7 Best Mercedes Diagnostic Scan Tools for 2022

If you own or drive a Benz, chances are you ponder over that question quite a lot. And let’s face it, Mercedes mechanics tend to charge high prices for simple diagnoses and fixes.

There’s a solution though: equip yourself with the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes. In addition to doing your own diagnostics, you’ll be able to fix minor issues that don’t need a professional mechanic. Issues that you wouldn’t know existed if you didn’t have a Mercedes OBD2 scanner.

What’s a Mercedes Benz Scanner?

A Mercedes scan tool is an on-board diagnostics (OBD) device for Mercedes Benz vehicles. It diagnoses your car, identifies problems that exist in various systems and then gives you that information.

If the issue is minor (like an open gas cap), you can go ahead and fix it yourself. If it’s a major issue (like a busted powertrain control module (PCM)), you can seek the help of a mechanic. Either way, the scanner will save you the time and money you would’ve spent getting a diagnostics report from the shop.

Now, the only problem is that there are so many brands and makes of Mercedes scanners. How do you know which one to pick? Below is a helpful review covering 7 of the best from which you can choose one.

Side Note: if you’re short on time, simply pick the FIXD scanner; it’s the best scanner for all Benz models. Otherwise read on to find out how it stacks up against other great Mercedes scanners.

How We Evaluated These Mercedes Diagnostic Scanners

Like with every review we do at OBDStation, it’s important to us that we’re making an accurate, fact-based recommendation to our users. To that end, we evaluated each Mercedes scanner to the following criteria. 

Functionality – Each scan tool was evaluated based on the features and functionality available. All things being equal between two scanners, we leaned on additional features to help us make a decision. For example, if one scanner had a bluetooth connector, that might edge it over one without bluetooth capabilities. 

Reliability – We know you need an accurate, reliable scan tool to help diagnose issues with your Mercedes vehicle. Reliability means a few things to us: that the scanner produces accurate results, that it’s well-made for the long haul, and that the tech is up to task of scanning modern vehicles. 

Ease of Use – User-friendliness is incredibly important to us. We know that many of our readers are amateur or DIY mechanics without major automotive experience, and this factored in when making our recommendations. This doesn’t mean that professional scan tools can’t be user-friendly, but it’s just a consideration we wanted to take into account. 

Value – One of our editorial goals is to bring value to our readers. Price was definitely a factor in reviewing these OBD2 Scanners. If you’re paying more, we want to make sure you’re getting a superior product. 

With that being said, let’s jump into the reviews and find out which OBD2 Scanner is best for Mercedes vehicles. 

Best OBD2 Scanner For Mercedes Vehicles 

Here are our picks for the top OBD2 scanners for Mercedes cars, trucks and SUVs. Using the criteria above, we landed on the following for recommendations. 

  1. FIXD Scanner
  2. iCarsoft MBII Sprinter
  3. iCarsoft MB V2.0
  4. FOXWELL NT301
  5. FOXWELL NT510 Elite
  6. iCarsoft i980 Genuine
  7. iCarsoft M900 V2.0

1. FIXD™ Scanner – Editor’s Pick

FIXD™ Mercedes Benz Scanner Diagnostic Tool
FIXD™ Mercedes Benz Scanner
4.64.6 / 5
FIXD™ is the Professional OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool trusted by mechanics and developed by Professional Engineers in North America.

All the above Mercedes scanners have one thing in common: they connect to the OBD port using a cable. If you want a wireless scanner for Benz, then the FIXD™ is your best option.

Mobile compatibility. The FIXD™ scanner is an adapter, which means that you’ll need to pair it with a smartphone via Bluetooth. The best part is that it’s compatible with both Android and iOS. Simply install the FIXD™ app on your smartphone and bring diagnostics to your fingertips.

Vehicle compatibility. As far as vehicle coverage, the adapter was made for 2005 and newer models of Mercedes. If yours is older, you may experience some experience compatibility issues.

Full system diagnosis. Small as it is, the FIXD™ adapter lets you scan all the available on-board systems for problems. That includes the engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, EPB, chassis, body, EPS, SAS and every other system.

Diagnostic data. While probing the systems, the LSB2 will pull fault codes, live data streams and freeze frame data. If you’re not sure about a code, you’ll get its full description alongside a suggested fix. And yes, you can clear codes as well.

Because of its small size and wireless transmission, this Mercedes code reader is perfect for collecting live data. Leave it plugged in your Benz as you drive and it will transmit live readings to your smartphone. You can then use the info to examine your car’s real-time health and performance. 

