Foxwell NT650 Elite : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Foxwell NT650 Elite is a complete OBD2 scanner that will perform nearly all of the diagnostic needs for your vehicle giving you some pride in being able to figure and fix any problems out yourself without going to the garage, and in the long run, this could also save you a good amount of money.

Foxwell is a trusted brand that produces different professional diagnostic pieces of equipment through the entire automotive industry. Recently they have introduced the NT650 OBD2 scanner into their range of products and it does not disappoint.

If you have been looking for an OBD2 scanner that is going to provide you with all of the basics in car servicing but also covers a wide range of cars at an affordable price then this could be the diagnostic tool that you have been looking for.

You may be wondering what makes the Foxwell NT650 OBD2 automotive scanner different from any other products that are available on the market? This review we are going to be hopefully giving you all of the information on why the Foxwell is one of the greatest options on the market at the moment when it comes to diagnostic scanners when it is compared to other rivals that are available.

Foxwell NT650 Elite Product Overview

The biggest considerations on a scanner are the functionality and the usability rather than how good it looks, or how sleek the design is. The Foxwell NT 650 is a simple and straightforward OBD2 scanner making everything quick and easy to do.

The device features a 4.3-inch display screen and diagnostic apps organized on the home page. The first app that is available to use is the OBD2, the second one is for the ABS/SRS, the thirBRT followed by DPF, EPB, Oil Reset, and loads more. Regarding the design once more it is worth noting that the scanner has function keys labeled F1, F2, and F3. The use of these allows you to create different shortcuts for the functions that you are going to use the most, just as you would with customizable hotkeys.

Overall the NT650 supports over 11 functions with an option to view and change the settings within the device. The interface has been carefully thought out and designed making it extremely easy for the user to access any diagnostic functions.

DTCs and OBD2 Test Modes

As well as the advanced diagnostic tool that the Foxwell NT 650 supports, it can also be used as a code reader. With this function, you can read, and erase codes from nearly anywhere in the main system of the car. These systems include the ECU, ABS, SRS, EPB, DPF, TPMS TBA/TPS, CVT, and BRT.

The majority of ordinary car owners will be mainly concerned with the ECU, ABS, and SRS codes found in the car. If you read and erase the ECU codes you will be able to reset the check engine light, while clearing ABS and SRS codes will help reset the warning lights for the anti-lock braking system and the airbag system.

Throughout our descriptions and information based around the NT650 by Foxwell, you will have noticed that there has been no mention of the transmission system at all, and this is no mistake. The Foxwell cannot read or clear transmission codes but it is still a great code reader with the ability to support 10 OBD2 test modes including Mode 6 Test.

Bi-Directional Tests

If the more advanced functions are something that you are more interested in then the next section of this may be something you want to read carefully as we will be speaking about the advanced diagnostics that are offered by the Foxwell scanner.

When it comes to bi-directional tests, the NT650 can complete well over 10 tests including such ones as ABS tests (ABS Version Test, ABS Manual Control Test & ABS Motor Test), Idle Up Manual Control Test, Actuator Tests, Automated Test, Auto-bleed Test, Lamp Tests, Brake Bleed Preparation Test, Service Bleed, Gear Tension Relief Test and Function Test.

All of these tests show the efficiency of the system that is in the car. A great example is taking the ABS tests that enable the user to direct commands to the ABS system in the car and observe how it will respond just as it would if the command had come from the cars onboard computer.

After this, the user can check the information and decipher whether the ABS system is working properly as it should or if the system needs fixing. The main users of these kinds of tests are mechanics or DIY enthusiasts, but even if you are an ordinary car user and owner there is no harm in checking these diagnostic tests out on your vehicle.

Special Service Functions

Besides bi-directional tests and codes, the Foxwell NT650 can also complete lots of different special diagnostic functions. Tasks such as oil service reset, DPF resets, EPB reset, TPMS reset, SAS calibration, camshaft gear learning, injector coding, and BMS service.

