Top 50 Best Auto Blogs for Car Fanatics 2021

What are the best auto blogs this year? I’m glad you asked.

Most automotive enthusiasts are avid readers, especially if the material talks about cars. If you’re reading this, then it means you can relate. But where do you get all the material to satisfy your curiosity about wheels?

In this age of internet and smartphones, there’s no better source of information than blogs. The good news is that there are thousands, if not millions, of auto blogs all over the internet. The bad news is that you can’t read them all.

You may want to narrow down your selection to, let’s say, 50 blogs. And, you want to make sure that you can get the latest and most in-depth automotive news, car reviews, opinions, DIY repair tips, and car trading platforms within the 50 blogs.

Well, we took it upon ourselves to survey the many, many auto blogs available. And these are the outright top 50 that you should be reading frequently:

best Auto Blog
Top 50 Best Auto Blog 2021

1. UroTuning

UROTUNING is one of the best auto blogs about car
Home page of UROTUNING

UroTuning specializes in OEM and performance parts for European vehicles. Specifically, the site stocks replacement parts for Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen. The best part is that there are numerous posts outlining how to replace parts yourself. So even if you don’t own any of the listed cars, you can still benefit from reading their blog posts.

2. Classic Car Journal

Classic Car Journal Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
Classic Car Journal Blog

The Classic Car Journal is your one-stop blog for everything there is to know about classic vehicles. From auctions that are near you to classic concepts that were never actualized, there’s always something interesting. Every once in a while you can catch some mouth-watering vintage racing action on the site.

3. Just Auto

Just Auto Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
Just Auto Blog

Just Auto is best known for publishing top-notch auto news. It covers the global vehicle market. Whether you’re looking for a manufacturer’s sales report, the latest in automobile technology or anything else newsworthy, you’ll find it here. There are amazing interviews with vehicle designers and insightful market analyses to help you understand the auto industry.

4. Cash for Cars

Cash for Cars Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
Cash for Cars Blog

Cash for Cars is exactly what it sounds like – a place where you can sell your car and earn money. The blog has a step-by-step procedure for anyone who needs to put their vehicle up for sale. And they buy all types of vehicles, whether it’s a motorcycle, personal car, truck, RV or even a boat.

5. BA Auto Care

BA Auto Care Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
BA Auto Care Blog

The mission of BA Auto Care is “to keep your car safe and reliable”. They achieve most of that by offering affordable parts and repair services. Beyond that, they have a dedicated blog where you can read a ton of tips for auto maintenance and DIY fixes. It’s undoubtedly one of the best auto blogs for anyone who needs to know how to repair their car and keep it in excellent health.

6. Gm-Volt Chevy Volt Electric Car Site

Gm-Volt Checy Volt Electric Car Site is one of the best auto blogs about car
Gm-Volt Checy Volt Electric Car Site

GM-Volt is a dedicated blog for the Chevrolet Volt line of cars. It has real-time news and reviews of various models of Volts. You’ll also find occasional coverage of other electric vehicles from GM, such as the Hummer EV. The best part about this blog is that it has a discussion board where you can post a question and someone will answer.

7. Car Body Design

Car body design Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
Car body design Blog

Car Body Design gets a spot among the best auto blogs because of its high-quality content. For starters, the site is all about the physical structure of vehicles. It covers concepts and prototypes created by renowned as well as emerging auto designers. It’s the perfect site to read if you want to know the current auto body trends and the types of cars to expect in the future.

8. Peak Auto Blog

Peak Auto Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
Peak Auto Blog

Peak Auto is the best source of DIY tips and tricks. There’s a DIY Hub on the blog where you can learn the basics of auto maintenance. That includes things like changing oil, replacing wiper blades, installing electronics and so much more. Better yet, you can order replacement parts straight from the site.

