FOXWELL NT650: Full Function OBD2 Scan Tool with Lifetime Upgrade Review


Are you tired of a blinking check engine light that never seems to shut off?

Or are you a mechanic in a workshop, and you don’t want to move around changing devices?

You may not be the only one.

Lucky for you, there’s an OBD2 scanner to help fix most of your automotive issues.

What is the Foxwell NT650 diagnostic scan tool?

Foxwell is a supplier of professional diagnostic equipments throughout the automotive industry, and they have recently introduced the Foxwell NT650 OBD2 diagnostic scanner.

If you happen to be looking for an OBD2 scanner that provides you with all the basic services and a wide coverage of cars, this could be the affordable service tool you have been looking for.

 Foxwell NT650 review
FOXWELL NT650 Automotive Code Reader Obd2 Scanner ABS/Airbag/SAS/EPB/DPF/BRT/EPS/CVT/Oil Service Reset Car Special Service Diagnostic Scan Tool
4.14.1 / 5
The diagnostic scan tool that offers comprehensive and quick solutions for daily tasks in your garage or workshop.

You may be asking yourself: What makes this automotive scanner different than all the other products on the market?

It is my hope that this review will help you see what makes the Foxwell FT650 stand out among other diagnostic scanners.

First, take a look at this comparison chart:

Comparison Chart of Foxwell NT650, Foxwell NT630 Elite and Autel Maxicheck Pro

Check Price
Check Price
Autel MaxiCheck Pro
Autel MaxiCheck Pro
Check Price
Our Rating
3.43.4 / 5
3.93.9 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
PriceFOXWELL NT650 priceFOXWELL NT630 Elite priceAutel MaxiCheck Pro price
Product Dimensions13.8" x 8.6" x 3.4"17.7" x 9.8" x 2.4"14.6" x 3.9" x 8.7"
Item Weight3.1lbs2.65lbs3.86lbs
Screen4.3” color LCD displayLCD displayTFT color display (320 x 240 dpi )
Live data
Freeze frame data
Bi-directional Diagnostic Tests--

Features of Foxwell NT650 Automotive OBD2 Scanner

This particular OBD2 scanner will identify the VIN number of your vehicle on a large 4.3-inch color display screen with multilingual settings.

In addition to the large screen, with a clearly arranged keyboard and menu you can scan all diagnosable electronic control units, and also display and clear error codes.

foxwell nt650 descriptions

With a cleverly designed rubberized sleeve, your Foxwell FT650 scanner will protect itself against impact and damage, which will make the scanner last.

Functions of the Foxwell NT650 Automotive OBD2 Scanner

First and foremost, the Foxwell NT650 supports the most commonly used services and maintenance.

With 13 kinds of reset functions, this device can help you find the exact problem in your vehicle.

Some of these functions include reading and clearing DTC codes, oil reset, battery rest, airbag reset and many more.

However, it should be noted, that not every function is compatible with every vehicle make and model.

With that in mind, the two special features of auto-lock brake reset (ABS) and airbag crash data reset (SRS) are both available for 58 makes and models.

That being said, some of the special features include:

EPB-brake reset

You can do your own servicing and maintenance of your vehicles electronic brakes, including setting brakes after replacement, as well as activation and deactivation of the brake control system.

In the event of bleeding brake fluid or opening and closing brake pads, this tool can help diagnose any EPB related issue.

NT650 diagnostic code reader provide comprehensive OBDII diagnostics for global OBDII/EOBD vehicles.
FOXWELL NT650 diagnostic scanner supports the most commonly used services and maintenance.

Battery replacement

The Foxwell NT650 has the ability to validate your new battery after you replace it.

Additionally, this diagnostic tool can clear old fault codes and display current battery details and information from your vehicle.

Diesel Particulate filter reset

If you drive a diesel vehicle, this function can capture and store exhaust soot, and help reduce emissions from diesel engines.

Noteworthy, this feature is not suitable for all vehicle, but it does cover 33 types of vehicle makes.

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

In order to do a performance calibration of the steering wheel sensor, you can use the SAS functions of the OBD2 scanner.

You are also able to store permanent and current information as well as clear fault memory data.

Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset

Every time you inflate, change or rotate the tires on your vehicle, with the TPMS function you can program the new sensor IDs into your vehicle’s system.

Internet Access and Updates

With internet capabilities and lifelong free updates, the Foxwell NT650 gives you access to the latest bug fixes, new vehicles.

Simply remove the SD card from the device and insert it into your computer, with the Foxwell computer application, you can easily sync the latest software to your device.

Some additional Functions include:

  • Oil Reset
  • Battery Management Service
  • Transmission Function
  • Injector Coding (limited makes and models)

Is the Foxwell NT650 compatible with your vehicle?

One of the high rating qualities about this OBD2 scanner is that it is compatible with a wider variety of vehicles.

This tool works on OBD I and II vehicles, mini-vans, light-duty trucks, including recent makes and models.

While the ABS and SRS diagnostics are compatible with many makes and models, not every function is compatible with every type of car.

I would advise any potential buyers to first contact the extremely helpful customer support at Foxwell Technologies.

Some features of this OBDII scanner can assist with a quick assessment and diagnostic of your vehicles needs, but not ALL vehicle needs.

Lifelong free upgrade for NT650.
FOXWELL NT650 offers common and advanced services for a wide range of car make.

For example, this tool offers a quick one-click oil reset, however, this quick-fix is limited to GM models only.

For all Asian, European and American vehicles, manual reset is displayed in an easy step-by-step format.

Pros and Cons of Foxwell NT650 OBD2 Scanner


  • Diagnose Common Problems: Supports the most common services.
  • Accurate Diagnostics with VIN: Can read and record your vehicle VIN number to give accurate data.
  • Affordable: For less than the average repair cost, you can diagnose versatile engine problems.
  • Sleek design: Protects against impact and damage for a lasting device.
  • Built by Technicians: Includes all the basic needs for everyday jobs at the workbench.


  • Limited Coverage: Special functions not for ALL car models.
  • Limited Languages: Can only install two languages although it says its multilingual. English is the default language.

Who is the Foxwell NT650 built for?

The Foxwell NT650 is an affordable diagnostic tool by technicians for technicians, car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This advanced and affordable automotive scanner was built for all workshops.

Additionally, with a sleek design, a 4,3 inch color screen and rubber casing that is perfect for all drops and spills at the workbench. That’s why this tool was built with mechanics in mind.

Bottom Line

In summary, this tool offers a simple and quick solution to perform everyday services offered in most automotive shops.

When looking for an OBD2 scanner, you want to make sure you find the perfect tool for your vehicles needs.

The Foxwell NT650 supports the most common services in an affordable, professional OBD Scanner. Still, just keep in mind it does not support every service for every car.

For some people, the price may seem steep at first purchase, but with a large color screen, a compact size and lifetime free updates, this tool will pay for itself.

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