Innova 3040c : Buyers Guide & Reviews

For those who are looking for a compact OBD2 scan tool with excellent versatility and a variety of features, the Innova 3040c is an excellent option.

For such a reasonable price point, it delivers a variety of services, and has all your diagnostic needs covered. Whether you’re just looking to investigate a check engine light, or are a professional mechanic who wants a reliable OBD2 scan tool, the Innova 3040c will be able to quickly and efficiently provide you with the information you need.

Finding an accessible scan tool can be difficult, especially with so many on the market. However, as such an easy to use OBD2 scanner, the Innova 3040c is suitable for a mix of experience levels. With professional level functions and an intuitive interface, performing diagnostics will be effortless. Reading ABS codes, streaming live data, or erasing error data is all possible. The additional wide ranging compatibility makes this code reader from Innova a great choice for beginners and car lovers alike.

This Innova 3040c review will take you through a product overview with key information, before exploring the product’s standout capabilities in more detail. At the bottom of this scan tool review, you can find the answers to some FAQs on OBD2 scanners and operating your Innova 3040c.

Innova 3040c Product Overview

The Innova 3040c scan tool has the advantage of combining advanced capabilities with an incredibly user friendly interface, allowing all levels of experience to access its comprehensive features. Weighing just over 1 lb, it’s an excellent lightweight OBD 2 scan tool that will easily fit into your hand for rapid diagnostics. Whether you want to read detailed data graphs, or quickly ascertain what’s triggering your check engine light, it’s a great option with a reasonable price tag.

The device can relay 20 different types of readings, making it truly versatile. It can provide real time or freeze frame data, or perform more advanced functions in just a few seconds. Read and erase check engine light warnings or ABS trouble codes, and quickly run a battery or alternator test if you’re having start up issues. Read Airbag System codes, check for a malfunctioning fuel trim, or test your engine coolant temperature with ease. With support for Repair Solutions, you’ll have access to all the necessary information about potential repairs.

The Innova 3040c does require batteries, allowing you to review past data reports without even connecting to a vehicle. With the ability to store information on up to 3 cars at once, it allows you to compare readings with ease. An additional WiFi feature will enable you to conduct further investigation of your vehicle problems without even leaving the workshop. If you’re concerned about your emissions test, the useful red, green, and yellow LED indicators will instantly let you know if your vehicle would pass.

The product works with the majority of foreign and domestic cars from 1996 onward, including light truck, SUV, or hybrid models. Effortlessly perform ABS maintenance on many makes and models, too. With the patented 2.8 inch full color screen, reading complex data or adjusting codes will be easy. The handy back light also means you can effortlessly perform tests in all light conditions. The intuitive menu and 9 simple hot keys ensure simple navigation, and will help you access the service you require with speed.

With great support in English, French, or Spanish, you’ll be able to customize your maintenance to the languages you prefer. The Innova 3040c also comes with a respectable 1 year warranty period to cover any wear and tear. This is a great feature to put your mind at ease. With a money back guarantee, you can be sure of a full refund on the unit.

In conclusion, the Innova 3040c scan tool is a great value OBDII scanner, with ideal vehicle compatibility and a variety of great analytics. The scope of coding coverage ensures comprehensive functionality, whilst the 20 different types of readings provide thorough diagnosis for your vehicle. The full color and intuitive interface makes this a truly accessible choice for any level of experience.

With its impressive array of services, this innova 3040c review shows that it is undeniably a great tool for any car owner.


  • Compatible with a good variety of makes and models.
  • Detailed functions combined with intuitive interface.
  • High qualitydesign with full color screen.
  • Good functionality for the money.


  • Customer reviews comment that it may be more suitable for DIY than professional work.
  • Some reviews comment that customer service could be improved.


Making sure that your scan tools are compatible with your vehicles is essential, as no one wants a tool with limited options. If you’re looking for a device with a broad scope of compatibility, then this scan tool review will show that the Innova 3040c is ideal. It works with a large majority of OBD2 scanner compliant cars, so performing diagnostics will be effortless.

The product is incredibly easy to use, making complex tasks straightforward for beginners and experienced mechanics alike. The Innova 3040c should work on most foreign and domestic cars made from 1996 onward, including light truck, SUV, and even hybrids. It can also read and erase ABS codes for a variety of vehicles, including Chrysler and Toyota brands.

For cars made in 1995 or earlier, you may need to purchase an OBD1 scanner to perform certain maintenance.

It’s important to make sure that your vehicles are OBDII compliant before purchasing a scan tool. The information can easily be found by contacting your manufacturer or consulting your user manual. This way, you can be certain that your car is OBD 2 compliant, and compatible with your chosen tool.