9. Dr. Beasley’s Car Care Products

Dr. Beasley's Car Care Products Blog is one of the best auto blogs about car
Dr. Beasley’s Car Care Products Blog

Dr. Beasley’s Car Care Products is where you’ll find all your auto detailing products. The site is run by a team of experts and enthusiasts, and all their products are not only safe for humans and animals but are ecofriendly as well. They have a blog (Dr. Beasley’s Behind the Detail) which contains everything that you need to know about car detailing. You’ll love how they explain the various detailing materials and how you can apply them the DIY way. There’s additional material for sanitizing the interior of a car in case you’re worried about germs (viruses, bacteria, etc.)

10. Automoblog

Automoblog is one of the best auto blogs about car

Automoblog is home to the most awesome auto reviews. While a bulk of the featured vehicles are newer models, you can still get a review of some classics. There are guides for owning and maintaining cars as well. Whether you want to know about auto insurance or how to import a car, you’re sorted at Automoblog.

11. Motor Trader Magazine

Motor Trader Magazine is a news outlet that reports automotive stories from around the world, with a special interest in North America. Its detailed coverage of auto trading activities makes it perfect for readers who are interested in knowing the business part of the industry. This is where you’ll discover how the stocks of various manufacturers are performing, how the political environment is affecting car sales etc.

12. A Girls Guide to Cars

A Girls Guide to Cars consists of reviews, opinions, and analyses of various consumer cars. Now, what makes this site different is that everything published is based on hands-on experience by women. In other words, you’re getting an honest and practical review of your favorite car and auto accessories.

13. Auto City

Auto City is the equivalent of a vehicle supermarket. It’s a place where you can buy any car of your choice with very interesting terms. There’s a financing option in case your budget is less than sufficient. Or you can opt to trade in your current car for another one. They also offer auto service and parts.

14. Oil Can Henry’s

Oil Can Henry’s make the list because of their fantastic blog. While the main site focuses on auto service and repair, the blog features several checklists for car owners. You can learn essential stuff like what you need to check in your car before a long drive. Or tips for safe driving in the summer, winter and every other season. This highly informative section is what puts it among the best auto blogs.

15. All About Automotive

The name kinda says it all – a shop where you can do all types of repair and maintenance services. But if you don’t want to do any repairs, you can hop over to their blog section for some insights. You’ll find tons of regarding proper car maintenance, tips for buying a used car, how to replace parts and so much more.

16. Ultimate Finish

Ultimate Finish has all the car care products that you need to know about. Perhaps you’ve been wondering what products are ideal for exterior vehicle care. Or maybe you’re curious about creative ways of sprucing up your car’s upholstery. You’ll find all the answers on this site. And there’s a handy blog section that explains everything, from the different types of paint to repairing paint damage.

17. Autoweek

Autoweek has the most comprehensive auto coverage. The articles and videos are organized in categories from news, cars, weekly podcast, car racing, car reviews, opinions and finally anything random that touches on the auto industry. In keeping up with its comprehensive coverage, Autoweek includes both domestic and foreign car brands.

18. DetailXPerts

DetailXPerts is one of the best auto blogs
DetailXPerts Blog

DetailXPerts is all about auto detailing. There’s a twist, though. All the products that are used by the company are eco-friendly. They have some amazing patent-pending steam technologies that save water and the environment while making a car look fresh as new. You can learn all about these products and technologies on the company’s blog. At the very least you’ll get lots of detailing tips for motorcycles, cars, trucks, fleets, etc.

19. HybridCars

HybridCars is the ultimate auto blog for hybrid vehicles. It has all the information concerning the technologies used in hybrid cars. You can learn how these vehicles positively impact the environment. While at it, you’ll find helpful reviews of the launched hybrid cars and some models to look forward to.

20. AutoSpies

AutoSpies is among the best auto blogs that report current news, events, and trends. The one thing that makes this site remarkable is that it mimics social media. Many industry insiders have signed up and are always willing to leak information regarding car concepts, prototypes, and new models. It’s the perfect blog to read if you want to get auto information before it’s released to the general public.

21. My Vehicle

My Vehicle is a platform where the general public can do a comprehensive vehicle check for UK and Irish cars. Enter the registration number and you’ll get the vehicle’s VIN, VLC, identity, valuation, mileage, damage alerts and so much more. This is critical info if you’re buying a used car or if you need a detailed report for your car.

