Launch X431 Pro : Buyers Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for a scanner that can help you with all of your vehicle’s diagnostic needs? Then look no further! All you will need is the Launch X431 Pro. It is no secret that Launch offers some of the best diagnostic scanners on the market, meaning we speak with only confidence when we recommend this scanner for you.

The key ingredients in having a successful mechanic business is assuring your customers reliable results. Usually, such a promise means that it will be time consuming. With the Launch X431 Pro you can achieve both steady and successful results in a flash. In this review, we’re going to show you that a high-performance scanner will be the perfect addition to developing your mechanical knowledge. Whether you’re a professional, or a first time DIYer hoping to expand or their knowledge – with this easy to use scanner, all will be made clear. To make this decision easier for you, we are going to review the Launch X431 Pro in detail, answering any query you might have before making a purchase that will enhance your experience in working with cars.

We will begin firstly with an overview of the product, including the pros and cons of the scanner. Next, we will explain the compatibility as well as explaining the functionality of the scanner and it’s key features. Following on from this, we will give our overall verdict and final thoughts on the Launch X431 Pro. We have made sure to answer some of the frequently asked questions around the product also, giving you all the information you may need before purchasing.

Launch X431 Pro Overview

The Launch X431 Pro (also known as X431 V, or X431 V Pro) is designed to take care of both basic and complex car issues that can affect a vehicle’s overall performance. This 8-inch tablet diagnostic tool operates on Android 7.1 and is very popular for the number of features it offers. This product is primarily suited for professionals, mainly due to the added technicalities and expense of the product. However, this does not rule out DIYers and other car enthusiasts from benefiting from the Launch X431 Pro. Some of the features of the Launch X431 Pro are arguably advanced, which might make them more suitable for mechanics and professionals. But for those willing to learn and adapt to what is a reliable and well-reviewed product, the Launch X431 Pro is the perfect addition to your overall car experience. The Launch X431 Pro scan tool is one of the best professional diagnostic scanners that you will come across in the market today – as reaffirmed by many other happy users who have benefited greatly from this product. It has an excellent and intuitive user interface, compact in design, reliable, provides accurate results, can be updated consistently thanks to a fast WiFi receptive connection. It offers a wide range of functions, and is compatible with many vehicle models (which will be explained in further detail later in the review.) From the Launch X431 Viii scan tool to the Launch X431 mini automotive scan tool and the Launch X431 Pro, all of these are made with the final user in mind.


  • Easy to use and fast
  • The connection is very easy as it is a wireless scan tool
  • It is extremely durable with its dustproof, greaseproof, waterproof, and drop resistant nature
  • Launch X431 Pro has a large storage capacity and uses one of the most advanced UI in the Android 5.1
  • It comes with 2 years free update
  • Has a carrying case for secure storage of the device
  • Extensive vehicle coverage
  • Has rear and front camera for taking photos easily


  • Compared to other scanners, it is quite expensive
  • Multilingual faults – if you intend to change the default language from English to a language of choice, know that the translations are not always accurate. This is because the scanner is not proficient in all the languages.


The Launch X431 Pro boasts a compatibility with a range of vehicles, assisting  68 vehicle brands and 220 vehicle models from Asia, Europe, and America. This scanner also supports 1000+ OBD2 vehicles. Some of the most popular cars it covers include Ford, Lincoln, GM, BMW, VW, SKODA, and AUDI. However, some users have also noted the compatibility with other OBD1 vehicles, namely 91 and 92 Ford and other 90’s Toyota models. This versatility sets the Launch X431 apart from other scanners in the market, and has the ability to consistently update to support future vehicles, too. It is also equipped with one of the most advanced user interfaces in the Android 5.1 and boasts a large storage capacity. In short, it is highly unlikely you will face any problems with this scanner in terms of compatibility.


