Foxwell Nt630 Plus : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The task of flagging what is wrong with a vehicle can be a difficult one. That’s where the Foxwell Nt630 comes in. This reliable and easy to use OBD2 scan tool is capable of identifying issues in car models in just a matter of minutes, delivering a full diagnostic scan. No matter how experienced a mechanic you are, sometimes extra help is needed. If you’re seeking a quality diagnostic scanner for your job, the Foxwell NT630 plus could be the tool for you.

Below, we give an in-depth Foxwell NT630 plus review and go into detail about what functions it features, the pros and cons, and cover some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the NT630 plus scanner too. For those that are seeking a comprehensive review of the OBD II scanner, you are in the right place.

Nt630 Product Overview

In this review article, we go into depth about everything you need to know about the scan tool and what to expect in terms of its features and what the OBD2 scanner is capable of. Before we talk about the specifics of the Foxwell NT630 plus, this product overview should give a clear idea of what you can expect from the diagnostic scan tool.

If you are seeking a tool which presents live data helping you to diagnose the bug in car models, this could be the right product for you. With a high rep among mechanics, the NT630 plus is designed to quickly identify and offer solutions for issues while being extremely easy to use. In a situation where your engine simply won’t power up and you’re left frustrated with no clue what to do next, the NT630 plus is a solid tool to have by your side.

It’s easy to read display which reveals live data as the diagnosis in underway allows you to review what the issue is right away. In addition to this, the NT630 diagnostic tool is extremely easy to use and can be used across various test modes and for various test options.

In fact, the Foxwell NT630 plus supports all 10 OBD2 test modes inclusive of 02 sensor test, ABS SRS system, code reader, road test, and much more. The scanner really is going to get to the bottom line when it comes to the diagnosis of bugs in a vehicle.

With the ability to diagnose your steering angle sensor, carry out a full service function, and much more, this a must-have tool for mechanics who regularly need to debug vehicles. From one of the best scan tool brands, the Foxwell NT630 plus isn’t going to let you down and has an innovative user interface making it accessible for all.

Design-wise, this scan tool really stands out from other OBD2 scanners with a sleek and ergonomic feel. The tft color screen is excellent quality making it easy to review the displayed data while the physical weight of the tool is ideal. Weighing just 3.24 pounds, the Foxwell NT630 plus is lightweight and portable making it ideal for storage in a range of car models.

Overall, the NT630 is an impressive tool with a range of features and capabilities that make debugging vehicles a simple task. With the live data right in front of you, it’s a quality scan tool worth buying. Check out the pros and cons of the NT630 plus below for further useful information.


  • One of the best ergonomic scan tools with a sleek design
  • Has a wide range of diagnostic features including the ability to read and clear codes
  • Features multilingual options for the user
  • This code reader is extremely simple to use and it presents clear live data
  • The NT630 plus is updatable for a lifetime free of charge
  • The NT630 plus is compatible with multiple vehicles
  • Helps to save time and labour costs for your repair shop


  • Not compatible with every vehicle
  • Great user experience but can be a little slow with certain functions


The Foxwell NT630 plus automotive is highly compatible with different types of cars making it an ideal choice for a mechanic working across various vehicles. This diagnostic scan tool works with over 52 manufacturers of cars and will provide a precise and reliable diagnosis on the ABS SRS, steering angle sensor, and other features too.

For newer vehicle models made after the years 2016/17, the NT630 plus scanner is capable of carrying out a diagnosis. However, you will need to update the software in order to view the live data revealing any possible bugs picked up by the OBD2 scanner.

Overall, this diagnostic scanner outperforms similar tools in terms of compatibility with very few issues for car owners. You can use the Foxwell NT630 plus automotive across a range of car models and quickly and accurately receive results as to which areas of the car require attention.


This scan tool is relatively easy to use making it ideal for beginner and professional mechanics. Though initial controls on the Foxwell NT630 plus will take some getting used to, this diagnostic scanner is renowned for its innovative and user-friendly interface. Unlike other scan tool products, you won’t encounter any difficulty when in the various test modes or if you need to clear codes. Whether you need to check the engine light or carry out a full diagnosis on a vehicle model, this tool is able to read and clear codes extremely fast.

With a few simple input instructions, you will receive all the information that you require via live data on the tft color screen. Car enthusiasts will love how easy the tool is to use when comparing to other similar products, with the Foxwell NT630 plus you can carry out all the tests you need without visiting car repair shops.

Key Features

The NT630 diagnostic scan tool is packed full of amazing reviews making it one of the best scan tools out there. High in the review lists for this category, it’s not difficult to see why so many mechanics and car owners choose the NT630 scanner for all their vehicle diagnosis needs.

Below, you will find a list of the key features of this particular scan tool:

  • The scan tool can read and clear codes in addition to turning off
  • It features a 3-inch color screen that is easy to read
  • The Foxwell NT630 supports all of the 10 OBD2 test modes
  • It has a range of menu-driven options in an innovative user interface
  • The scan tool can deliver SAS calibration across 52 manufacturers
  • It features a multilingual menu
  • It comes with enhanced OBD2 mode 6 functionality
  • Check engine light, review the srs system, and is a practical code reader
  • Easily retrieves live data in the form of ECU information
  • Can code troubleshoot for easy diagnosis and data graphing?
  • The scan tool has an ergonomic design
  • Will give a precise diagnosis for ABS SRS and the steering angle system
  • Comes with a lifetime worth of free updates
  • USB cable is included
  • Features a memory card
  • The user manual is easy to follow for the Foxwell NT630 plus

The list above covers only the main features that you can expect to benefit from when choosing this OBD2 scan tool. Depending on the car models that you work with, while the NT630 plus works across 52 maufacturers, the Foxwell NT630 plus works on newer models after 2016/2017 too.

