Fast Repairs With No Hassle? Bondic® Gives You That

Fast Repairs With No Hassle? Bondic® Gives You That

Bondic® glue is the patented Liquid Plastic Welder, useful to have at hand if you need to make some quick repairs. The glue exposed to UV light hardens really fast, leaving you with a fixed item in a matter of seconds. It’s an interesting technology that may help you save hundreds of dollars on repairs. 

But does it work? What can you expect from Bondic® glue? 

I’ve got the answers for you. 

How Bondic® Works

The principles behind how this adhesive works are pretty simple, although I was drawn to it because of the fact it uses UV light, which is not very common in products for home use. And indeed, when you buy Bondic® UV glue, you receive a tube with glue and UV LED.

The glue applicator is located on one side of the tube, whereas the UV light tool is placed on the other side. This solution makes perfect sense, as you don’t need two separate products – you get everything you need in one tube that doesn’t have to leave your hand when you make the repair. 

Liquid glue hardens once you shine the UV light on it, giving you almost immediate results. According to the producer, Bondic® is suitable for filling in gaps, insulating wires, welding around edges, or even building shapes like a 3D printer.

After 4 seconds of exposure to light, the glue hardens and changes into durable plastic, and an item is ready to be in use again, which are the results not many products can offer. And it’s one of the best products to use when you want to make minor repairs and don’t want to waste much time on them. 

Key Features

What are the main features of Bondic® UV glue?

  • Quick effect. It only takes about 4 seconds for the glue to harden.
  • Suitable for many materials. You can use a Bondic® liquid plastic welder on plastic, metal, wood, steel, PVC, wiring, rubber, vinyl, leather, ceramic, polypropylene, and more.
  • Waterproof. Once the glue hardens, the adhesive is fully waterproof.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • Colorless. The glue dries clear.
  • Nontoxic. The adhesive does not release any harmful chemicals; it’s safe to use inside.
  • Customizable. After hardening, glue can be sanded and painted.
  • Without solvents. The glue won’t dry out on its own.
  • Practical. You get the whole product in the Starter Kit, so you can start using it immediately. It’s easy to use and doesn’t leave a mess. 

Feelings After Using the Product

Bondic® Liquid Plastic Kit offers precisely this – liquid plastic that, under UV light, becomes a welding material. The first thing that influenced the way I think about this product is the fact that Bondic® is not a glue that holds things together. More accurately, it is a material that can effectively fill in the gaps. 

Don’t get me wrong – it does joint things, but it’s not the only property of this product. You can effectively fill in gaps and even create new pieces with this liquid plastic, which goes a little beyond what a regular glue can do.

What I like a lot about the Bondic® pen is that it allows you to perform various repairs without making a huge mess. No sticky fingers when you work with this product. As stated earlier, Bondic® does not dry out on its own, which means you have a lot of control over what you’re doing, and in case of any mishaps, you can quickly correct them. 

Another thing which I like is the applicator that allows you to perform very precise repairs. And since Bondic® works best with smaller fractions, gaps, and breakages, it’s important to have such an applicator to work with. 

I found that you get the best results after applying at least two layers of the adhesive for more considerable defections, but you have to be careful about how thick those layers are. If you go overboard, there is a higher likelihood of the plastic breaking away after it hardens. 

It’s best to stick with the 1,5 mm recommended by the producer. 

For me, Bondic® performed great when I used it to repair a plastic panel crack on the dashboard of my car and insulate one of my speaker wires. In both cases, I used two layers of the product, applied within two minutes intervals to ensure the product had enough time to settle (although I’m pretty sure it wasn’t necessary as the plastic hardened as soon as I was finished with the UV light cure).

Regarding my dashboard, the welding is visible, but that is to be expected. Bondic® has no color, so it doesn’t bother me, and since it did its job, I am happy with the effects. 

Overall, I had a positive experience using the Bondic® Liquid Plastic Welder Kit. It’s very handy and works great with some everyday objects and little repairs in your car. I would especially recommend this product for those who like to have something useful for quick and easy repairs. 