The device will record both live sensor data as well as freeze frame data, and for easy analysis, this scanner has the ability to create graph data making reading your diagnostics simple.

Extensive Vehicle Coverage

This amazing OBD2 scanner can cover over 58 car brands from Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Land Rover, and so much more. Cars from the USA, the EU, and Asia, but this is just for the ABS and SRS diagnostic tool special functions, other functions do not work on all of these vehicle types and brands.

For example, when using the oil reset function only 49 car brands are covered, while DPF regeneration covers even less at only 33 different brands. TPMS adaptation will work on up to 32 makes and models while the throttle body alignment works on around 30, so it is a good idea to research before you buy this scanner to see if it will work in your car.

Overall it is a large and wide range of car manufacturers that are completely covered by the different functions that the Foxwell NT650 elite diagnostic scanner can do, but some models will miss out on a few functions that are available with different purchase options so it is important to find out before you buy.


  • Supports basic as well as advanced diagnostics
  • Can record and playback live sensor data
  • Displays both Mode 6 and freeze frame data
  • Well-built with an ergonomic design that’s comfortable in a hand
  • User-friendly interface that’s intuitive
  • Comes with free lifelong software updates


  • Not compatible with Mac systems. only works on Windows
  • Doesn’t cover transmission diagnostics
  • Some functions don’t work on some vehicle brands

Foxwell NT650 Elite Compatibility

This OBD2 scanner has the capability to support all car models made from 1996 onwards that are OBD2 supported. It is advised to only choose this device if you are comfortable with wired products. The great thing about using a wired product is reliability and they are also long enough to offer full comfort when performing any diagnostic checks, but some people may miss the freedom and ease of Bluetooth technology.


With all of the functionality that comes with the Foxwell NT650, you can complete all of the service and maintenance jobs on your car without spending over the odds taking it to the garage. Jobs on things such as the electronic brake system, including setting them after they have been installed, as well as setting them properly with body alignment work done and the activation or deactivation of the brake control system.

If your brakes ever need the fluid to be drained or the opening or closing of brake pads, this amazing diagnostic tool and read and clear then help diagnose any EPB related issue.

Battery replacement

With the ability to validate your new battery after you replace it the full system will be running smoothly after the NT650 has worked its magic. Plus this battery configuration tool diagnostic scanner can clear any old fault codes and display any current information that is coming from your vehicle.

Diesel Particulate filter reset

If the car that you drive runs from diesel as its fuel source there is a function that can capture and store exhaust soot that helps reduce any emissions that can be released form the use of a diesel engine. It is worth mentioning that this function isn’t suitable for all vehicles but does cover 33 different types of vehicle brands.

Steering Angle Sensor Calibration

When it comes to the performance calibration of the steering wheel sensor there is a function of this OBD2 scanner called the SAS function that can help align giving it a full-service reset. You can also store permanent and current information as well as clear any faulty data that may be occupying any space.

Tire Pressure Monitor System Reset

There is a tire pressure monitoring system that helps program new sensor ID’s into the system of your vehicle whenever you inflate, change, or rotate the tires that are fitted onto your vehicle.

Internet Access and Updates

The feature of having internet capabilities gives you unlimited free updates throughout the entire duration you own this product, this will give you an insight into the latest bugfixes and new vehicle configurations. All you have to do is remove the SD card from the device and insert it into your computer or laptop. Along with this, you have to download and use the Foxwell computer application where you can easily sync the latest software onto your device.

Some additional Functions include:

  • Oil Reset
  • Battery Management Service
  • Transmission Function
  • Injector Coding (limited makes and models)

NT650 Elite Key Features

Product Dimensions: 13.6″ x 10.7″ x 4.7″

Item Weight: 3.09lbs

Supported Systems: Engine, ABS, SRS, EPB, DPF, etc.

