Lexus Warning Lights

Lexus Warning Lights

One of the most straightforward ways to learn something might be wrong with your car is by acknowledging the warning lights. Fortunately, modern vehicles are equipped with a whole range of different signals that let the driver know about the risk of malfunctions or issues that already took place. 

To be safe on the road at all times, it is valuable to learn about Lexus dashboard lights’ meanings. Luxus made some updates regarding the electronic systems in most of their newer models, bringing some changes and new additions to their warning symbols. 

This means you will probably benefit from going over some common and less common Lexus dashboard symbols. 

That way, you’ll be able to react quickly and get the right diagnosis of the potential issues. Not to mention, you may be able to avoid costly repairs and save a life or two. 

Here are some of the most common and crucial Lexus warning lights and their meanings. 

You can find the complete list of Lexus dashboard symbols in this PDF

Red Lexus Lights on Dashboard 

Airbag Light | SRS 

The symbol depicting a passenger with a large red dot in front of them informs about the problem with the SRS airbag system, the seatbelt pre-tensioner or the front passenger occupant classification system. 

In simpler words, it usually means there’s a malfunction of the airbags or the passenger weight sensor. To get the full diagnosis, you should visit the car dealer or mechanic, as a simple OBD-II scanner will not be able to tell you where exactly the problem is. 

Battery Charge

lexus warning battery charge

A Lego brick-like shaped symbol indicates your alternator is not charging your car, and the vehicle runs on the battery alone. You can expect your car to drive for another half an hour before running out of power. 

You may want to check the wires that connect the alternator to the battery, and if you can’t find the source of the problem, you should consult the mechanic. 

Remember that driving with a faulty alternator is dangerous, and you should avoid it if possible. 

Brake Trouble 

Lexus light on the dashboard that consists of the exclamation point in the circle and bracket signals that you have a problem with the brake system. This, more often than not, requires performing a thorough diagnostic. The issue can concern fluid pressure or other failures of the brake system. Sometimes this signal means that the parking brake is on as well.

Either way, when you see this icon on your Lexus dashboard, you should stop the car immediately, as the vehicle is not safe to drive. Seek professional assistance to fix the issue. 

Oil Pressure Warning

This one is pretty straightforward. If one of the Lexus dashboard symbols you’re seeing is in the shape of an Aladdin’s lamp, it means your oil pressure is too low. This may indicate you’re losing the oil due to the leakage, and in this case, you should stop the car and check the oil level and pressure.

Driving with the oil light on can harm your engine, so it’s best to avoid it. 

Oil Temperature Warning

This symbol shows the lamp under the thermometer. If you see it, it means that the oil’s temperature is too high. In such a case, you should immediately pull over and shut the engine. The warning may indicate that you have a problem with the loss of fuel, so if you see it repeatedly, you should consult with the mechanic. 

Power Steering Warning

If you see the steering wheel next to the exclamation point amongst the Lexus dashboard symbols, you probably are experiencing issues with the steering system. This may lead to a situation when it’s challenging to manoeuvre the car. 

You should stop and let the vehicle reset by shutting off the engine for a couple of minutes. When you see the warning light again after turning the engine on, your best chance to deal with the issue is by contacting the Lexus dealership or your mechanic. 

Security and Immobilizer Warning

This light depicts a car next to a padlock and informs you that the ignition switch is locked. Usually, what this means is that you will need the proper transponder-equipped key fob to start the car. 

Collision Warning System and Malfunction Indicators

The red light with a car in motion with wavy lines surrounding it signals that the Collision System is no longer active. To fix the problem, you will need to contact the Lexus dealership or your mechanic.

Master Warning 

In different Lexus models, this warning may vary. Sometimes it’s orange, but usually, it’s red, and it pops up on a dashboard in the form of an exclamation mark either in one colored triangle or two empty triangles. 

The master warning is reserved for issues with control over the vehicle, as well as simple remainders, like informing about the oil change or some doors being open. It’s good to check these, and if the symbol still appears after starting the engine, you may want to contact the mechanic. 

