Diesel Laptops: Buyers Guide & Reviews

While we’re not quite at the flying car stage of mechanical development, technology has undeniably pushed car diagnostic tools to the next level.

A must-have device for any person operating a vehicle repair shop, agriculture operation, commercial enterprise, or other business dependent on diesel vehicles, Diesel laptops are certainly worth the money. 

In this article we introduce you to Diesel laptops, the tool’s features, and the advantages of using the Diesel diagnostic software.

What Are Diesel Laptops?

Diesel Laptops are specialized diesel software and hardware diagnostic tools for commercial trucks, diesel automobiles, construction vehicles, agriculture equipment, marine vehicles, and other diesel engine machinery, both on-highway and off-highway

Once plugged in and connected, diesel laptops work quickly to scan the vehicle and return information to tell you exactly what’s wrong, and exactly what you need to do to fix it. They provide live datafault codestroubleshootingrepair informationDTC solutions, and with their new free app TruckFaultCodes, OBD code translations. 

The integrated wiring diagrams and troubleshooting utilizes different diagnostics technologies to:

  • Display live data to the user quickly
  • Display accurate codes to the user
  • Display OEM flash diagnoses
  • Offer built-in troubleshooting
  • Offer various wiring diagrams
  • Carry out bi-directional commands and diagnostics
  • Reset the DPF accumulator
  • Change engine parameters

As you can see, there are a range of benefits that come with using Diesel diagnostic laptopsDiesel technicians, truck owners, and anyone that works with diesel machinery are going to appreciate the functionalities offered from this software equipment. 

Diesel Laptop Key Features:

Below, we’ve listed the top 5 key features of Diesel Laptops to help you decide whether or not they could be the right product for your diagnostic needs.

1. Provides Dealer Level Functionality

The diesel laptop provides users with dealer level functionality contained in intuitive and easy-to-use software. You can view live data, view codes inclusive of OEM flash codes, use the built-in troubleshooting wiring diagrams, perform bi-directional commands like forced regeneration, carry out DPF accumulator tests, injector cut-out tests, change your engine parameters, perform EGV valve calibrations, and much more.

2. Top Quality Technical Support

Diesel laptops are dedicated to providing their customers with all of the support needed to aid them in using the brand’s products. With a full staffed room of technical support agents, any owner of a repair facility can conveniently contact the company with any tech support queries throughout the week.

Comprised of both computing professionals and technicians, the company’s staff offer the best repair information in the industry. Together, the team has the ability to solve any hardware and software problems that customers may be experiencing.

3. Laptops Desktop Launcher

As the quickest and most convenient way to learn about the software in your new Diesel tool kits, the desktop launcher is simple to use and a great all-in-one place for your needs. The diagnostic package provided with the TEXA Diesel laptop includes DTC solutions and repair information for just about every high-way diagnostic code.

The intuitive program covers all the ECUs inclusive of Transmission, Cab, Engine, Chassis, ABS systems, and much more for the user. With the level of additional support offered in the desktop launcher, you are guaranteed a fix for every truck diagnostic issue you may encounter.

4. Diverse TEXA Software

Diesel laptops continuously updates its products to offer the best level of repair information for its customers across the United States. As the software is updated so often, it includes more support for older models (1993 and earlier) as well as newer models of trucks too.

This means that you won’t encounter any compatibility issues when using Diesel laptops to bring up the repair information for trucks that you’re working on.

5. Exceptional Hardware

All of the Diesel laptops offer exceptional hardware that offers some of the best equipment seen in this category of device. Upgraded from the Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 to the Toughbook CF-31, the laptop comes with 8GB of RAM which offers double the capacity of the CF-30.

The CF-31 boasts a faster 240GB state-of-the-art drive too and it runs on Windows 10 Pro ensuring the device is speedy and super responsive.

Are Diesel laptops Easy To Use?

Diesel kit products can be complex to use initially but they are a tool that come with an abundance of training opportunities. The company has technicians on hand throughout the weekdays that are available to advise customers of any software of hardware problems.

There is also an in-depth training guide that can be sourced online which goes into detail about how to use the different products. This can be particularly useful for anybody that is using the kit for the first time in their shop. Once you have used the device a few times, it becomes more straightforward and offers a quick solution for just about any issues you may encounter.

Most reviews focus specifically on just how easy and straightforward the equipment is to use, in fact, plenty of users claim it took them a matter of days to train themselves up. And, the great news is that the training offered by the Diesel company is included in your package. You can ask any questions that you need to and receive the answers that you need as a customer.

How Do You Use A Diesel Laptop?

The most advanced diagnostic tool for diesel vehicles is actually far easier to use than you might initially anticipate. In fact, many user reviews discuss how versatile and intuitive the kit is in relation to similar products. 

