TJ Frearson

TJ Frearson is the owner of Carpenter Lane Garage. Carpenter Lane Garage, situated in West Mount Airy, Philadelphia, has been a family-owned establishment for multiple generations.

Carpenter Lane Garage is a family owned business that has been in the West Mount Airy location of Philadelphia for multi-generations. We are a small business serving all of your auto needs.

Dave, TJ’s dad, bought this property in 1983. He grew up just 2 houses down and remembered walking past the garage every day as a young boy in awe of the shop and fascinated by the cars. After he had moved to start his own family, hearing that this property was for sale, he had to immediately buy it. TJ started working for his dad at the shop at a young age and just like his dad, he fell in love with it. He is extremely proud to be following in his dad’s footsteps and keeping his dream alive.