With advanced services and diagnostics, the Innova 3040c delivers comprehensive support within a respectable price range. It’s undeniably a great product for utility.

Diagnostic Features

The device offers a variety of diagnostic functions, allowing you to easily identify problems and avoid multiple trips to the mechanic. There are a range of possibilities:

  • Viewing live data and freeze frame data in real time for more accurate diagnoses.
  • Storing data for up to three vehicles at any time. Perfect for testing multiple vehicles simultaneously.
  • Battery and alternator tests to investigate vehicle no-start issues.
  • Fuel Trim tests
  • Engine coolant temperature checks.
  • Oil light resets
  • Useful red, green, and yellow LEDs to highlight your emissions status. Instantly find out if you’d pass an emissions test.

The Innova 3040c scanner delivers a broad scope of diagnostic features in one easily handheld device, allowing you to perform the maintenance you require on the go.

Coding Functions

With support for a broad majority of vehicles from 1996 onward, performing coding maintenance on your OBD2 scan tool compliant cars will be effortless:

  • Read and Erase Check Engine Light codes and faults for most foreign and domestic OBD2 vehicles made in 1996 or sooner, including hybrid cars.
  • Read and Erase Antilock Breaking System (ABS) faults or error code for a range of makes, including Chrysler, Ford, Honda, and Toyota.
  • Read Airbag System code for swift diagnoses.
  • Check Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) code.

Clearing error code, investigating a check engine light, or resolving a coding problem with your vehicle is all possible with the Innova 3040c. It’s ideal for car lovers and technicians alike, and will help you save money on the price of visits to the repair shop.

Intuitive Interface

With a full color display, the Innova 3040c scanner has an incredibly intuitive interface, making it accessible to people at all experience levels. The patented all in one screen displays 25 pieces of essential information, allowing you to have everything you need to know in one place.

The 2.8 inch LCD screen is clear and easy to use, and 9 navigation buttons ensure great functionality, so all users will be able to access what they need. Easy to use hotkeys allow you to navigate with speed. With access to the internet and Repair Solutions, you’ll be able to easily look up further information without even leaving the workshop.

The streamlined and easy to use interface is truly an advantage, with several reviews citing the full color screen as one of the main benefits.

Key Features

Build Quality Review

With such a wide variety of features on offer, the Innova 3040c scan tool is surprisingly lightweight. Weighing just over 1 lb, the code reader fits perfectly into your hand, making it a great scanner for performing quick diagnoses in any situation.

The patented 2.8 inch screen is completely protected and boasts a full color display, making reading live data and graphs much easier. It connects easily to your vehicle’s OBD2 port with the included cable, so you won’t have to worry about extra wires or adapters. With an included carrying case and sturdy plastic casing, you’ll be able to securely transport your device without worrying about safety. The generous 1 year warranty will also put your mind at ease.

All updates are free, and will take place automatically when you connect to your PC via USB connection. Storing the data of multiple vehicles at once will be easy, with space for up to 3 cars’ data sets.

The device requires 3 AA batteries to run, so you’ll be able to access past data without even needing to connect to your vehicle. Some reviews comment that the connection cord is slightly short, which does restrict you whilst the device is connected to your OBD2 port. However, it is longer than the wires provided by many other brands.

Innova consistently deliver great quality scan tools, and the 3040c device is a great example.

Connectivity Review

The Innova 3040c offers a lot of connectivity options in one handheld device.

Easily access the internet for extra resources, or browse Repair Solutions for more car diagnosis support without even leaving the workshop. Connect your device to your PC via USB for quick and simple updates, which are always free. You’ll always be ahead of the latest technology and won’t need to upgrade any time soon.

When performing diagnostics, simply connect your OBD 2 scanner to your vehicle using the included cable. The scan should only take a few seconds, and you’ll be able to perform all of the maintenance and tests that you require.

Compatibility Review

Innova has created a great scan tool that has wide ranging compatibility for the vast majority of your OBD2 compliant cars.

The device works well with most OBD2 compliant makes from 1996 onwards, including both domestic and imported vehicles. Whether your car is from the US or abroad, even your trucks and hybrid type vehicles will enjoy great functionality with the 3040c model.

You can also read and erase ABS light code for a wide variety of vehicles, including Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, and Ford.

Price Range Review

For such a range of diagnosis analytics and high quality design, the Innova 3040c scan tool comes with a fairly accessible price tag.

Whilst there are devices with a lower price tag available, the 3040c from Innova consistently delivers advanced functionality, and has a strong track record. It also delivers a broader car diagnosis support than many other devices in a similar price bracket. It provides comprehensive features alongside an intuitive interface, making it accessible to all experience levels.

