Innova 3030 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

With so many OBD2 scanners and code readers listed on the market it can be difficult to work out which one will cater to your OBD2 scanner needs. If you’re a car owner new to mechanics and looking to become more hands-on with vehicular diagnostics, you might be considering purchasing an entry level diagnostic scanner.

The Innova brand is a trustworthy name that is dedicated to creating quality products. If you’re looking for a high quality code reader, Innova will always have your back. It can read DTCs, show Live and Freeze Frame data, read and erase Check Engine light and more. We are going to give our in-depth Innova 3030 review.

We feel that the Innova 3030 diagnostic code reader is the perfect diagnostic scan tool for the burgeoning car enthusiast or mechanic. With its excellent functionality, full online diagnostic reports, and the fact that it automatically refreshes data every 30 seconds, this low priced scanner is not to be overlooked.

In this article, we intend to give you a detailed overview of the Innova 3030 diagnostic code reader. This will include a general overview of the 3030 with some quick-fire pros and cons, details about its compatibility and functionality, an in-depth look at its key features, and a final product verdict. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the 3030 so that you can get the full picture before purchasing.

If you’re interested in reading our in-depth OBD2 3030 review then keep reading for all the useful information in one place. We hope that this article will be instrumental in your hunt for a diagnostic scan tool code reader.

The Innova 3030 Product Overview


  • Scan tool compatible with 1996 and newer OBD2 vehicles (and some OBD2 vehicles from 1994/5)
  • Shows both Live and Freeze Frame data
  • Can read and erase Check Engine Light
  • Efficient and easy-to-use
  • High quality yet inexpensive
  • Automatically refreshes data every 30 seconds
  • Online RepairSolutions software will give you full diagnostic report


  • It will tell you the fault code but you will have to visit the RepairSolutions database for the solution


The Innova 3030 diagnostic code readerwill function with all European, Asian and domestic OBD2 compliant vehicles and also supports the CAN diagnostic protocol. Provided your car functions with OBD2 and was manufactured in 1996* and newer, it will support this diagnostic scan tool. The Innova will even work with Hybrids, SUVs, minivans and light trucks. It will deliver a top performance with many high-quality car brands. It is compatible with GM, Ford, and Chrysler vehicles both foreign and domestic for the Check Engine light.

*Some vehicles manufactured in 1994 and 1995 are also OBD2 compliant, and will work with the Innova 3030. Check your car’s Vehicle Emissions Control Information label under the vehicle’s hood/by its radiator to see if yours is one of them.


The Innova 3030 is one of the cheaper OBD2 scanners available on the market today. However, just because it has a lower price tag doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on a high quality performance and an excellent array of diagnostic scan tool functions. The Innova has more than enough impressive features to rival the more expensive options.

It is simple to use the Innova device with its quick and easy ‘plug and play’ set up. This makes it incredibly practical to use aswell as the perfect, non-complex entry level code reader.

The obd2 Innova 3030 will perform multiple functions quickly and easily. These include scanning for DTCs, reading and erasing the Check Engine light etc. It also comes with Anti Lock Braking System diagnostic support.

Innova has an automatic refresh function that will update the condition of your car and its data every 30 seconds. This feature will help you to determine the status of any ongoing repairs as they are happening, and allow you to keep track of the vehicle improvements. This helps the Innova give reliable and accurate updates to the user in real time.

Key Features of Innova 3030 Scan Tool

Onscreen Display Review

The best diagnostic tool should have a display that showcases info clearly and ease the diagnostic process. The display is a highlight of the Innova 3030 code reader. Its patented all-in-one LCD screen with in-built backlight will display info clearly at any time of day. It can display up to 25 pieces of important vehicle diagnostic information at the same time. This include I/M monitor status, pending codes, DTCs, and whether or not the diagnostic tool is communicating properly with the vehicle etc. This will give car owners an excellent overview of the diagnostic data. As you won’t need to switch between different tabs and screens, it will simplify the vehicle diagnosis process and save time for the user.

