Innova 3100 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

Most drivers will panic when the dreaded light flashes on their dashboard, OBD2 scanners enable users to understand the cause of the check engine light. The Innova 3100 empowers its user to know how serious the issue is, how it can be fixed, and which component needs to be repaired. Using live data on an easy to use LED screen display, the Innova 3100 does not compromise on quality. This Innova 3100 review will examine the device in further detail, considering the roles it fulfils and who it works best for.

OBD2 Scanners help anyone to understand their car’s needs, without unnecessary trips to the mechanic, saving time and money. In the event that the issue cannot be fixed at home, the diagnostic tool also helps mechanics and technicians to identify the problem quickly, meaning that they can get on with their fix. This means that these are ideal for motorists and mechanics alike. This Innova 3100 Review will consider the tool’s functions, strengths and drawbacks, helping you to decide whether the Innova 3100 is the right scanner for you.

The Innova 3100 combines an easy to use, entry level interface, with advanced technology to produce a handset which is compatible with vehicles made in 1996 and newer. The scan will automatically refresh data every 30 seconds, to ensure the information is up to date, but the user is also able to use the “freeze frame’ feature to pause the scan and look at individual results, which is particularly useful to consider the influence of run times, temperature and minor adjustments on data. The information can then be displayed in black and white or colour, visually or numerically and in a choice of languages, enabling the user to view the data in the best way for them. Knowledge is power, and the Innova 3100 will place power in the hands of its user, reducing unnecessary trips to the repair shop saving time and money. These are the qualities which have made the Innova 3100 the best-selling OBD2 tool in its class.

Product Overview


  • User friendly Interface
  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Multilingual menu capabilities
  • Choice of Black and White or Colour led display
  • Able to read and erase codes
  •  Free Updates


  • Some compatibility issues with exotic import vehicles
  • Limited colour options
  • Can sell out quickly

Key Features


The Innova 3100 works well with All OBD2 Vehicles. It is compatible with vehicles built since 1996 as any car, SUV or truck built since 1996 is subject to emission standards, which means that they will have an OBD2 compatible system. This means that the Innova 3100 diagnostic scan tool will be able to diagnose the check engine light and fix the problem on both domestic and foreign vehicles. It can cover both OBD1 and OBD2 codes, to read and erase codes on almost any 1996 and newer car, light truck and SUV. Some users have reported compatibility issues with exotic import vehicles; therefore, it is recommended that potential buyers contact the Innova customer service team to confirm compatibility if they have an unusual vehicle. Most will still be able to execute OBD2 functions, but more advances scans such as ABS/SRS monitoring can be incompatible in rare cases.


In addition to the ability to read and erase error codes, the Innova 3100 is also able to carry out Oil Light Reset, alternator tests, monitor the ABS/ SRS systems, charging system, emissions readiness, EVAP codes, engine coolant temperature, and engine lights. These functions are often reserved for luxury models, but Innova have added these to a reasonably priced, entry level scan tool, providing fantastic value for money, making it the best-selling tool in its class.

Durable design.

The diagnostic scanner is sturdy and rugged, with great quality materials, weighing just 1.1 pounds and measuring 12 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches. These dimensions create a product which fits well into any toolbox. Manufactured in the United States of America, it has rubber bumpers and generously sized buttons, which creates a durable, reliable product. The decision to use buttons and an LED screen, instead of a touch screen produces a sturdy, easily cleaned gadget which will not be damaged easily. Within the Automotive industry, this is an invaluable property.

Fast and reliable

With the Innova 3100 scanner, users can be assured that diagnostics will be fast and trustworthy. No more days spent under the hood of your car, trying to find the source of the check engine light, this OBD2 scanner will have your results quickly and accurately, enabling you to work faster and spend more time on other things. Up to date information enables users to view the results of their efforts, giving valuable peace of mind to hobbyists and professionals alike

Quick Refresh

When linked, the Innova 3100 refreshes every thirty seconds, ensuring that the data is live, accurate and reliable, while removing error codes as you fix the issue. The device will refresh the light once the issue is fixed, confirming that the issue is resolved. This tangible, visible change is invaluable in these situations. The automatic refresh is also useful as it enables viewers to consider how the data changes according to running time, climate, temperature and fuel type, enabling effective communication and control over these aspects.