Yellow Lexus Warning Lights

Yellow Lexus Warning Lights

Antilock Braking System Trouble

When you see the “ABS” in the yellow circle and bracket, you are being informed about the malfunction in your ABS braking-assist system. The good news is that your brakes can properly function without the ABS, but you may want to look into performing a diagnosis to fix the issue. 

Lane Sense Warning

This warning light will look like a car that is crossing a broken or solid line, and it’s a warning that your vehicle might have or will veer from its line. You should hear a buzzing sound with this warning as well – all to alert you about the position of your car on the road. 

Pay attention to your vehicle and position it back in the middle of the line. 

Forward Collision Detection Warning

Forward Collision Detection warning will look like two cars that are about to hit each other. You will see an arrow showing the direction of movement and the exclamation point. The same symbol, but with the added word “OFF”, means that the Forward Collision Detection system is off.

This warning informs you about the potential collision. You should adjust your speed and pay close attention to what’s going on on the road. If you see this light showing repeatedly, you should consult with the Lexus mechanics. 

Stability/Traction Control 

If you see a car with swirly lines behind it, you are being warned about losing traction. It’s likely that your car took over to restore the proper vehicle motion. With this warning, you will also hear an audio warning. 

When this light shows up with the word “OFF” below it, it indicates that the Traction Control system is down, in which case you may want to consider switching it back on (especially if you didn’t mean to turn it off in the first place.)

Electric Park Brake and Fault Indicator

This warning is displayed in situations when the brake is engaged and the ignition on, in which cases you will see the word “PARK” appear on your dashboard. It should disappear a few moments after you turn the engine off.

Oil Warnings

With these Lexus symbols on the dashboard, you may see “OIL LEVEL”, “LOW OIL PRESSURE”, or a pressure meter next to the exclamation mark, all informing you about different situations. 

When you see any of them, you should check your oil level, check for the oil pump failure if necessary, or perform a diagnosis on your engine, as you may experience more severe problems with your car’s engine, which is obviously a situation in which you should intervene as soon as possible. 

Temperature Warning Indicators

You may see two different symbols informing you about the temperature. One is a warning that says “HOT COOLANT TEMP,” which tells you that the engine’s temperature is too high. You should stop the car and turn off the engine immediately. Turning on the heater can help remove some of the access heat as well.

If the warning you see depicts a thermometer, it means that the fuel entered the engine oil. A fix to that is quite simple – run the engine until it gets warm and the fuel evaporates. You should also avoid running at a high rpm.

SRS Air Bag Indicator

The symbol for this warning will look identical to the Airbag Light | SRS warning. Meaning you will see a passenger next to a big dot. The only difference is that this warning will be yellow or orange, not red.

What it means is that there is a problem detected with one of the airbags in the vehicle. You should take the car to the dealership to perform a proper diagnostic. 

Security and Immobilizer System Indicator

For this warning light, you should see a car with a key below it. It tells you that the ignition switch is locked and will need the proper transponder-equipped key fob to start or re-start.

Low Windshield Washer Fluid Indicators

Again, these indicators may show up with different symbols. These would be “LOW WINDSHIELD WASHER” communication and symbols depicting the stream of fluid across the shield (colored or empty.)

All of these symbols inform you that you should refill the windshield washer fluid reservoir.

Low-Speed Four-Wheel Drive 

4LO on your Lexus dashboard tells you that you’re in the low-speed position, four-wheel drive (L4). This is a good position for driving on more challenging surfaces, like snow, sand, off-road driving, etc. 

Low Fuel Level

When this warning is displayed, you will see an old-fashioned fuel pump at a gas station. What it means is that you are running low on fuel, and you should refuel soon. If the symbol stays on even after you’ve refueled the car, it might be a problem with the indicator system. You should consult with the mechanic. 

Check Engine 

If the check engine light is on, you should see the symbol of the engine, sometimes colored, and sometimes only the outline. You may also see the engine with the words “CHECK”. All this means is you may be dealing with an engine malfunction. 