22. RatchetAndWrench

RatchetAndWrench is the online version of the famous Ratchet+Wrench magazine. It’s the go-to site for auto shop owners and managers. It has several pages that explain how to manage car repair shops and people who work in those shops. Additionally, the blog contains all the latest auto news and events to keep you updated. And you can get discounts on various services from trusted shops.

23. The Car Expert

The Car Expert is, in fact, a blog where ordinary folks get all the advice they need to buy, use, maintain and sell a car. also included in this award-winning site are expert reviews on the latest car makes and models. You can learn a lot just by reading this blog, from the best-selling car models to the most family-friendly vehicles and everything else.

24. Fuel and Friction

Fuel and Friction has arguably the best pointers for properly maintaining a car or truck. One thing that makes this site the cream of all the best auto blogs is that it has the most practical advice. You can learn about fuel economy, driving tips, how to check engine performance, passing emissions and car care, just to name a few. Car and truck owners are well catered for here.

25. Car Care Council

Car Care Council is best known for its “Be Car Care Aware” campaign. The aim of this campaign is to educate car owners and drivers on the best practices for keeping a car in good health and shape. You can always find important tips in the form of “things to avoid”, “things to do”, things to check before a drive” and so on.

26. Automotive Training Center

The Automotive Training Center (or ATC for short) is a fully-fledged learning institution for auto technicians. On this site, you’ll find very helpful materials regarding learning and working as an auto mechanic. There are video guides, which include an inside look into the day of a trainee. It’s the best auto blog if you’re thinking of getting hands-on car repair skills.

27. Cartype

Cartype is one of the best blogs.
Cartype Blog

Cartype is for history enthusiasts. It’s the site to visit if you enjoy learning about the history of various automakers, how car emblems have changed, the timeline of various automobile technologies and so on. You can search the site based on the manufacturer, model of car, period in time, standout people in the auto industry, etc. Beyond that, you’ll also find coverage of concepts and prototypes, which is a welcome deviation from historical info.

28. The CarGurus Blog

CarGurus earns a place among the best auto blogs because of its in-depth reviews of newly released cars. If you want to know how the latest model stacks up against its predecessors or similar models you can find all the info you need on this site. Every once in awhile they also publish automobile news, auto tech, and industry analyses.

29. Flatsixes

Flatsixes is the leading blog for all things Porsche. It contains the most detailed coverage of the Porsche brand of vehicles, from new releases to classic models and everything in-between. If Jay Leno test drives a Porsche, you can be sure to find an article about it on this blog. There are useful reviews as well, you know, just in case you have an eye for a particular Porsche model. If not, you can still read the blog to find out what Porsche, the company, is up to.

30. Cars for Your Help

Cars for Your Help is one of the best auto blogs on account of its diversity. Need a review of a particular model? You’ll find it here. Trying to figure out the best ways of financing a car purchase? Cars for Your Help can help. You’ll even find articles on the best car accessories. Better yet, there’s a section for car donations. You could easily get a free car from goodwill.

31. RallyWays

RallyWays has some of the best car photography out there. Browse through the blog briefly and you’ll find stunning photos of cars racing, in a showroom or on the road being driven by the ordinary car owner. It has pictures of vintage cars as well as the latest models. The good people at RallyWays also offer web design and online marketing for car shops.

32. DriveDetailed

DriveDetailed is a blog that contains information about car detailing. So, what makes this blog different from the rest? It has practical, hands-on tips that every car owner can use. Learn about the various coatings for cars, waxing, the detailing procedure, paint repair and lots more.

33. Hooniverse

Hooniverse has arguably the best auto news roundups. There’s always a weekly article that highlights every important development in the industry. Additionally, you’ll find feature articles that review vintage and latest car models. The icing on the Hooniverse cake is a podcast for those who prefer listening to reading.

34. The KEEA

The KEEA blog is for Kia car owners and enthusiasts. While the owners of this site don’t work for Kia, they publish extremely detailed articles about the brand. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they work for/with Kia. There are car reviews of different Kia models, diagnostic and repair procedures, Kia concepts, newly released models, etc. Long story short, if you want to know anything about the Kia line of automobiles, this is the blog to read.