Repair Solutions Feature

The Innova 3100 “Repair solutions” feature provides verified fixes, repair costs, step by step videos and additional aids to take the guesswork out of vehicle maintenance. Simply connect the tool to any internet-enabled PC to see a verified fix, estimate costs for parts and labour in your geographic location and the difficulty level of the repair. This will save on costly mistakes which can be made in trial and error, by providing solutions to specific issues. This will also enable new mechanics and DIY enthusiasts to learn on the job, reducing training time and costs. Drivers can watch the video and make informed decisions about how they would like their vehicle to be fixed, and whether it is something that can be done at home, or whether they should visit their mechanic for help. This saves time, money and frustration.

ABS Communication

When it comes to reading and erasing codes, the Innova 3100 performs incredibly well. It is able to communicate with the Anti-Lock Braking system, a safety feature which aids in preventing accidents which could occur if the car wheels lock up during a skid. This is usually controlled by a separate module, which means that not all scan tools are able to communicate with this system, despite how crucial it is for safety. The Innova 3100 is able to communicate with most Ford, GM, Toyota and Chrysler models, enabling proper diagnosis.

Battery Backup Memory

If the battery dies while the tool is in use, all is not lost! This internal memory storage saves your information, meaning that once your batteries are charged, you can start back where you left off. The creators of the Innova 3100 have added these safety nets in response to real-world issues, producing a reliable, user friendly experience for users.

LED Display

The Innova 3100 features a large LED Screen, on which the diagnostic data is displayed. Graphic data presentation functionality to assist in the process of analysis of codes. The Innova 3100 gives users the options of a black and white or colour display on the LED Screen. Most Diagnostic scan tools only present information in one or the other, but Innova’s innovative design enables individuals to choose the option which works for them. The screen also features a backlight, which is great for settings with dim light, such as winter nights or dark garages. The well-built large display is capable of displaying live data, drive cycle monitoring and readiness checks.

Free Updates

The device can be updated using any Flash or PC enabled accessory. This adds information info for newer vehicle models. This makes for a long lasting and reliable scanner, as you can trust all information to be up to date. You will always have access to the most advanced operating system by updating the device and regularly upgrading the software. Many manufacturers will require payment for this, but Innova’s customer service is once again demonstrated by the provision of free updates and dedication to fantastic aftercare.

Warranty and Support

The Innova 3100 diagnostic scanner is accompanied with a one-year warranty, and a reliable and helpful customer service team, able to provide solutions where needed. The One-year warranty means that you can return items which arrive damaged, faulty or defective in any way, guaranteeing that you will receive the gadget you order, negating the usual risks of online shopping and long-distance shipping. In my experience, Innova’s customer support team are available and ready to help with any problems you may face.

Code Reading

A conventional code reader can only show you the code itself, which means that you will have to research the code to find the component which it refers to within the car. A diagnostic scan tool is much more comprehensive, as it offers additional solutions such as troubleshooting using online resources, and monitor the health of your car’s parts, such as the battery and brake system. The Innova 3100 combines both of these things, providing fast results, and further information to help fix the problem. More advanced than the classic code reader, this diagnostic Scan Tool is able to present the error code which has triggered the check engine light, which is then translated into lay-man’s terms, with information about the solutions to fix the problem. This means that the user can get to the root of the issue, treating the cause, not just the symptoms.