Emission readiness and Mode 6. Mode 6 enables the scanner to display your car’s on-board self-test results. By analyzing the results, you can determine if there are any problems in any system.

Emission readiness, on the other hand, prepares all the components of the emission system for a smog check. In other words, this test will tell you if the vehicle is ready for a smog check.


  • Real-time cost estimates.
  • 24/7 car health monitoring.
  • Under $100
  • Up to 50% discount available at the official website.
  • Small size ensures it doesn’t drain car battery
  • Most affordable OBD2 scanner for Mercedes
  • Built-in library provides code descriptions and suggested fixes
  • Can diagnose other car brands like Honda, Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, BMW etc.


  • Sells out regularly.

The FIXD™ adapter is ideal for you if you want a wireless scanner for your Mercedes. Its biggest advantage is that you can perform diagnostics as you walk around the vehicle. It doesn’t limit you to the driver’s compartment.

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2. iCarsoft MBII Sprinter Scan tool

iCarsoft MBII Mercedes Sprinter Scan Tool
iCarsoft MBII Mercedes Sprinter Scan tool
4.34.3 / 5
This is a diagnostic tool that would read and clear error codes. This tool will only report errors and lets you clear them.

You’re going to see a good number of iCarsoft scanners on this list. There’s a simple reason for that: iCarsoft and Mercedes are a perfect match.

Almost all their scanners are made with the Benz brand in mind. And the iCarsoft MBII is the go-to option for Mercedes Sprinters.

Full system diagnosis. First things first, the MBII is the best Mercedes sprinter scan tool. But it works just as well on a ton of other models, including Mercedes Classes A through S, Mercedes Smart series, Maybach, Vaneo and Vito.

In each case, the scanner reads and clears codes in all available systems. It also turns off the Check Engine Light and other warning lights.

To help with your diagnosis, this Mercedes diagnostic tool pulls live data streams and freeze frame data. It also displays I/M readiness for emission testing. 

Reset oil light. There are two main reasons why your oil light is on. Either the car is due for oil change (oil service) or the oil circuit has a problem. Either way, changing the oil or fixing the circuit won’t necessarily turn off the oil light in your Benz.

And that’s where the iCarsoft MBII comes in. Hook it up to the car and it will reset the oil light for you.

Regenerate diesel particulate filter. Performing a diesel regeneration using a scan tool burns off fuel and soot from the diesel particulate filter. That, in turn, ensures that your Mercedes doesn’t pollute the environment with harmful emissions.

The process should be automatic. But vehicles don’t always do it, which then requires you to force the regeneration process with a scanner. The iCarsoft MBII does an excellent job with diesel powered Benzes like the Mercedes Sprinter.

Relearn electronic throttle and SAS. When you replace the throttle valve, you have to relearn the electronic throttle control (ETC) to make it compatible with the new valve. The same goes for SAS (steering angle sensor). Both relearns can be performed with this Mercedes OBD2 scanner.

Maintain electronic parking brake. Activate and reactivate the electronic parking brake (EPB) when you need to change/replace a component.


  • Excellent for accessing on-board systems of Mercedes
  • Works as advertised on Sprinter and Smart Benzes
  • Fairly affordable
  • Easy to navigate through menus
  • Offers all basic and some advanced diagnostic functions


  • iCarsoft doesn’t offer the best tech support for this scanner
  • Doesn’t have the latest software updates, therefore might not be compatible with some 2014 and newer models of Sprinter

The iCarsoft MBII may just be the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes Sprinters and Smarts. If you have one of those cars, you can’t go wrong with this scanner.

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3. iCarsoft MB V2.0 Professional Diagnostic Tool

iCarsoft MB V2.0
iCarsoft MB V2.0 Professional Mercedes Diagnostic Tool
44 / 5
iCarsoft MB V2.0 can do it all-reads and clears trouble codes on all the systems such as engine, transmission, ABS and airbag etc.

No matter the factors you consider, the iCarsoft MB V2.0 Professional Mercedes Diagnostic Tool blows every other Mercedes scanner out of the water. It covers a wider range of vehicles and packs the best diagnostic functions.

OBD1 and OBD2 compatibility. While it’s made for OBD2 Benzes, the MB V2.0 also works on some OBD1 models. Specifically, you can use it on any Mercedes with chassis 201, 126, 124 and 107. You will, however, need to buy the 38-pin iCarsoft conversion adapter for an OBD1 Benz.