Innova also delivers high quality construction, with the full color 2.8 inch screen being one of the model’s greatest benefits. With additional full screen protection, sturdy plastic casing, and a useful carrying case, the 3040c delivers premium functionality for a very reasonable price.

The reasonable price means it’s undeniably a cost-effective way to save money on trips to the repair shop.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Innova 3040c vehicle scanner is an excellent OBD 2 scanner that’s lightweight and versatile. The coding support, systems tests, and streamlined interface makes it a great convenient choice for many car owners.

Having a reliable OBD2 vehicle scanner is always an advantage. Whilst this item perhaps lacks the level of detail needed for professional readings, it’s an ideal scanner for DIY or entry level diagnostics. For the money, it includes a respectable variety of advanced services, and will allow users to resolve problems and perform car diagnosis with ease.

The Innova 3040c is an excellent vehicle scanner, and will assist users in reading live data and identifying problem car parts. With support for Repair Solutions, conducting maintenance will be effortless, and users will have the means to address the most common trouble spots without an issue. Retrieving information, addressing an error code, or conducting battery and alternator tests will be made quick and simple. The full color screen will also improve the clarity of data readings.

The device doesn’t require additional cables, and internal batteries will allow you to revisit past reports without a vehicle link. Whilst the included cable is fairly short, the internet capabilities will allow you to do further research anywhere in the workshop. At just 1 lb in weight, it’s an incredibly compact and portable scanner.

The high quality construction is intended to last, and with a 1 year warranty and money back guarantee, wear and tear isn’t a problem. The back lit screen is fully protected, and will allow you to review data even in dark conditions. With three language choices available, it’s undoubtedly a versatile device.

The Innova 3040c will work with a big majority of OBD2 scanner compliant cars from 1996 onward, so incompatibility won’t be an issue. Foreign and domestic vehicles are all covered, and even hybrid type models should enjoy good support from the 3040c. With such great functionality for the money, the scanner is a convenient and cost-effective way to reduce frequent trips to the repair shop.

The bottom line is that the Innova 3040c vehicle scanner is an effective and convenient means of maintaining your car. With thorough diagnostic and code reading abilities, and detailed data reports, it’s an excellent diagnostic tool with a reasonable price tag.


Are Innova scanners any good?

Innova have a great track record with delivering versatile scan tools with a mix of great services, and the 3040c scanner is no exception.
The tool offers a variety of coding and diagnostic analytics, allowing you to perform your own maintenance on the go without a visit to a technician. With the ability to conduct an alternator test, view freeze frame and live data, and check your fuel trim, you’ll be able to conduct a detailed car diagnosis. Pinpoint a trouble spot, read and erase codes, and check in on your SRS or ABS effortlessly.
All of these features are combined in one compact scanner, that fits easily into your hand.
The 3040c scanner is a great product for DIY car lovers and technicians alike, and provides an accessible way to perform the most commonly required tests and functions. Have a look at our scan tool review above for more information.

How do I use Innova 3040e compared to the 3040c?

Both scan tools work in a fairly similar manner. Plug your Innova 3040e or 3040c car scanner into the OBD2 dock of your vehicle with the included cable. Most ports can be located beneath the dashboard.
The device will then begin to scan your vehicle, and you will be able to perform various systems tests and coding assistance by following the on-screen instructions. If you’re looking for scanners with internet connectivity, only the 3040 c model offers this feature.
Both products offer great functionality with a broad variety of cars made in 1996 and sooner. Our Innova 3040c review above offers more comprehensive information on the 3040c version.

What is the best car code reader to buy?

Trying to find the best OBD2 scanners is something that can be tricky. With so many great options on the market, it can be hard to find the car scanner that is best for you. However, there are some key features to look out for that will help you choose the best items for your needs.
Firstly, check that the device you’re considering is compatible with a good variety of vehicles. Dealing with incompatibility problems can be difficult, and choosing a product that works with as many models as possible will help you get the most out of your purchase. Secondly, look for a device that covers many common error and engine codes, and carries ABS/SRS capabilities. This will allow you to make sure that your item will help you with as much analysis as possible.
A device that covers a good number of diagnostic and code services is always a good idea. Items that allow you to read freeze frame and live data will help you take thorough readings. You can also read customer reviews in order to research a product’s properties and user satisfaction.
Luckily, the Innova 3040c scanner incorporates each category mentioned in this list into one high quality scanner. With 20 different types of readings and great compatibility, it is a great choice of OBD2 scanner, and will support you in pinpointing a trouble spot.
Our Innova 3040c review above can provide more detailed information on the Innova 3040 c and its capabilities.