35. The Supercar Blog

The name says it all. Supercar Blog talks about Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Hennessey, Bentley and any other supercar brand on the planet. It covers all aspects of these brands, from new releases to the best models for racing and even the process of paint-protecting a supercar. If you love speed, power, performance, and technology in a car, then you’ll love this blog.

36. Dyler

Dyler has over 4,000 listings of classic cars. Compared to most other online marketplaces that list pretty much every type of car, this blog only specializes in vintage cars. That goes for domestic as well as foreign models. You can view and read about featured cars on the homepage or do a search of the model you’re most interested in.

37. Automotive Addict

Automotive Addict is a blog where car owners and enthusiasts can find news of newly launched models, reviews of vehicles and maintenance tips. Writers post articles, videos and lots of photos after test driving vehicles. So you can rest assured that you’re getting the most honest and practical advice. There’s a handy search function for finding all the latest cars, news and maintenance suggestions of each auto brand.

38. Engr

Engr is one of the best auto blogs (if not the very best) for electric cars. Every vehicle brand and model that’s featured on this site uses clean energy. Which makes it a good read if you own an electric car, if you’re planning to own one or if you’re just an enthusiast. You’ll find a lot of helpful information, including car reviews, in-depth look at clean auto energy technology, best charging practices, insurance policies, etc.

39. Protectmycar

Protectmycar is famous for offering auto insurance and warranty packages. You can get a free quote on extended warranty and other vehicle policies on the site. While there, be sure to read all the informative articles about how automotive warranty works. You’ll find several articles addressing the parts that are usually covered and those that aren’t. There are guides for doing DIY fixes without hurting your warranty.

40. Car and Driver

Car and Driver has a little bit of everything for everyone, including auto-related news. You’ll also find reviews and road tests to give you an idea of what certain makes and models can do. The best part about this blog is that it has roundups from other blogs like The Onion. And it allows readers to subscribe to a newsletter so that you get all the latest articles straight to your email.

41. Eric the Car Guy

Eric the Car Guy is that guy who has your back when you need him, but only if it’s a car-related issue. He has all the DIY guides that you might need. From repairing trucks to fixing pretty much anything in a car. If you love watching videos, then you’ll this blog because most guides are videos. There’s also an occasional giveaway that you can win for reading his blog.

42. Metro Mile

Metro Mile is actually an auto insurance company. But you don’t have to be their customer to learn about auto insurance from them. They have a blog full of answers for any insurance-related questions that you may have. Learn how to save money from an auto insurance policy. Find out why teens are charged more for insurance. Or something as simple as applying for car insurance.

43. Nick’s Car Blog

Nick’s Car Blog was started by Nick Roshon. While you’ll find coverage of many car brands on his blog, Nick has a particular liking for Audi, Lambo, and classics. Every once in a while you’ll find him selling an Audi after doing a massive tune-up on it. And the price is always a steal. You can also check his blog for coverage of various auto shows.

44. Motorist

Motorist mainly facilitates car buying and selling…in Singapore! If you’ve ever wanted to buy a new or used car from Singapore, there’s no better place to look than this blog. Similarly, if you want to sell a car in Singapore, you’ll find it a lot easier doing so through Motorist. Or you can simply read some of the feature articles on the blog.

45. VWvortex

VWvortex is the authoritative site for all things Volkswagen. This specialization makes it one of the best auto blogs because it’s thorough in coverage. You can find info regarding the newest VW models, reviews of new and old VWs, used VWs that you can buy, VW events and so much more. If a Volkswagen car is competing on a race track, chances are you’ll find out how it faired from this blog.

46. Washos

The experts at Washos offer mobile car wash and detailing. You simply book them and they’ll come to you, not the other way round like other car wash centers. That’s great, but what’s even better about Woshos is that they have a blog for ordinary car owners. It has lots of articles about DIY cleaning and detailing cars. Whether you’re trying to remove tree sap, mold, germs or what have you, there are guides.

