Aiden McClave

Aiden is one of our authors at OBD Station and has a passion for modifying his own vehicles.

Aiden is the oldest of Dan McClave’s three sons and carries on the tradition of their families love of cars.  Aiden is a college student currently studying Entrepreneurship and Sales at High Point University.  At 16 years old Aiden bought his first car (a Subaru WRX) with the money he made working at their local mechanic’s shop.  He always had a knack for how things worked and is very creative & curious about how to get the most out of his car.  Aiden’s viewpoint and analysis of our products is different at times than our own, but that’s because he 100% is looking at what he would want to use for his own vehicle.  We value Aiden’s input very much and he adds a dimension to our team that is tremendously valuable.