Maybe it’s not a magic wand, and it won’t fix everything it touches, but it’s a cool idea that allows you to save much time and money on various smaller repairs. Definitely worth having during emergencies when time is of the essence. 

Common Problems And How to Deal With Them

There are some things to be mindful of when it comes to Bondic®. The potential issues I’ve noticed could be summed up like this.

  • It’s not the strongest glue in the market. In fact, it’s a liquid plastic. Bondic® Plastic Welder works for joining different materials, but it doesn’t perform better than some other, well-known glue brands. There is no simple solution to this except to have adequate expectations regarding this product. It may not be the strongest adhesive available on the market, but it has some strong merits that make up for this. 
  • In many cases, this welding works properly if there are edges or textures for it to grab onto. This is something the producer is aware of, and therefore their recommendation is to rough the edges a little before applying the product. This is a piece of information worth remembering, as it might help you avoid a lot of frustration when making repairs. 
  • You should pay attention to the thickness of the layers you’re applying. It is recommended to apply more than one layer, especially when you’re dealing with more substantial breakages, but these layers should be thin in order to provide better durability of the repair. 
  • This adhesive does not dry out on its own, and it won’t hold two materials together until it is light-cured. While repairing, make sure to hold the materials you’re joining together until the adhesive has hardened.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick repair time. It’s a perfect tool to use when you have to make quick amends and want to see immediate results. 
  • Easy use. The application is very straightforward. The Bondic® pen sits comfortably in your hand, and you don’t have to worry about making a huge mess, as the tool allows you to perform very precise repairs. 
  • Replacing missing pieces. Bondic® can be used to fill in the gaps and joint materials, as well as to replace missing pieces. 
  • Customization. You can use liquid plastic and molds tocreate custom parts and pieces.
  • Versatility. Bondic® glue can be used to make permanent as well as temporary bonds. 
  • Works on various materials. Adhesive can be used with plastic, wood, steel, and leather, among others. 
  • Water-resistant. You don’t have to worry about your new bond being destroyed by water or humidity. 
  • Long-lasting effects. With this product, you can make long-lasting bonds, fixing your items permanently or for an extended period. 
  • Can save you tons of money. You can use Bondic® and restore your items to full functionality without the need to pay for repair or replacement. 
  • Efficiency. One tube will last you for a long time, especially if you use Bondic® to make quick, smaller repairs. You can buy Bondic® refills from the producer’s website, so you don’t have to buy a new Starter Kit each time you run out of the adhesive.
  • Safety. It does not release any harmful chemicals and can be used indoors and around your family.


  • It doesn’t dry out involuntarily. This is not a disadvantage, really, but it can be tricky during some repairs, as you need to hold the materials together while applying adhesive and light curing. Only after you’re done with the light will the bond be in place.
  • It’s quite pricey. Granted, you pay more for this unique technology, so it’s not the end of the world – the price is justified. But if you’re after the most effective and affordable solutions, this may not be the best option for you. 
  • The strength of the new bond may vary depending on the materials you’re joining. Some materials, especially polypropylene, are very resistant to all sorts of adhesives and may not be successfully joined by the Bondic® glue. 

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Works with‎Wood, Leather, Plastic, Metal, Rubber, Steel, Ceramic
Special FeaturesWaterproof, Heat-Resistant, Nontoxic
Item Volume4 Grams
Item Weight‎0.1 Ounces
Included in the KitApplicator, LED UV Light and One 4 gram tube of liquid
Assembled Product Dimensions9.00 x 6.00 x 1.00 Inches

Is It Worth It?

Is Bondic® glue worth the purchase? In my opinion, yes. This product offers great versatility and functionality, making it possible to shorten the repair time to just a few seconds. It’s a good gadget to have if you like to perform various repairs in your car and home. Bondic® won’t replace some other well-known glue brands, as it’s not even glue, really. 

But liquid plastic offers excellent durability and can be modified according to your needs, which makes Bondic® a unique and handy product. 

Where to buy Bondic®? You can find it on Amazon or the Producer’s website. 

Check Price at Bondic® Official Site