47. Fossilcars

Fossilcars is a site where you can buy or sell a car. What makes it special is that all the listed cars are classics. That’s why it earns a spot among the best auto blogs. You can browse through thousands of vintage cars to find one that picks your interest. Or if you want to sell your classic vehicle, simply sign up, post a listing and interested buyers will place their offers.

48. The National Motorists Association

This member-based organization was started to protect the rights of motorists. And their site is practically a library of your rights when you’re behind the wheel. It outlines all the federal and state laws that motorists need to know. There are contacts of traffic attorneys in case you get into trouble. And the best part is that they have articles that teach motorists the dos and don’ts of driving. You don’t want to break the rules because punishments can be harsh. And the NMA is here to keep you on that safe side of the law.

49. Green Car Congress

Green Car Congress is well known for its analyses of clean technology in cars. This is the go-to blog for all the tech stuff, policies and challenges of manufacturing, buying and driving electric cars. You don’t need to own an electric vehicle (EV) to get a kick out of this blog. Just reading the news, EV reviews, EV prototypes, and EV technology will keep you up to speed on how carmakers are trying to reduce global emissions.

50. Car Care Kiosk

Car Care Kiosk is the ultimate champ in DIY diagnostics and repair. It trumps all the other best auto blogs because of one thing – easy navigation. You can choose a car brand and model and then learn everything there is to know about its diagnosis and repair. This blog literally turns you into a mechanic.

51. TRED

TRED is one of the best auto blogs
TRED blog

TRED is the most trusted online car marketplace, connecting private buyers and sellers. This cuts out traditional dealer overhead, enabling both buyers and sellers to keep more money in their pockets, while still getting the security and expert support of a dealership transaction. TRED handles payment and paperwork, to make sure sellers get paid and buyers get secure title transfer, and no one has to set foot in a dealership or the DMV! TRED also offers financing options, and can help you sell a leased car.

52. The Mechanic Doctor

The mechanic doctor is one of the best auto blogs
The mechanic doctor blog is a project created by two certified auto mechanics turned vocational school teachers. Their objective was to share tips and tricks of the trade with students but, the project which was originally started as a side hobby quickly became much more than that. Their blog now offers tutorials, general car talks, tools reviews, and many other insightful resources to help other beginner and professional auto mechanics in their daily struggle.Finally, a website made by mechanics, for mechanics!

53. The Spiffy Penguin Report

The Spiffy Penguin Report is one of the best auto blogs
The Spiffy Penguin Report blog

The Spiffy Penguin Report covers the world of on-demand car care from detailing to disinfection, across individual vehicles and enormous fleets. Highlighting the latest automotive thinking, you’ll learn about specific Spiffy services and upgrades, green car care, and Vehicle 2.0 where we explore electric vehicles, connected cars, shared ownership, and autonomy. You’ll also catch some fun penguin updates along the way.

54. Stance is Everything

Stance is everything is one of the best auto blogs
Stance is everything blog

Stance is Everything is the creative brainchild of Ontario based automotive photographer and writer Dave Thomas. As one of Canada’s longest running after market automotive websites its an ongoing resource for unique feature vehicles, diverse show coverage, project cars and product reviews. An endless pop culture references and niche humor.

55. FixMyCar 

FixMyCar is the fastest and the easiest place to get your cars fixed, wherever you are. Our certified and trusted mobile mechanics will come to you with all the tools and equipment needed to get your car fixed by providing a Contact-free Repair. They provide almost 80% of the services in a mobile setting except heavy jobs like motor/transmission swaps. Their experienced mechanics go through a background check and will save you around 20-30% compared to shops while you stay safe at home, 7 days a week, 9 am – 9 pm with a 12,000 mile | 12 months warranty.

56. The View Through The Windshield

The View Through The Windshield’ blog consists of things that interest us (especially automotive stuff), including the occasional news article which We find significant, humorous and/or ironic. The blog has been active since May 2004. New posts are added multiple times per week. Typically, They publish 12-14,000 words per month.

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