In addition to the excellent features above, the NT630 plus tool is a superb scan tool of choice that comes at a great price for any mechanic. The color display and range of languages make it simple to use and getting used to the functionality only takes a matter of minutes.

As one of the top scanners for performing an accurate test on any car models, the Foxwell is an excellent choice for a brand that yon’t let you down when it comes to diagnoses such as ABS SRS, engine light, error codes, data graphing, and sensor test. It also comes with an SD card making it convenient to store the data that you need to review. If you wish to delete stored data this can be carried out easily too using the buttons on the unit screen.

The Verdict

If you’re still unsure as to whether the Foxwell NT630 scan tool is the OBD2 scanner for you, we’ve concluded what you can expect. As one of the best scan tools available for mechanics, you will receive absolute quality across all aspects when choosing the Foxwell NT630.

A trusted product amongst professionals, this scan tool uses a state of the art interface for easy controls and reliable OBD2 testing. Compatible with over 52 vehicle models brands and able to read and clear codes in an instant, this product really is going to provide satisfaction. In addition to being able to scan in various test modes, it will provide precise information surrounding the engine light, steering angle, abs bleeding, oil reset, and airbag. With this tool, you can reduce the need for labor costs and code trouble shoots quickly and conveniently.

With positive reviews from a range of users, there are plenty of benefits that come with choosing this OBD2 tool. From its reasonable price to the range of functionality choices it offers the user, the bottom line is this is one of the best tools on the market for any mechanic.

This quality scan tool features a lifetime worth of updates meaning you won’t have to spend anything extra on Foxwell features and it can be used in multiple languages too. Whether you need to carry out regular control tests across your client’s vehicles in your repair shop or you’re a car owner looking for quick bug fixes, the Foxwell NT630 is going to deliver.

You can find out more about the Foxwell NT630 plus and buy the product over at


Do you have some further questions and queries regarding the Foxwell NT630 tool? We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions. Whether you are new to the NT630 scanner or are looking to buy the Foxwell NT630 plus, here’s everything that you need to know:

What’s the best Nt630?

While this is a frequent question, there is no right answer. When it comes to choosing an OBD2 scanner for your vehicle, the NT630 is a solid choice. With a range of features and impressive capabilities as well as an ergonomic design, it can diagnose a car in a matter of minutes. Whether you suspect issues with the steering angle system or code trouble shooters, the tool will clarify the issue and offer a solution.
With this said, there is a difference between the Foxwell NT630 and the Foxwell NT630 plus. Both of these scan tools have an extremely good reputation and they perform in a similar manner. Both of these tools debug car models with amazing accuracy, however, the plus works in a more advanced way. Due to the hardware inside of the NT630 plus, it can also cover newer car models than the standard NT630.
Because of this reason, many mechanics choose the NT630 plus as their OBD2 test tool of choice as it is essentially far more versatile. It can diagnose the srs system across 58 manufacturers as opposed to the 52 manufacturers with the regular NT630. In addition to this, the plus model is a newer scanner with some additional functions to the regular Foxwell NT630. The device is capable of carrying out in-depth readings across a large range of vehicles making it great for any mechanic.

How do I use my Foxwell Nt630?

The NT630 scanner is extremely user-friendly with a range of funtions allowing you to easily diagnose bugs in vehicles. While there are different models (including the NT630 plus and Foxwell NT301) they all operate in the smae way. This scanner has buttons that are easy to use and innovative software meaning when it comes to controls, there really is little work for the user to do.
The scanner can be updated each year and this comes at free cost thanks to the manufacturers of the tool. All you will need to update the scanner is a reliable internet connection, so make sure you have one handy when you try to update!
If you are using the Foxwell NT630 plus for the first time, you will need to start by connecting the device using the included USB cable to the vehicle you are diagnosing. The display screen on the tool will then switch on and show a range of functions for th euser to choose from. Depending on the one that you want to select, you will need to use the front buttons to select your choice on the tft screen display.
Next, you should press and hold the read button which is one of the larger buttons found on the tool. The NT630 will then sync with the vehicle and you should see a loading bar which is an indicator that the product is working properly. You will then see a ‘please wait’ message and shortly after this a system status screen will show which will show any bugs in the vehicle.
The diagnostic menu allows you to easily delete and save codes that show in the results. Depending on your needs, you can easily choose to erase data using the arrow up and down keys. The tool also shows live data across a range of vehicles making it a reliable scanner for everyday mechanical needs.
Overall, the scanner is extremely straightforward to use and it is an efficient diagnostic tool and code reader that we recommend as a must-have for detecting faults in vehicles.

How do I update my Foxwell Nt630?

Once you have purchased your new Foxwell NT630 plus you will need to know about how you update the tool to ensure accurate functionality across the car models that you are working on. The great news is that you will only need to update the tool once a year and it is a simple task requiring minimal effort.
Foxwell tools come a free lifetime update, meaning that you won’t have to spend any extra to ensure your scan tool is performing as it should be. You will need a strong internet connection to carry out the updates on your Foxwell NT630 or NT630 plus.
You will need to plug the USB cable into the Foxwell tool and the other end into a computer. Once you have done this, the device will power up and display an update option on the PC screen if available. You can also review any previous updates that have been applied to the tool and read through information about the product via the computer too.
Once you choose to update the device, the initializing process will begin which is usually short but can take a little longer. If your internet connection drops, you will likely have to restart the process again. Once you have updated your NT630 plus, you can use it right away again though we recommend testing out the different service options to ensure that it has updated with the accuracy that you need.

Foxwell NT630 plus
Foxwell NT630 plus OBD2 Scanner
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