Foxwell NT201 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Foxwell NT201 is an OBD2 diagnostic scan tool that is designed to serve a professional mechanic in their workshop. OBD2 scan tools are used in servicing and repairs all over the world, and have become the most important tool at a mechanic’s disposal.

The functionality that a scanner like the Foxwell NT201 provides can really not be achieved through other means. In this NT201 review, we’ll give you a solid overview of the scan tool, so that you know whether it is the right diagnostic device for you and your workshop.

The first part of the Foxwell NT201 review will outline some of the main features of the scan tool and the functions that it can complete. Then, the review will delve more deeply into this functionality, and investigate the scanner’s vehicle compatibility. At the end of the review, we’ll highlight the best features of the NT201, and give our overall verdict on the device, so make sure to stay tuned until then.

NT201 Overview

The Foxwell NT201 scanner is an OBD2 diagnostic tool, which is capable of running all of the usual diagnostic scans and checks that you would expect from an OBD2 scanner. Having said that, the NT201 also features some more advanced functions. It is these advanced functions that make the NT201 unique, and set it apart from some of its similarly priced competitors.

In this part of the review, we break the NT201 scanner features down into sections. The first section will deal with the device’s basic functions, and then take a look at its special, advanced features. The final two sections will discuss the scanner’s design and the software that it uses.

Basic Functions

As we said previously, the Foxwell NT201 OBD2 scan tool is capable of completing all the usual diagnostic scans. For example, the NT201 is an effective code reader, and can read and clear error codes with ease. Whether your vehicle is showing engine fault codes, or ABS and transmission errors, the NT201 will be able to read the codes and help the mechanic to understand the problems. Specifically, the Foxwell NT201 will recognise the error code, and then provide a brief code description to the mechanic. This saves the user loads of time, who would otherwise have to research each error code themselves.

After the codes have been read and the mechanic has completed the necessary repairs, the Foxwell NT201 OBD2 scanner can then be used to clear the error codes. This is an important final step in any repair, since you really don’t want to be handing a vehicle back to a customer whilst there are still error codes being displayed. This fact alone makes an OBD2 tool an essential for someone running a professional workshop.

Another standard function that the Foxwell NT201 can do is deactivate the check engine light. The check engine light comes on whenever the vehicle detects a problem within the engine systems or its components. Being able to turn the check engine light off means that a mechanic can return a vehicle to its base state after all repairs on the engine have been completed. This is important for exactly the same reason as the error code clearing – a mechanic shouldn’t be returning a vehicle with the check engine light illuminated!

The final ‘basic function’ is auto VIN reading. The Foxwell NT201 is capable of automatically reading a vehicle’s VIN number as soon as it is plugged into the diagnostic port. The VIN number tells the NT201 code reader some basic information that the scanner will be able utilise during its procedures. This information includes the vehicle’s make and model, as well as its year of manufacture. This is also a useful for someone who is buying a car, and wants to check the true age of the vehicle is what the seller is claiming.

Advanced Functions

Now that we’ve looked at the standard functions of the Foxwell NT201 OBD2 scanner, it’s time to investigate some of its more advanced features. These are the ones that really help the NT201 stand out from the crowd.

The first of these is live data. Live data is a feature that all professional mechanics look out for when they are buying a new scanner, since it is one of the most useful functions that they can use when running car services and repairs. Live data displays readings from different vehicle systems in real time, allowing the user to really get to the bottom of where there are problems within their vehicles and how to best tackle them. Live data reports on things like fuel trims, engine RPM, oxygen sensors and more.

This feature is taken even further by the Foxwell NT201’s freeze frame data technology. Freeze frame data captures snapshots of live data from a particular moment in time. This is really useful as it allows for easy comparison between different vehicle states. For example, a mechanic could take a freeze frame when the accelerator is being pressed, and a frame when it is not being pressed. They could then compare these side by side.

One of the best features of the Foxwell NT201 OBD2 tool is its emissions readiness test. This function scans a vehicles emission systems, and lets the user know how likely it is that the vehicle will pass an external emissions test. This is a fantastic feature, and can save a mechanic loads of money that they would spend on unnecessary and expensive emissions exams.