Emission Monitor

The Innova 3100 is able to monitor vehicle emissions, which will enable users to check whether it will pass local smog checks and how to reduce emissions if worried that it will fail an emissions test. The up to date, accurate data shows users the impact of their work in real time, placing power in the hands of the user. This is displayed with red, amber and green led lights to indicate whether the vehicle would pass an emissions test.

Multilingual Options

The Multilingual menu enables the display of data in your chosen language, including English, Spanish and French, perfect for road trips across the Americas and Europe. The Inbuilt multilingual feature negates the ambiguity of poor translations, as it can simply be handed over to mechanics in your location, and they will know what needs to be done, even if the vehicle is unusual in that region. The Repair solutions feature can be especially useful in this as it is able to display an estimate of labour and part costs in the region, reducing the likelihood of being overcharged as tourists.

The Verdict

The Innova 3100 is a fantastic entry level scan tool, combining durable design, easy to use interface and some advanced tools to produce a reliable and trusted answer to the dreaded check engine light, enabling drivers to take a proactive approach to vehicle maintenance, while taking the guesswork out of repairs. Innova is deserving of its spot as one of the most reliable producers of scan tools, due to its phenomenal customer service. The scan tool is able to read and erase error codes, allowing a greater understanding of the check engine light, updated every 30 seconds, but users can freeze frame data to view specific results. It is compatible with domestic and foreign vehicles such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Honda made since 1996 and newer vehicles. Some more advanced functions are present such as the ability to reset the oil light, monitor the ABS/ SRS system, and carry out alternator tests. This provides excellent value at a reasonable cost, balancing quality and price in a way which has made Innova a trusted brand since 1990. This Innova 3100 review has considered the Quality, reliability, functionality, usability and uses of the Innova 3100, finding that it is a great OBD2 scanner, fulfilling the needs of many, without overcomplicating its user interface. It is recommended for drivers, technicians, mechanics and DIY enthusiasts who want a tool which fulfils its purpose without unnecessary bells and whistles.


Does the Innova 3100 have live data?

The Innova 3100 is able to display live data, refreshing every 30 seconds to ensure reliable data in real time. This data can then be frozen if desired, freeze frame data is useful for note taking and analytics. The live data can then be used to confirm repair completion, as it will show whether the error has been fixed. This is particularly valuable where there are multiple issues, meaning that the check engine light cannot be used alone. By highlighting the root cause of issues, this scan tool will enable its user to fix issues and see their progress in real time.

How does the Innova 3100 work?

The Innova 3100 is an OBD2 (OBDII) scanner, which communicates with vehicles to monitor the status and performance of the vehicle. Once plugged in, the device will refresh every 30 seconds, with 20 pieces of important information on one patented all-in- one screen. The device can then be plugged into an internet-enabled computer to display recommended solutions for your specific problem. Innova’s website displays a variety of videos to aid those who are new to these devices, to develop a greater understanding of how to get the best results from your gadget.

What is the best Innova scan tool?

For a beginner, or someone who is interested in a simple, reliable and straightforward diagnostic scanner, the Innova 3100 is able to perform a variety of functions which are invaluable. There are more advanced scanners, such as the updated Innova 3100j, which combines the strengths of the 3100, with additional features at a higher cost. There is no single ‘Best Innova scan tool”, as value will depend on the individual’s needs and budget, but the 3100 is a fantastic option for most individuals.

What is the best car code reader to buy?

Most Code readers will only relay the error code itself to the user, which requires a fair amount of research, pre-existing knowledge and labour to decipher the exact meaning. Diagnostic scan tools, such as the Innova 3100 are much more useful. The Innova 3100 is able to communicate with the vehicle to find the error code, translate this to layman’s terms, using brand-specific information to pinpoint the exact component which needs to be repaired. The Repair Solutions feature is additionally able to provide verified and tested solutions to the issue, with step by step videos to help along the way. a diagnostic scanner is much more helpful, saving time and money. The real time data also enables the owner or technician to see when the issue has been resolved.

Innova 3100
Innova 3100 OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.