Foxwell NT630 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

This Foxwell NT630 review will run through its main features, vehicle compatibility and build quality, so that you can make an informed decision for your business. This all in one vehicle scanner is built for professionals, and includes some interesting features specifically designed to assist mechanics and make vehicle servicing more efficient.

The Foxwell NT630 review is a good starting point if you’re looking for a new OBD scanner, or if you’re looking for an upgrade to your current servicing toolbox. Whatever you need an OBD scanner for, whether it’s live data readings, adjusting ABS systems, or just as a general error code reader, our Foxwell NT630 review will delve into each aspect.

Keep scrolling to find out what we think of this OBD2 scanner in our Foxwell NT630 review. We’ll take you through a quick product overview, and then delve deeper into the scanner’s functionality, compatibility and review its key features.

Product Overview

The Foxwell NT630 is built by one of the best and most reputable manufacturers of diagnostic scan tools, and Foxwell haven’t pulled any punches on their NT630 Elite model. The scanner covers everything you would expect from a diagnostic scan tool, including ABS Testing, Airbag Diagnostic Functionality, and Bi-Directional control tests. It can read and clear codes from more than 60 different vehicle manufacturers.

The NT630 also offers a multitude of service functions, such as resetting Check Engine, ABS and Airbag warning lights. This is an ideal tool for when you’ve finished tinkering with the engine and want to get the car set up and ready to go.

The NT630 has a rubber encasing that prevents it from breaking if accidentally dropped, and is dust proof, perfect for car enthusiasts who love to get stuck in. This scanner gives results fast and accurately, and this performance really sets it apart from other ODB2 test devices.

Complete with a 4.3 inch TFT color screen, the NT630 is really easy to use and the screen is clear and legible. This is supplemented by a multilingual menu, so whether you are Spanish, French, or English speaker, the NT630 has you covered. The menus themselves are simple to navigate, and are unlikely to cause any frustration during a difficult bit of DIY.

This scanner can also do steering angle sensor calibration (SAS calibration) for around 35 different car makes and hundreds of car models. This is a very impressive feature at this price point. Foxwell go even further though, offering the capability for advanced testing such as gear tension relief tests, brake bleed preparation, and ABS manual control tests. This high quality scan tool really goes above and beyond what’s expected in order to deliver a really great product.

You don’t need to worry about your scanner becoming obsolete or out of date either. Foxwell offer free updates once a year to make sure that you aren’t falling behind the latest developments in technology. Thanks to this feature, you’re unlikely to have to replace this diagnostic scanner for a long time, and it is a great long term investment.

Unlike lots of Foxwell products, this NT630 diagnostic scanner comes with a 42-month warranty (the standard is usually one year). This gives you that extra bit of peace of mind and you can return the device at any time during this period for a free repair or replacement.

Overall, the Foxwell NT630 is a brilliant, easy to use, versatile and accurate diagnostic scanner. It can read and clear codes with ease and its functionality is truly second to none. The test options it offers, and the inclusion of steering angle sensor recalibration and airbag SRS system capabilities only strengthen the NT630s appeal. For the next part of the review, we’ll delve deeper into the details.


  • Well built by one of the best scan tool brands in the business
  • Great capability with some extra unexpected features
  • Very intuitive and simple menus in a choice of languages
  • Fantastic 42 month warranty


  • The instructions can be confusing at first
  • Be sure to check your car is compatible for OBDII testing with the NT630


The Foxwell NT630 is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and works on most cars with ODB2 compliance. It’s always important to check that a diagnostic scanner is compatible with the vehicles you are going to be servicing before buying. You don’t want to receive your new scan tool only to discover it won’t function with your car. Luckily though, there’s a high chance the NT630 Plus will be compatible with your vehicle, thanks to its comprehensive compatibility.

The NT630 covers ABS and SRS testing for more than 60 different car manufacturers. You can also make use of the scanner’s SAS calibration (steering angle system) functionality for 30 different car makes. This is pretty impressive considering this price tag and compact nature of this scan tool.

The scan tool can work with nearly all cars built after 1996. If you want to service a car built in 1995 or earlier, you’re probably going to need an OBD1 scanner to check your ABS, SRS and steering angle adjustments.