Effective Design

The Innova 3030 weighs around 10 pounds and its dimensions are 10 x 6.5 x 2 inches. Its pocket-friendly compact design and robust and sturdy build means that the 3030 OBD2 scan tool is extremely travel friendly. It functions using power from your vehicle, and it also comes with its own battery backup so you can use it to obtain data even when the car engine is off. There’s no need to carry batteries with you or worry about finding an external power outlet if you’re out and about or away from your mechanic repairs garage. This makes the Innova diagnostic scan tool wonderfully easy to use on the go.

User Interface Review

The user interface of the Innova 3030 diagnostic scan tool is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate even for beginners. The diagnostic tool has three buttons to perform the various scan tool features. The ‘link’ button will link your vehicle to the Innova code reader to retrieve diagnostic data from the computer’s memory. The ‘erase’ button will erase DTCs and Freeze Frame data from the car’s computer as well as resetting the monitor’s status. When more than one diagnostic code is present, the ‘scroll’ button will scroll the LCD display so you can view each code on-screen individually. The Innova can refresh data every 30 seconds to give you an accurate reading.

As the Innova is multilingual, you will be able to find the scan codes in your desired language. This makes for easier, hassle-free diagnosis for those whose native language isn’t English. This makes Innova a particularly easy-access diagnostic code reader.

Live Data

The Live Data feed function will show you your car’s diagnostic code in realtime, and the Freeze Frame feature will allow the user to determine what the engine’s condition was at the time of code generation – so you will never need to backtrack. It can also refresh your Innova diagnostic data every 30 seconds so that you will have the most accurate readings possible.

You can transmit diagnostic information from the 3030 scan tool to your laptop or PC by using the included USB cable.

Diagnostics Review

The Innova 3030 can read and erase Check Engine light warnings and perform code diagnosis. Its scan code tool will effectively decode and diagnose problems with the vehicle’s engine. You will also be able to determine your vehicle’s readiness for emission tests.

The three LED lights will give you a quick status of your vehicle health. A green light indicates that all engine systems are functioning normally, that no DTCs are present, and that all of the vehicle’s monitors are active and performing their diagnostic testing. The yellow LED indicates a potential problem – either a pending code is present and/or some of the emission monitors have not run their diagnostic testing. A red LED indicates that 1 or more of the car’s systems has a problem and/or that codes are present.

All Innova products come with full access to the RepairSolutions database. By simply plugging the Innova 3030 scan tool into your PC using your USB cable (included) and it will automatically launch the RepairSolutions software in order to give you a full diagnostic report. It will show probable causes, repair procedures, the most likely fix – and more. This makes Innova the most comprehensive diagnostics solutions company available for both mechanics and car enthusiasts.

Technical Support Review

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the ASE Technical Support team will be on-hand if you run into a problem with your Innova 3030 device or its repair solutions. If you have any further questions about your device, Innova’s ASE-certified support team can be reached at 1-800-544-4124 between 6am-6pm PST, Monday through Saturday.

In addition, the Innova customer help is multilingual (English and Spanish), so you can undergo vehicular diagnosis and scan codes in your native language.


When you consider the wide array of features available, the thorough diagnostic software included, the free updates, and the available technical support, you really are getting an excellent deal. Innova 3030 will meet your OBD2 requirements and does everything it promises to do efficiently and to a high standard.

The Verdict

Our review should clarify that if you’re looking for the perfect entry level scan tool, Innova will fulfill all your basic needs. It combines all the must-have functions of an OBD2 code reader into a neat, easy to use package. Its handy LCD display will show all the important diagnostic data in 1 place, and its ability to refresh data every 30 seconds allows you to keep track of improvement in realtime.

Whilst it may lack some optional features and will need to be connected to a PC in order for you to find the solutions to the problem, these are incredibly minor setbacks that a first-time user will think nothing of. If you’re looking to read and erase Check Engine light, view data in real time and quickly locate DTCs, the Innova 3030 is 1 of the most durable, accurate OBD2 scan tool code readers available. It does the basics, but it does them well.