The Foxwell NT201 can also diagnose ignition misfires, and pinpoint which cylinders the misfires are coming from. This is quite a unique feature for a diagnostic scan tool, especially at the Foxwell’s impressively affordable price point. Being able to locate ignition failures is an extremely useful feature, that will come in handy during a lot of repair jobs.


This section will give a brief overview of the NT201’s design.

The NT201 scanner is built to a very high build standard, and as a result is very durable and reliable. The NT201 code reader is made of a hard plastic shell, with rubber accents for extra grip on the edges. This plastic shell protects a bright and colorful TFT screen that can be seen clearly in all light levels. Aside from the screen, the Foxwell NT201 also has 3 LED lights, which are used for emissions readiness verification.

The screen is controlled via large buttons below the screen. These buttons are large enough to be used with gloves, which actually gives the device an advantage over a more expensive touch screen scan tool. For these tools, you’ll have to remove any gloves to use them. This just makes the NT201 even more easy to use.

The Foxwell NT201 OBD2 tool is a ‘plug and play’ device, which means that it doesn’t require an external power source in order to run. In fact, the device is powered by your vehicle when it is inserted into the diagnostic port. Don’t worry though, the NT201 is nowhere near powerful enough to drain your car battery whilst scanning the vehicle.


The software that runs on the Foxwell NT201 is effective and keeps the device running very smoothly and efficiently. It is fast and accurate and there is no delay between button presses. There is nothing worse than an OBD2 scan tool that is always lagging during important repairs. Overall the software is very easy to use and is accessible even to a beginner. Having said that, there is still enough functionality on the device for a professional mechanic to make full use of.

Foxwell also throw in free software updates for the lifetime of the device when you buy an NT201. These regular firmware updates usually bring bug fixes, as well as add functionality and increase vehicle compatibility. The updates are completed easily via the included USB cable, which you connect up to a PC to download the latest updates.


Overall, the Foxwell NT201 OBD2 scanner has fantastic functionality, a great design, and efficient software. Read on in the review to find out more about these features as well as the scanner’s wide ranging vehicle compatibility.


  • Emissions readiness test / smog check
  • ‘Plug and play’
  • Live and freeze frame data technology
  • Diagnose ignition misfires


  • Included USB cable for updates is quite short
  • Only one colour available


The Foxwell NT201 is compatible with a huge range of vehicles and makes from across US, European and Asian car markets. The X100 PAD is an OBD2 tool, which means that it is compatible with OBD2 vehicles. OBD2 vehicles are those built in 1996 or later. Cars built before 1996 are OBD1 compliant, and usually mechanics will need to get a separate scan tool in order to test them. Specifically, the NT201 is compatible with American vehicles from 1996 onwards, European cars from 2000 or later, and Asian cars from 2008.

Vehicle coverage is an important consideration when picking your next scan tool. If you’re working in a professional workshop, then most likely you’ll be dealing with a range of different car makes every single day. So it makes sense to look for a device that will be able to assist your repairs for the most possible services and repairs. This way you’ll save time during servicing, and be able to complete more jobs per day.

There’s not really much point picking up a diagnostic tool that is only compatible with one or two different brands, if you’re only going to be able to use it once a month. This is not the case for the NT201 which will be able to help with nearly every vehicle that comes into the workshop.


As we already outlined in the initial overview of the Foxwell NT201, this scan tool is very high functioning, and is packed with loads of great features. It is not only a great code reader, but also has a live data stream, can run a smog test, and much more! In this section we’ll take a look at the best features in a bit more depth.

Read and clear error codes

The NT201 is an effective code reader, that can read and clear engine fault codes quickly and accurately. The great thing about this OBD2 scanner, is that it provides a code description with each error code, which really helps the mechanic in understanding the problem and working out how to tackle it successfully. As well as being able to read engine fault codes, the Foxwell NT201 code reader can also recognise codes from the ABS, SRS, transmission and emission systems.

Importantly, the Foxwell NT201 scanner can also clear the error codes after all the necessary repairs have been completed. Everyone knows that if you are running a professional repair shop, then you need to be able to clear trouble codes from vehicle systems.