If you need to confirm whether your vehicles will be compatible with the NT630, the best idea is to contact your vehicle manufacturer, who’s customer support team will easily be able to let you know if your cars, trucks, or SUVs are OBD2 compliant.


The functionality of the Foxwell NT630 is perhaps its biggest and most impressive selling point.

Read and Clear Codes – The NT630 code reader can identify error codes and report back on what needs to be fixed or changed. Once you’ve finished work on the car, the device can clear the error codes so that they’ll pop up again if the problem ever comes back. For example the NT630 code reader can reset the engine light, so that you’re not driving around not knowing when you have a problem.

ABS Active Test – This ABS test makes sure your anti-lock braking system is operating as it should. The scanner provides live data graphing so that you can identify any problems and issues surrounding your ABS system.

Airbag Diagnostics – The NT630 scanner can also has test modes for airbags. It can review SRS functions to make sure there are no issues, and if there are, it reports with live data and live data graphing visuals. Once the work has been completed the NT630 scanner can deactivate the airbag warning light.

Data storage – This OBD2 scanner will store data from previous tests, which you can bring up to compare with future results.

Intuitive Interface – The NT630 scanner is extremely easy to use, and the large TFT Color Screen is simple to read off your results. When this is paired with the high quality, rugged design, you really have a great and durable little scan tool.

The device can also complete an interesting full OBD2 service function with live data reporting, and can also complete an O2 sensor test.

Key Features

Vehicle Coverage

The Foxwell NT630 covers a staggeringly wide range of vehicles that are ODBII compatible. More specifically, the scan tool can diagnose issues with ABS, SRS and steering systems from 60 different vehicle manufacturers. This is potentially hundreds, if not thousands of car models. If you want to get the maximum coverage possible from your scan tool, the NT630 is a great option.

For more complex diagnosis and error codes issues, the NT630 covers 30 different car brands. This applies to things like SAS calibration and the impressive break ABS bleeding preparation feature.

ODB2 compliant vehicles are usually American and European cars built after 1996. In 1995 and earlier, cars were made to be compliant with ODB1 testing. ODB1 testing is much less accurate and much slower than ODB2 testing. Furthermore ODB2 can connect wirelessly to your vehicle, a stark contrast to ODB1 which must be plugged in via a cord. Finally ODB1 scanners have to be purchased for a particular car brand and model, whereas ODBII is compatible with many different brands, as we have already outlined. If you do want to use ODB1 testing though, you’ll have to pick up a dedicated scan tool, the Foxwell NT630 won’t be able to help you here.

To check if your vehicle is going to be compatible with the NT630, it’s worth reaching out to your vehicle manufacturer, or searching for your car model or number plate online.

User Interface

The user interface of the Foxwell NT630 diagnostic scan tool is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The bright and clear display makes your testing simple. The code reader is fast and accurate and reports issues back rapidly.

The unit screen feels strong and durable and won’t be smashed if you end up dropping a spanner on it. The TFT screen display improves the brightness greatly. TFT stands for thin-film transistor, which is an alternative to an LCD screen. TFT screen’s are brighter and refreshes at a much higher rate than an LCD screen. This is beneficial as it means your results update faster, and the live data graphing software can be more accurate. TFT technology is ideal for an OBD2 test scanner.

The menu system is also simple to navigate, and adjusts well to all vehicle models. All car owners who speak Spanish, French or English can make use of this device, which is customisable into one of those three languages. Overall the software is very well designed, and has clearly been made with the mechanics and car repair shops in mind.

The large, clearly labelled keys are equally simple to get your head around and start using.

Build Quality

The Foxwell NT630 is an extremely well built piece of kit. The durable and strong screen is surrounded by a rubber casing that will withstand any blows and accidents that happen to it. You really don’t need to worry about this scan tool getting damaged, there is basically no chance of a breakage with this thing. Having said that, in the unlikely event that you do have a problem, the device comes with a generous 42-month warranty. This warranty price is free and included in the package.

There are thousands of reviews online from satisfied customers who have been particularly impressed by the build quality of the Foxwell NT630 scan tool.