At its core, this scanner is used to provide the user with the vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes, erase these error codes, and display clear instructions for the user to be able to rectify any problem their vehicle might have. The diagnostic tool comes with a selection of adapters and leads, all protected in a hard-cover case for the user. There is no difficulty or a lot of fuss when it comes to the setup of this diagnostic scanner. The Launch X431 Pro support team will provide you a registration ID with an activation code. Then, you can utilise your serial number and codes to set up your scanner online and begin working.

Key Features

We have narrowed down to what we believe are the most important key features of the Launch X431 Pro. These vary around design, the product’s ability to cater to supporting major car software features, and running software which can be updated are all necessary features for a scanner to possess. The Launch X431 Pro can do all of this and more!


A hefty but secure product, the Launch X431 Pro weighs around 10.7lbs. However, if you decide to go for the Launch X431 Pro Mini model, it is designed to be more compact and portable, with dimensions of 15.9″ x 11.9″ x 4.2″, yet weighing 7.45lbs. This model is equally brilliant but somewhat more affordable, making it perfect for beginners who are hoping to benefit from this powerful scanner. One of the main design features of the Launch X431 Pro is it’s durability. This scanner has a firm black casing around it, making it applicable for any mechanics work-station or shed that it may be stored in, as it is created to be drop resistant on even the hardest of concrete floors. Constructed to withstand enduring use, it is highly applicable to tough outdoor conditions like dust, grease, shock, and water. The device itself is totally waterproof, and has an excellent battery life of 9 hours. One excellent design feature of the Launch X431 is it’s high quality camera which means the user can take clear pictures in order to achieve more accurate results in testing. It is recorded to take clear quality images, which can be seen on the large screen. Also recommended in some cases, you can include a videoscope camera to record longer clips.


This scan tool can diagnose all systems. It has the ability to read DTCs and data streams for all systems. For example, transmission, fuel system, body, engine, powertrain, emission system, and much more. The Launch x431 Pro saves the customer both time and money. The scanner offers a full system diagnosis, possessing the ability to perform 30+ reset and service functions. For example: if you are concerned about your tires, the Launch X431 Pro offers a TPMS or TPS service. The tablet can test to see if your tires have the correct amount of pressure, as well as offering the user the chance to reset the tire pressure system using this tool. Below are more specific uses that the Launch X431 Pro can help enhance in your overall mechanic and software experience:

DPF: It allows you to check for issues. For example suit or smoke, in the diesel particulate filter with ease.

EPB: The system ensures your vehicle remains steady on grades and flat terrains. This system is crucial for the safety of your vehicle, and Launch X431 Pro can help you keep it regularly checked.

Throttle Position:  With the Launch X431 Pro, you will be able to adjust the throttle position easily. It will prove particularly useful after you replace the ECU, place a new accelerator pedal, install a battery, etc.

Oil Reset: With the scanner, you will be able to read oil reset light to be aware of when it is time for a replacement.

ABS Bleeding: This feature is important for when unwanted air gets inside. This is not an abnormal occurrence as it is something that happens when the system is opened to replace certain components, such as break lines, wheel cylinders etc. Usually this is how air will find its way inside. This feature, enhanced when using the Launch 431X Pro, will enable you to release the trapped air. This is something every mechanic wants to be on top of, as if left untreated it could intervene with the system.

IMMO (Key Programming): With this feature, you can prevent your car from being hot-wired.

Engine Codes

The Launch X431 Pro sets itself apart from other scanners on the market as it has the ability to find faults in the subsystems of your vehicle by testing various components individually. How it achieves this is by entering commands into the ECU. This test is incredibly quick, meaning you won’t have to wait to see results. Additionally, it allows the user to be aware of all the various operations occurring in the actuator. The Launch X431Pro also allows the user to perform bidirectional testing also. This feature enables the user to send and receive information between two devices. In turn, the feature allows the user to command a module to perform a specific function. For example: gear learning. This scanner authorises the user to match and reprogram keys and to read and change adaptation values.