All systems diagnostics. First, the iCarsoft MB V2.0 will automatically identify the model, year, VIN and CVN of your Mercedes Benz. Then it will read and erase generic, manufacturer and pending codes in all the available systems.

That includes engine, ABS, SRS, transmission, EPB, SAS etc. By doing so, this Mercedes scanner allows you to turn off the Check Engine Light (CEL) and all other warning lights.

Live, freeze frame and on-board data. In addition to trouble codes, the MB V2.0 also pulls live data and freeze frame data. You need the latter to determine when (and why) a code was registered.

Meanwhile, live data monitors the health and performance of sensors, circuits, switches, systems and the entire vehicle. You can view and compare live graphs (PIDs).

Service functions. This is where the iCarsoft MB V2.0 earns its spot as the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes. It supports on-board monitoring for all available systems, including heated catalyst, fuel, misfire etc.

And yes, you can also perform O2 sensor and EVAP system tests in addition to I/M readiness checks. To top it off, the scanner can reset the oil light, EPB, and electronic throttle. It performs DPF regeneration, EPB activation/deactivation, SAS calibration and battery maintenance. 

Special functions. The icing on the iCarsoft MB V2.0 cake is its two special functions – ABS bleeding and injector coding. ABS bleeding is the process of removing air from the ABS brake system. It makes the brake firmer and more responsive.

On the other hand, injector coding is the process of relearning the injector control module (FICM). It’s usually done after replacing the injector so that the new injector can communicate with the engine control unit (ECU).

Thinking of buying iCarsoft MB V2.0 which is the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes Benz.
iCarsoft MB V2.0 is the very best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes Benz.


  • Complete compatibility with all OBD2 Benzes and some OBD1 too
  • Absolute best bang for the buck
  • Sleek design and easy-to-navigate menus
  • Comes with TF card for saving diagnostic data
  • Can print out diagnostic results


  • Could use a better user manual
  • Only reads engine codes on some OBD1 Benzes

The iCarsoft MB V2.0 really does deliver all the functions as advertised. As long as your Mercedes is an OBD2 model (1996 or newer), you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues. If it’s an OBD1 model (1995 or older), you may want to check with iCarsoft before completing the purchase.

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iCarsoft MB V2.0 Review

4. FOXWELL NT301 Code Reader

FOXWELL NT301 Mercedes Code Reader
FOXWELL NT301 Mercedes Code Reader
4.44.4 / 5
The Foxwell NT301 obd2 code scanner can read and erase codes which can also retrieve a wealth of information from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

The thing about Foxwell is that they have scanners of all prices and functionality. Take the NT301 for example. It’s easily the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes because of its affordable price tag and amazing oomph.

Vehicle information. The NT301 will automatically detect the VIN, CIN and engine number of a Benz. You’ll need those numbers if you’re a dealer, buyer or seller, or if you need to purchase replacement parts.

Trouble codes. As a reliable Mercedes code reader, the Foxwell NT301 probes deep in the engine for faults. It pulls and clears engine trouble codes, which also means that it can turn off the Check Engine Light.

Live and freeze frame data. In case codes aren’t enough to pinpoint the issue, you can turn to live and freeze frame data. This scanner displays both. And it supports graphing of PIDs.

On-board monitoring. Besides codes and data, the NT301 tests various on-boar monitors. They include misfire, exhaust gas, heated catalyst, fuel system, O2 sensor etc.

I/M readiness. While the scan tool won’t perform a smog check, it will inspect the emission system prior to the test. You’ll know if your Mercedes vehicle is ready for a state or federal emission check.


  • Very affordable Mercedes scanner
  • Intuitive interface makes it easy to use
  • Provides code definitions
  • Compatible with other car brands
  • Free lifetime software updates


  • Just an engine code reader. Doesn’t scan ABS, SRS, transmission etc.
  • Offers basic diagnostics only, no special or advanced features

It may look simplistic but the Foxwell NT301 might just be the best Mercedes scan tool for the ordinary car owner. If you don’t want the complexities of high-end and mid-range scanners, then aim for this one. It will scan the engine, turn off the CEL, check emission readiness pull data (live & freeze frame) and do on-board monitoring.

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5. FOXWELL NT510 Elite Scan Tool

FOXWELL NT510 Elite Mercedes Scan Tool
FOXWELL NT510 Elite Mercedes Scan Tool
4.54.5 / 5
This scanner tool for Mercedes helps users to access to the vehicle systems to reset partial parameters’ status after repair and maintenance.