Live data

The Foxwell NT201 has a great live data feature that is comparable to the technology from much more expensive OBD2 scanners. The live data function will display vehicle readings from across different components in real time. For example, the user can see how high the RPM is whilst the vehicle is idling, or observe how efficient the fuel injection system is operating via the fuel trim readings.

A great way to use live data is with regards to the emissions system. The live data stream will give information about the oxygen sensors that are placed around the catalytic converter. The live data stream is a great place to look if you think that your catalytic converters aren’t functioning as you would expect.

The live data is supplemented by Foxwell’s freeze frame data technology. This allows the code reader to take snapshots of vehicle information at a particular moment in time. This could be when the mechanic is pressing the accelerator, for example. Interestingly, the Foxwell NT201 also allows the mechanic to display the data in a graphical form, which makes it easy to compare and contrast different freeze frames or live data. This makes the scan tool pretty versatile and useful.

Emissions readiness test (smog check)

A really useful feature on the NT201 is its smog check or emissions readiness function. This function is a great way to find out whether or not a vehicle will pass an emissions test. When the check is run, either the green, amber or red LED lights will show up on the side of the scanner, indicating the likelihood that the car will pass the test.

This is one of those features that can save a mechanic and their repair shop a lot of money in the long run. Doing an emissions test can be quite an expensive process, so being able to check beforehand if it is likely to pass is a great idea. The emissions readiness function is one of the best that the Foxwell NT201 scanner has to offer. It is easy to use and will prove very useful in the workshop.

Software and updates

The scan tool is underpinned by some well designed and efficient software. All the functions are completed quickly and accurately, and there are multiple menu options available. These menu options are operated via the large buttons underneath the color screen.

The software is regularly updated, and the Foxwell updates are free for the entirety of the device’s lifetime. The updates are completed by plugging into a PC computer via the included USB cable. The updates will fix bugs, add the ability to read more trouble codes, and increase the vehicle coverage of the device.

Key Features

Great Design

The scanner has a solid design and build quality that protect it from any accidental drops. This is thanks to its hard plastic shell that is accented with rubber for extra grip.

Smog test

The NT201 lets the mechanic run an easy emissions readiness test, which indicates whether or not a car will pass an external emissions exam. The readiness check is easy to use and is always accurate.

Vehicle Coverage

The scanner has an excellent level of vehicle coverage, and is compatible with cars from across domestic and foreign markets.

Read and clear codes

The NT201 is a great code reader that can uncover vehicle problems from across the car systems. It will read and understand trouble codes, and clear them quickly and accurately. It will also be able to turn off the check engine light if needed.


We didn’t get round to mentioning this earlier, but Foxwell include a 12 month warranty with every purchase of one of their devices. This warranty protects the buyer from manufacturer defects or poor build quality. If any defects develop that weren’t the user’s fault, then Foxwell will replace the device for free.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Foxwell NT201 is a fantastic OBD2 diagnostic scanner, that massively outperforms its very reasonable and affordable price tag. It is easy to use, has great vehicle compatibility and packs a number of fantastic features that are bound to make a mechanic’s life that little bit easier. We highly recommend this OBD2 scanner, and if you think think that it might be the right one for you, head to to pick yours up now!


What’s the best Foxwell scanner?

Foxwell make loads of great scanners that can disable the check engine light, read and clear codes, and run smog checks. It’s hard to say which is the best Foxwell scanner, but we can say that the NT201 is a brilliant option if you are looking for one. Read our review above for more information about this scaner.

How do I use my Foxwell NT201?

The Foxwell NT201 scanner is very easy to use. It is a ‘plug and play’ device, which means you can plug it straight into your vehicle’s diagnostic port and start running checks immediately. The features are all accessible from the main menu, which is clear and easy to read thanks to the scanner’s bright, TFT color screen. Our review of the NT201 will provide more information about the great features of this scanner.

How do I update my Foxwell NT201?

The scanner is very easy to update. Simply plug the device into a laptop or PC via the included USB cable. Then, head to Foxwell’s website to obtain the latest firmware. Once installed, the new update will address any bug problems, and add more functionality and compatibility.

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