We think that as an entry level model, you really could not do better.


How to Use the Innova 3030 Scan Tool?

The Innova is connected to the vehicle whilst its ignition is OFF. The user should locate the vehicle‘s 16-pin DLC (data link connector) and plug the device’s cable into this.
Once the cable is connected properly to the DLC, the Innova 3030 will automatically turn itself on and link itself to your vehicle’s onboard computer. At this point, turn the ignition on (WITHOUT starting the engine). The code reader will automatically start checking the vehicle’s computer to determine which type of communication protocol it uses.
After the diagnostic reader establishes which communication protocol is being used, it will establish a communication link between the vehicle and the Innova 3030. In under a minute the 3030 will retrieve and display any diagnostic trouble codes and the I/M monitor status retrieved from the car’s computer memory.
If no diagnostic codes are present then the green LED light will light up to indicate that none are present.
The red LED light will light up if 1 or more diagnostic codes are detected. You can scroll through multiple codes on your LCD screen using the DTC scroll button.
You can also use your Innova 3030 to turn off your Check Engine light. In order to do this, press and release the ‘erase’ button. This should prompt a confirmation message on the Innova’s LCD display that asks if you want to proceed with erasing the Check Engine light. Press the ‘erase’ button a second time upon seeing this prompt to proceed with erasing any codes from the vehicle’s computer. The ‘link’ button will allow you to exit the erase mode if you change your mind.
NOTE: DO NOT erase the codes from the vehicle’s computer if you plan to take the vehicles in for repairs at a service center. If these codes are erased, valuable information that will help another technician troubleshoot the issue will be lost.

How to Update Innova 3030 Code Reader?

The Innova 3030 can be updated for free via the internet, so you will always have the most up-to-date diagnostic information at your fingertips. This feature also allows the user to manipulate the device so that it is compatible with cars that aren’t originally within its scope, which is particularly helpful.
This model doesn’t have in-built Bluetooth connectivity, so in order to add updates the device you will have to connect the OBD2 scan tool to your computer via a USB cable.

Are Innova Scanners Worth It?

Innova is the number 1 brand of scan tool in the USA. Innova scanners are easily some of the best available on the internet, and they are dedicated to high quality OBD2 tools. Their popular models are top selling and easy to use, and they have different tools to suit each type of user. This means that Innova will have a scanner to suit you whether you’re an entry level beginner, an intermediate user, or a professional mechanic who knows their way around a diagnostic trouble code.
Not only are all of their scan tool models consistently excellent, their customer service helps them stand out from the crowd. Their ASE Technical Support will be on hand to help you six days a week. Having their assistance on hand whenever you need it really is a priceless addition to an already excellent brand.
The brand itself is certainly worth it, but the model you require will depend on your own specific needs. If you want to be able to perform all the basic OBD2 scan tool functions (such as DTC scan, erase Check Engine light, Freeze Frame, ABS) at a high quality for a low price, the Innova 3030 is the perfect model for you. However, if you require a colour screen or the added ability to view DTC severity, consider investing in the pricier Innova 3030h.

What is the Most Affordable OBD2 Scanner?

With this question it is easy to fall into the trap of immediately opting for the cheapest available option. There are so many options for scan tools that are unfathomably cheap but function poorly, break easily, and/or have poor customer service.
When looking for an affordable OBD2 scanner, the key is in finding the most affordable OBD2 scan model that also rivals the pricier brands and models in terms of functions and longevity. You want something that won’t cost the earth, but WILL give you a consistently excellent performance.
Our humble opinion is that the Innova 3030 is the most affordable diagnostic scan tool that actually does what it says on the tin and to an excellent standard. It will serve all your most pressing diagnostic scan needs and it won’t cost you the earth. Owning an Innova 3030 device will save you a lot of extra time and money in the long run.

Innova 3030
Innova 3030 OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.