If you’re learning how to use your new tool, here are the essentials that you’ll need to know:

Connecting to a vehicle

Install the key (small green USB). It must be installed at all times when using the TEXA diagnostic tool. Next, launch the TEXA software and you’ll land on the environment page. You can then select the type of vehicle you are working with.

Selection options

Once you have made your module selection, you will be presented with 5 different categories to choose from. These categories allow you to detail the construction of the vehicle that you are working on. You will then have the option to choose the make, then hit the search button to detect the make of the engine.


The next step is to carry out the scanning of your truck. You will see an initializing message followed by a scanning load bar. This indicates how far along the tool is in the scanning process. After the scan has been completed, you will be presented with the information needed to identify any problems that require attention.

Storing and deleting data

After you have gathered the relevant information, you can then choose to save or delete the data that you have just found. This can be particularly handy if you need to work on a truck and then scan again to see if the same problems have been resolved or flag up again.

Further help

As mentioned, if you need any further training or assistance with using the tool that you have bought from the company, there are an abundance of resources online. From simple-to-follow YouTube videos to customer reviews, you will find all sorts of training opportunities. Overall, this product is definitely worth the money for any repair shop owner!

Why Buy Diesel Laptops?  

As a final verdict, these diagnostic scanners provide absolute accuracy, reliability, and ground-breaking functionalities to assist customers with complete diagnoses on their diesel machinery. That said, there is plenty to be said about the Diesel laptop tools that should taken into consideration before going ahead and buying the product.

Product Quality

For starters, this equipment is completely inclusive. No matter your vehicle type, Diesel Laptops has a catalogue of different laptop kits, software, tools, and more to fit your specific diagnostic needs.

The product itself is extremely efficient and the most recent version of TEXA works across a range of trucks (inclusive of older models built before 1993. Therefore, if versatility is what you’re seeking when it comes to diagnosing a truck vehicle, this equipment provides just that.

Customer Support

While the software may taking some getting used to, the level of support offered by the company’s technicians ensure that you’ll get there in no time.

Basic assistance is offered for connectivity and software issues which means you won’t be scratching your head at how to use your new hardware purchase. The equipment also comes with full warranty coverage meaning no one is going to be left with a faulty tool soon after buying.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressively tough hardware that comes with a warranty 
  • Intuitive software that comes with free updates in most cases
  •  Covers a wide range of ECUs
  •  On-hand technicians to offers technical support to customers
  •  Offers dealer level functionality


  •  Software requires updates from time to time
  •  Customers can only call the support lines during the weekdays

If you’re still unsure as to whether the TEXA software or Diesel laptop is for you, check out the company website for further information. You’ll find everything you need to know inclusive of the product training available after purchasing and the companies’ ethos too.


What Should I Know Before Buying A Diesel Laptop?

Before buying a Detroit Diesel laptop or any of the other laptop tool products from the company, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. 

First, if you plan to work on newer truck models, the type of kit you will need to buy can be cheaper.

Always check the compatibility of the products that you intend to buy as the software may or may not work with older vehicles. The website details information about each vehicle tool so that you can get an idea of which will be suited best for the trucks that you work on.

How Do You Regen A Diesel Laptop?

Will Diesel Laptops Work On My Truck? 

The range of Diesel laptops are compatible with a range of trucks including older models (earlier than 1993) when using the latest TEXA software. With an ability to diagnose issues across heavy truck vehicles, technicians working in repair shops shouldn’t encounter any compatibility issues whatsoever.

Diesel laptops are some of the best diagnostic tools when it comes to compatibility. Here is a complete list of what to expect in terms of coverage:

  • Freightliner
  • Blue Bird
  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • International
  • Mack
  • Sterling
  • Volvo
  • Western Star
  • Isuzu
  • Mitsubishi Fuso
  • Hino
  • Freightliner
  • Blue Bird
  • Peterbilt
  • Kenworth
  • International
  • Mack
  • Sterling
  • Volvo
  • Western Star
  • Isuzu
  • Mitsubishi Fuso
  • Hino
  • Sprinter (All Models)
  • Dodge (RAM 2500 & Up)
  • Ford (Covers diesel F250-F750)
  • GMC (C, T, & W Series)
  • UD (Nissan Diesel)
  • CAT on-highway engines
  • Cummins on-highway engines
  • Detroit on-highway engines
  • PACCAR engines
  • All ABS systems
  • All Transmission systems
  • Thermoking

Diesel Laptops Commercial OBD Scanner
4.44.4 / 5
Diesel Laptops is one of the best brands to be considered as a diagnostic tool for truck or commercial vehicles.