnostic software that has been well developed by Noregon themselves. The device is quick and completes functions very accurately, and this is all thanks to the excellent diagnostic software. Noregon really have done well with their software, and the fact that it can be regularly updated via flash firmware downloads only increases its usability.

These Noregon updates usually bring bug fixes, as well as added functionality and compatibility. The flash firmware downloads ensure that your device is kept up to date with all the latest scan tools, and ensures that you won’t have to buy a new one in the near future.


The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit is well designed by Noregon and very easy to use. The scanner itself is built out of durable plastic shell, with added grip areas. The device is very unlikely to get damaged in an accidental drop. The DLA+ 2.0 plugs into the diagnostic port of your heavy duty and medium duty vehicles securely and safely.

The Noregon carry case is also well designed and protective of all the equipment that it houses. The case is also small enough to be very portable, whilst still being able to fit in all the extra cables for the different vehicle types. Overall, the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit design is well thought out by Noregon and won’t be causing you any frustration.

Key Features

Vehicle Coverage

The DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit has an excellent level of coverage over a wide range of different heavy duty and medium duty vehicles. This is made possible thanks to the inclusion of a variety of different diagnostic cables. There are options for 9 pin and 6 pin connectors, as well as OBD II cables for certain vehicles such as Ford, GM, Sprinter and Isuzu trucks.

Live Data

The live data function of the DLA+ 2.0 adapter is an excellent feature and one that will be well used by any mechanic who buys this Noregon DLA device. The live data works with all heavy duty and medium duty vehicles and will help a mechanic diagnose problems in all of them. Whether you are using one of the OBD II cables, or the 9 pin or 6 pin connectors, then you’ll definitely be able to read live data.

Regular Updates

Noregon DLA include regular flash firmware downloads that will update your DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit software. These updates will provide bug fixes as well as add functionality and compatibility to the DLA+ 2.0 adapter. The updates are completed by plugging in to your PC USB port.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit from Noregon is an excellent scan tool that can be found for a very reasonable price. The assistance that the Noregon DLA can provide for mechanics during servicing and repairs is almost second to none. As well as being able to complete standard OBD II and diagnostic functions, the Noregon DLA also has some extra features such as ECU coding that help it stand out from the crowd. It is very easy to use and plugs straight into any PC USB port. You won’t be disappointed if you pick up a DLA+ 2.0 adapter kit for your heavy duty and medium duty vehicle fleet.