In terms of specific engine codes, the scanner enables the user to read trouble codes and clear them. Diagnostic tests can be carried out remotely also.

Live Data

When it comes to reading any live data in your vehicle, you need to make sure it is at the appropriate temperature. This Launch X431 Pro scanner supports the customer in being able to read live data. What will enhance this experience further for the customer is high-quality Android screen that the Launch X431 Pro offers in order to be able to see clear results.

Software Connections

The latest Launch X431 model replaces the older III and IV versions in a very elegant yet robust way. The tablet runs on Android 7.1 and makes a connection by using Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This makes the scanner incredibly easy to use, perfect for any kind of user to navigate it like any regular Android tablet. The tablet offers a one-click update. You can visit the official Launch website and download updates for free for up to 2 years. The one-click update feature is supported with any WiFi connection, meaning it enables the user to update the tablet’s software at any time where internet connection is available. Included in the software also is the ability for the user to send and receive e-mails, the perfect enhancement tool for any busy mechanics schedule.

This is one of the fastest Launch scanners on the market. It comes with a fast and smooth operating system to assist tackle problems quickly. Additionally, the scanner gives the user clear instructions as you use, offering commands of what you want to do and the steps that you should take to achieve it. Although this tablet is often marketed towards professionals, with this information instructive feature, it means DIYers should be able to navigate the scanner with ease.

The Verdict

The bottom line of our review on the Launch X431 Pro, as mentioned consistently throughout this review, is the fact it is top of its market. In today’s mechanical world, vehicles are consistently advancing and diagnostic scanners need to reflect this. The Launch X431 Pro comes with feature packed settings allowing users to reduce the costs of repairing their vehicles accurately.

Users of the product already consistently reference the scanners ‘easy to use’ nature. As said before, although it is a scanner targeted primarily for professionals, it doesn’t rule out first time DIYers also. Its features, value for money, ease of use, and accuracy consistently score highly among those who have had first-hand experience of using this scanner, helping some mechanics fix problems they had previously been unsuccessful with.

If you have been looking for a reliable, fast, and easy to use the diagnostic scanner, then the Launch X431 Pro is the perfect addition for you. It is difficult to find many criticisms for this scanner. We feel extremely confident in recommending this well-respected Launch product to you.


Below we provide answers to several frequently asked questions surrounding this scanner.

Is Launch x431 any good?

We believe so. As discussed throughout this review, as well as the many positive reviews of this scanner online – it is hard to find any real criticisms of this product. Launch are an extremely popular and reliable brand that give consistently positive results. We are confident in its ability to satisfy any mechanical and diagnostic needs you might have.

Which is better – Launch VS Autel?

When you search for high quality scanners, it is incredibly likely you will see both Launch and Autel products in your top searches. Both brands are successful in their own right, offering customers similar features and excellent scanners. With Launch, and particularly the Launch X431 Pro, it is proven that this product is more durable as it has been drop-tested and is waterproof. This scanner is the most sought-after professional diagnostic scan tools on the market.

Which launch scanner is the best?

The answer to this question is highly dependent on the needs of the customer. Each of Launch’s scanners are made with the final customer in mind each time. There are slight variations between products. For example: Launch X431 Pros Mini supports all car models made after 1996 from Asia, America and the EU. Conversely, the Launch X431 supports all car models made after 2006 from Asia, America and the EU. Both perform similar functions, not causing major differences for the overall performance if a user was to purchase one over the other.

Who makes launch scanners?

Launch Tech are responsible for the manufacturing of each scanner. They have been operating in the automotive diagnostic industry since 1992. Their primary headquarters are in the U.K, however it has a US office in California as well as other branches around the world. Being one of the leading aftermarket companies, Launch Tech has remained at the forefront of OBD2 diagnostic scanning technology.

Launch X431 Pros Mini
Launch X431 Pros Mini OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.