Bi-Directional Tests: Yes

Injector Coding: Yes


ECU Coding: N/A

The Verdict

Overall the NT650 diagnostic tool OBD2 scanner offers a quick and simple solution when it comes to performing everyday services that are usually offered in most car mechanic garages or automotive shops. When looking for an OBD2 scanner it is important to make sure that you find the perfect tool for your vehicle and all of its needs.

Keep in mind that the NT650 from Foxwell does not support every vehicle, but it will work on the most common services needed to be checked on a lot of different models. A professional but affordable way to keep your car safe on the road after you have completed all of the scanning tasks.

For a lot of people, they may be put off by the initial price but these machines are built to last saving you lots of money in the long run, and with a large screen and compact size it is stylish too. Upgrades will be needed for this machine to keep up with new cars being manufactured but these come free of charge helping you stay on top with the current climates of the automobile world.

If you are looking for the best place to buy these scanners we believe is the only place to go. Along with the product, they offer in-depth reviews on all of your items from top researchers who know a lot about the automotive world, knowing you have the trusted word of someone with true expertise in this field.


What’s the best Foxwell Scanner?

Foxwell has a large range of different scanners that come form more budget models that will offer a limited number of functions but if that is the only thing that you want to check out on your vehicle then they could be great. The Foxwell NT650 Elite is in our opinion the best scanner in the range, it is at a price range that will pay for itself over time and while it doesn’t cover every diagnostic and every vehicle it will be able to complete most of the more common tasks needed to be finished on up to 58 different vehicles with all of its special functions.

How do I use my Foxwell NT650?

Using your Foxwell NT650 for the first time you should know that it will complete the most commonly used services and maintenance checks needed. There are 13 different kinds of reset functions and with this device, you are helped to find out which and whereabouts the exact problem of your vehicle is.
These functions vary and some read and clear problems such as DTC coding, Oil rest, Battery reset, Airbag reset, and loads more. It should be mentioned however that not every function is compatible with every make and model of car.
That being mentioned the two special features that the NT650 can complete like the auto-lock brake test (ABS) and the airbag crash data reset (SRS) are both compatible for the 58 different car models.

How do I update my Foxwell Nt650?

1. First of all, download Foxassist via the official Foxwell website and drag the page to the bottom, you will see the Foxassist, then please click download.
2.Next, unzip the Foxassist and start installing the software.
3. After it has been fully installed, register, and sign in to Foxassist.
4. Connect your NT650 elite with your computer by USB. Or take out the sd card that is on the right side of the scanner and put it into the card reader, then plug the card reader into the computer.
5.Next click the update icon that appears and press enter on the scanner.
6. Your serial number will then be automatically received by the FoxAssist program, simply press ‘Activate’ to complete the update.
7. Click the “Download” button, Select all software, and then click “upgrade” 
8. Wait several minutes, and the update will be done,
9. Enjoy the new software.

Personal First Hand Reviews

If you don’t want to take our word on how good the NT650 is, then here are some reviews that previous customers have made after using the Foxwell NT650 and all of its diagnostic power:

  1. You won’t be disappointed! I researched and compared it to several different Autel devices, Launch Millennium 90 “PRO” and the Foxwell won based on a list of features. I have tested many makes and models from 1998-2015. VW, Hyundai, Ford, Nissan, and it performs well for each application. The update was easy and fast as long as you read and follow the instructions. For a scanner under $300, this has to be top on the list. I previously owned an Autel OBD2 basic engine reader, if you are ready for the next step up then buy this scanner. I was originally thinking of spending $1,300 for a full system and am now realizing you don’t need it to do most of the work. The live data on this device is sufficient to diagnose problems. The Foxwell reads all the major systems you need.
  2. Even though I have yet to use it, the product came as described. I did plug it in, and everything “seems” to work. (Side note: you need to plug it into a car/computer for it to actually turn on) it does a lot of functions for the costs and its lightweight and comes in a hard case to keep it protected in a garage/car… I’d recommend it!
Foxwell Nt650
Foxwell Nt650 OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.