Foxwell can genuinely challenge iCarsoft as the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes. But not just any Foxwell, it has to be the FOXWELL NT510 Elite Mercedes Scan Tool. This is the upgraded 2021 version and it packs all the good attributes.

Full system diagnostics. This is one of the features that put the NT510 Elite among the best Mercedes Benz scanner diagnostic tools. It gives you unparalleled access to on-board systems like the engine, ABS, transmission, SRS, chassis, body and so on. It doesn’t matter where the problem is, this scanner will pinpoint it with utmost accuracy.

Vehicle info, codes and data. Speaking of pinpointing, the Foxwell NT510 Elite singles out problems using codes, freeze frame and live stream data. First it automatically identifies the model, year, VIN and CVN of your Mercedes Benz.

Then, it pulls trouble codes from all available systems, including the engine. You can clear the codes and turn off the Check Engine Light and other warning lights. That shouldn’t be so hard because the codes come with freeze frame data.

In case there are more issues, you can proceed to pinpoint them using live data. The NT510 Elite will show you exactly which parameters are out of the normal range. You can view that data as PIDs; which is good when you want to compare graphs. 

Reset functions. Use the Foxwell NT510 Elite to reset the CEL, ABS light, SRS light, TPMS service, oil service, CBS service, EPB light and so on. Such resets are necessary after a repair or maintenance session.

Service functions. Here you can regenerate the DPF, bleed ABS, adjust throttle body, calibrate SAS, register and maintain battery, service TPMS etc. As you may have already guessed, these are all functions that keep on-board systems in good health.

Programming and bi-directional tests. Programming is not the NT510’s strongest feature, but you can still do TPMS programming. It’s actually TPMS adaptation, which is basically making a TPMS sensor compatible with the ECU.

Bi-directional test is where this Benz scan tool comes into its own. You can activate and deactivate components as if they were being controlled by the ECU. For example, you can turn the A/C on/off, roll the windows up/down and control any other system using the scanner.


  • Good balance of basic and advanced diagnostic features
  • Compatible with all 1996 to 2017 Mercedes Benz
  • Comes with FoxAssist for downloading latest software updates
  • Multilingual menu
  • Great price considering the features
  • Durable construction


  • PC connection drops intermittently when updating
  • Compatibility issues with some Benz models made after 2017

If you’re not sold on iCarsoft then go with a Foxwell; the FOXWELL NT510 Elite to be precise. It has a good price, wide range of features and intuitive interface.

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6. iCarsoft i980 Genuine Scanner

iCarsoft i980 Genuine Mercedes Benz Scanner
iCarsoft i980 Genuine Mercedes Benz Scanner
4.14.1 / 5
The icarsoft i980 is a multifunction car diagnostic scanner and tester which has been designed specifically for mercedes vehicles.

Out of all Mercedes code readers and scanners, the iCarsoft MB V2.0 and iCarsoft MBII are the undoubted pack leaders. But they’ll set you back quite a lot. If you don’t have the budget for any one of them, you can go for the iCarsoft i980 Genuine Mercedes Benz Scanner.

Check Engine Light diagnostics. Use this Mercedes diagnostic tool to view and clear engine trouble codes. That includes all emission related codes. In doing so, the scanner turns off that pesky CEL.

Full system scan. Apart from the engine, you can pull and erase trouble codes from pretty much every other system. The ABS, SRS, transmission, EPB, EVAP, tire pressure system – you name it – they’re all covered. That also means you can turn off any warning light using the iCarsoft i980.

Live and freeze frame data. Alongside trouble codes, the i980 pulls live data streams and freeze frame data. If you want to know when a code was registered, you look at freeze frame data.

And if you want to see real-time performance of your vehicle and its components (sensors, circuits, systems etc.) you look at live data. You’ll be glad to know that the tool can graph and compare PIDs. 

I/M readiness. As far as emissions, this Mercedes scan tool checks whether your car’s emission-related components are ready for a smog check. It will also inspect those systems in preparation for maintenance testing of your Benz.

On-board monitoring and tests. On-boar monitoring involves scanning multiple systems to ascertain that they’re not faulty. In this case, the i980 checks pretty much every on-board system, from misfire to exhaust gas system, heated catalyst, fuel system and any other system.

The fun doesn’t end there. You can use the scanner to perform EVAP system test and O2 sensor test.