Internet Updates

Another great inclusion in the price of the the Foxwell NT630 is the free software updates. Once a year, Foxwell release a brand new firmware update for the NT630, ensuring that it is completely up to date and can read and clear codes as efficiently as possible across a wide range of car models. These is a free lifetime update, so Foxwell will keep your device at the cutting edge of OBD II technology. It is worth noting that the Foxwell NT630 isn’t compatible with a Mac computer, you need to use a PC rather than a Mac. However, if you do have a Mac, don’t worry about it too much, it’s only one update a year and you’ll be able to borrow someone else’s for the update.

The software update usually brings bug fixes and general improvements to the software.

Fast, Varied Functions

As we have already seen, the Foxwell NT630 offers fantastic functionality at its price point. Not only does this OBD2 test tool have great features, it also works quickly and accurately. The results are almost instantaneous, and anyone whose used an OBD1 scan tool or even an older OBD2 scanner will be shocked at the technological progression that Foxwell has made.

The variety of functions is also fantastic. The NT630 doesn’t just turn off the check engine light and do basic diagnostic scan tool functions, it also is loaded with impressive features that will always come in handy at your repair shop or in your garage. The live data combined with the multitude of scan tools really takes the Foxwell NT630 to the next level.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Foxwell NT630 is an excellent OBD2 scanner that covers a wide range of vehicles and car models and provides a range of ABS, SRS and SAS functions that are reported with live data graphing visuals. It is also an excellent code reader, and does everything you’d expect from a great scan tool.

The NT630 is built to last, and the frequent firmware updates will ensure that the device’s memory card is fully updated and ready to get to work on new vehicles.

This scanner runs component tests extremely efficiently. Whether you’ve got a problem with your ABS system, power source, or check engine light warning indicator, the NT 630 will hunt down the problem, without you having to drag your car to the repair shop.

The super long warranty is the icing on the cake for this fantastic device. The bottom line is that its user experience and variety of capabilities make it one of the market leaders in the OBD2 diagnosis tool category. As you probably guessed from our Foxwell NT630 review, we think it’s a quality scan tool, and highly recommend it. Head to to pick up your Foxwell NT630 now.


Is the NT630 Elite better than the NT630 Plus?

The Foxwell NT630 comes in two different versions. The Foxwell NT630 Elite and the Foxwell NT630 plus. The NT630 Plus is a slightly older version than the Elite, but is till widely sold. There are a couple of differences between the Foxwell NT630 Elite and the NT630 Plus.
The Foxwell NT630 Elite can be updated throughout its lifetime via a usb cable that plugs into your PC computer, whereas the Foxwell NT630 Plus has to be updated via its SD card. This isn’t too much of a problem, but using the SD card is much easier than the Foxwell NT630 Plus SD card version.
The Elite also has a more modern and robust design than the Foxwell NT630 Plus.
There are similarities though. They both use the same power source, and much of the functionality is the same across the two devices. They are both excellent code readers and will both save you a lot of labor costs and time in the long run. The Elite does edge it though it terms of capability, so yes the Elite is better than the Foxwell NT630 Plus. The Foxwell NT630 Plus works well though and if it is all you find, it’s still a good buy and will work for the same range of car models.
Check the review above for more about the Foxwell NT630 plus features.

How do I use a Foxwell NT630 OBD Scanner?

The Foxwell NT630 Plus and NT630 Elite are both very simple scanners to use. Once you’ve plugged the scanner into your vehicle, it will quickly determine the make and model via your car’s VIN number. It will then read and clear codes and turns off check engine light.
It then uses its sensors data to give you live data in text and graph formats so you can pinpoint issues. Head into the menus to use some of the other OBD2 Test modes, such as the SAS function and other component test functions. The sensor test modes and OBD2 test modes will tell you all about the problems with the vehicle, without having to go on a risky road test. Check our Foxwell NT630 review above for more information.

Do Foxwell make the best OBD Scanners?

Foxwell make great OBD II scanners, and are maybe the best company out there right now. You can see from our NT630 review that we love the work Foxwell have been doing, and would recommend their products highly.

Foxwell NT630
Foxwell NT630 OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.