Stop your car if you can and take a closer look to identify the problem, or head to your mechanic to perform a check-up on the engine. 

Green Lexus Dashboard Lights Meanings

Security and Immobilizer System Indicator

When you see a green key on your dashboard, this means the ignition switch is locked and will need the proper transponder-equipped key fob to start or re-start. 

Keyless Ignition Detection Indicator

A green key with an exclamation mark in the middle informs you about the presence of an electronic key in a push button. It may also indicate a keyless start. 

Cruise or Speed Control Text Indicators

When this light is on, you may see the word “CRUISE”, “CRUISE MAIN”, or “SET” displayed on the dashboard, and it means that the Cruise or Speed Control system is on. 

Active or Advanced Cruise Control Indicators

This symbol will also come in different forms, depending on the Lexus model you drive. You should see the letters “ACC” or a depiction of the car next to the speedometer and the arrow. These lights inform about the Advanced Cruise Control being on. 

That means that your car adjusted its speed to the conditions on the road, more specifically to the traffic ahead. 

Tow or Haul Mode and Fault Indicators

You can turn the Tow or Haul Mode on when your car is being towed. You should see the word “TOW” or a symbol resembling the letter “i” in the horizontal position on your dashboard. 

Low Speed, Grade and Terrain Assist Indicator

When the Low-Speed Grade and Terrain system is activated, you will see on the dashboard a symbol of a vehicle on different surfaces at various angles. This system helps your car stay on a stable track, avoiding getting stuck when driving through more challenging terrain. 

Fog Lamp Indicator

The fog lamp indicator will look like a headlight producing strings of light that go through a wavy line. This one simply informs you that the fog lamp is activated. 

Snow Mode Indicator

The symbol of snow mode often has a snowflake next to the word “SNOW.” When you see it on your dashboard, it means that the system has been activated. If you see this symbol displayed even when you didn’t turn it on, and it does not disappear when you restart the car, you may want to contact a Lexus dealership or your mechanic, as the system may be faulty. 

Start/Stop System Function and Trouble Indicator

These Lexus warning lights will look different in various Lexus vehicles as well. Different variants will display “A” in the round arrow and the same symbol with the “OFF” below it, as well as “AUTO STOP.”

The symbol indicates that the Start and Stop system has been activated. This means your engine will be stopped and restarted according to the brake pedal operation (automatic transmission) or clutch pedal operation (manual transmission). 

You will see this indicator when the engine is stopped by the system and not shut off completely. 

Four-Wheel Drive Indicator

This symbol will look like a car chassis with four wheels. It indicates that a high-speed position with four-wheel drive (H4) is on, which provides better traction for the car. This system allows the car to drive on difficult terrains, like snow or ice. It should be used only when there is a risk of tires sliding, which could lead to losing control of the vehicle. 

Turn Signal

The Turn signal will be displayed in the form of an arrow pointing in the direction of a turn. 

Blue Lexus Signs

Temperature Warning Indicator

If you see a blue thermometer submerged in the waves, this is the Temperature Warning Indicator. It turns on when the temperature of the coolant is below what is required for optimal performance.

Frost or Cold Warning or Snow Mode Indicator

The blue snowflake on the dashboard indicates that you lost some charge in the main EV battery due to low temperatures. You should find some solutions to this problem in your manual. 

Headlight Indicator

This warning signal looks like a headlight that projects intense light and tells you that high-beam headlights are on.

lexus warning headlight indicator

Final Thoughts

The proper diagnostics of a car is more than valuable because it allows you to protect yourself, your family and your budget. Knowing most of the Lexus dashboard symbols allows you to quickly recognize the potential issue and intervene. 

Speaking the language of your car is an easy way to maintain it in good condition and ensure some significant issues are not being overlooked. 
Seeing and understanding Lexus warning lights is one thing, but you can use additional tools, like an OBD2 scanner, to quickly find and resolve the problem with your vehicle. Read our The 10 Best OBD2 Scanner & Car Code Readers: Complete Buying Guide and Review 2022 to find the best product for your needs.