  • Free lifetime software updates
  • Compatible with most OBD-2 complaint Mercedes Benzes
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use menu
  • Well-built with a solid, durable body
  • Offers full system diagnosis
  • Supports basic and some advanced functions


  • User manual needs a massive improvement
  • Not compatible with some models, including those with chassis 463, 461, 210, 208 & 202. 

For its price, it’s a surprise that the iCarsoft i980 can do half of what it does. Remember to update the software before use. You’ll unlock a ton of features that are not available in older software versions.

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7. iCarsoft M900 V2.0 Diagnostic Tool

iCarsoft M900 V2.0 Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Tool
iCarsoft M900 V2.0 Mercedes-Benz Diagnostic Tool
4.14.1 / 5
With iCarsoft M900 V2.0 you can have auto scan to check the ABS and SRS status, and turn off the warning lights after the maintenance and repair.

The M900 V2.0 is yet another iCarsoft Mercedes Benz scanner that has it all. From reading codes to injector coding and many other things in-between.

Vehicle information. When you hook the M900 V2.0 to your Benz, it will automatically detect the model and year. The scanner will pull the car’s VIN, CVN, engine number and other handy information that you may need. They’re all important when you want to replace a part, or if you want to buy or sell a Mercedes.

Diagnostic trouble codes. As you would expect, the iCarsoft M900 V2.0 reads and clears trouble codes in all available systems. It can turn off the Check Engine Light as well as other warning lights. There’s a built-in lookup library to help you understand each code and turn off the lights.

Diagnostic data. Additionally, this Mercedes scan tool pulls freeze frame data and live data. You can print out all these sets of data (codes, live & freeze frame) for review.

System maintenance. You’ll get a whole lot of service functions with the M900 V2.0. It resets the oil light, regenerates DPF, bleeds the ABS and supports battery service. Combined with codes, these functions ensure that you can diagnose all the available systems and service them.Special functions. Finally, the scanner can do O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, activate/deactivate the EPB, relearn the throttle system, calibrate the SAS and perform injector coding. You need these special functions when testing and replacing components like injector valve, brake pads, emissions system etc.


  • Compatible with some OBD1 Benzes if you buy the 38-pin iCarsoft conversion adapter
  • Compatible with all OBD2 Benz series, including Sprinter and Smart
  • Accurate diagnostics
  • Can print out diagnostic results
  • Rugged yet sleek design and construction
  • Multilingual menu


  • Injector coding and ABS bleeding don’t work on all models
  • Might not detect codes if software isn’t updated

Like the iCarsoft MB V2.0, this model is ideal if you want to also diagnose OBD2 Benzes. You’ll get diagnostic data from over 22 on-board systems.

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Best OBD2 Scanner For Mercedes Benz Comparison Chart

iCarsoft MB V2.0
iCarsoft MB V2.0
Check Price
 iCarsoft MBII
Check Price
 iCarsoft MBII
iCarsoft MBII
Check Price
Our Rating
44 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
PriceiCarsoft MB V2.0 priceFIXDiCarsoft MBII price
Product Dimensions9.4" x 5.5" x 2.4"1.5" x 0.5" x 1.8"26" x 19" x 6.5"
Item Weight1.45lbs0.96oz1.1lbs
Full OBDII Functions✔️✔️✔️
Read & Clear Codes✔️✔️✔️
Turn Off Check Engine Light✔️✔️✔️
I/M Readiness✔️✔️✔️
Freeze Frame Data✔️✔️✔️
Evap System Test✔️✔️✔️
Read live PCM DataStream✔️✔️✔️
Full System Diagnosis✔️✔️--
Engine Diagnosis✔️✔️✔️
Transmission Codes✔️✔️✔️
Suspension and Steering Systems✔️✔️✔️
SRS, Brake System✔️✔️✔️
ABS Bleeding✔️✔️--
EPB, Oil Reset✔️✔️✔️
SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration✔️✔️✔️
Battery Maintenance (BMS)✔️✔️--
Electronic Throttle Position Reset✔️✔️✔️
Fuel Injector Coding✔️✔️--

Choosing Your Mercedes Scanner

There’s no doubt that FIXD™scanner makes the best OBD2 scanner for Mercedes. In fact, it’s the best choice for a Mercedes car owner who wants a wireless scan tool.

That said, if you want the absolute best scanner for your Benz, then look no further than the iCarsoft MB V2.0 Professional Mercedes Diagnostic Tool. The iCarsoft MBII, Foxwell NT510 Elite and iCarsoft M900 V2.0 all come close, but not enough to outrank the FIXD™ Scanner.

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