Autel Ts508 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

Whether you’re a new customer to Autel or a loyal purchaser, this review will provide a comprehensive and easily understandable outline of the Autel ts-508 in this TS508 review. As any professional will know, Autel are a leading company in the production of car diagnostic tools. Unsurprisingly, their latest offering does not let them down.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is an electronic system which monitors the air pressure within a vehicles pneumatic tires. Indeed, a TPMS tool is an essential item in anyone’s toolbox. Why? Well, the risk of tire blow-out can pose serious dangers. Tire blow-out can be caused by multiple factors such as under inflation, high tire temperature, ageing, speeding or even an overloaded car. As such, even basic TPMS is crucial to ensure your vehicle is road-worthy.

As you’ll see in this Autel ts508 review, the product is a convenient service tool which simplifies the process of maintaining good TPMS health condition. It makes functions such as diagnostics, relearn and sensor programming easily accessible. Whether you require a basic TPMS service or have more complicated problems, the Autel ts508 TPMS with its two function modes, easy to use push button navigation and large display screen, make TPMS services straight forward.

In this Autel ts508 review, we’ll take you through an in-depth description of the tool, the pros and cons, delve deep into its functionality and compatibility as well as answer some FAQ’s – making your life a little easier. Read on to find out why we recommend the Autel TS508 for those looking to conduct TPMS servicing at-home or professionally, using a service tool.

Autel Ts508 TPMS Product Overview

The Autel Ts508 is an innovative TPMS diagnostic and service tool. Made with professionals in mind, this TPMS tool is perfect for any car enthusiast. The Autel Ts508 works by activating TPMS sensors to check, diagnose and even correct problems. With a user-friendly interface, this tool is recommended for at-home use by professionals and non-professionals alike.

The Autel ts508 TPMS boasts a TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi), meaning it provides relatively clear un-pixelated images on a large display screen. Alongside the easy-to-use display screen, the Autel ts508 has a convenient push-button navigation system which allows users to easily select the relevant functions from the on-screen display menu. The push-button navigation has four directional scroll arrows, Y (yes) and N (no) buttons alongside a question mark-labelled button to help solve any queries. Designed with users in mind, it can provide audible responses to the visual on-screen responses. Also accompanied by a helpful user manual, you will be ready to use your Ts508 in no time. Such accessible design, without compromising on performance, means this TPMS tool is great for professionals and DIYers alike.

Construction wise, this tool, like all of Autel’s offerings, is well-designed and made to last. Ergonomically designed with durable black rubber protection encasing the tool and a protective carry case, you won’t need to worry about it being damaged in your tool kit. Measuring at 7.96″ x 4.20″ x 1.48″ and weighing a mere 0.4kg, this device is completely portable.

In terms of the tool’s power, it has a 3.7 V Li-polymer rechargeable battery with 3200 mAh (milliamp hour). Put simply, the mAh refers to the energy capacity of the battery; the greater the mAh, the longer the life of the battery. The auto-off feature also helps preserve the battery level. As such, this model has a relatively long battery life, which saves you having to frequently recharge it between uses. It is simply recommended that you charge your MaxiTPMS for around 2 hours prior to first use.

With Autel’s focus on durability, it is no surprise that the Autel ts508 TPMS comes with free lifetime software updates and a one-year warranty service.

Here’s our quick review of the positives and negatives:


  • Two Modes: Quick Mode and Advanced Mode
  • Large display screen
  • Lifetime free software update
  • One-year warranty service
  • Comprehensive coverage of domestic, European and Asian car models.


  • Expensive (but relatively affordable given the professional services the tool provides)
  • Difficult to install software updates which are necessary for some newer model vehicles

Autel Ts508 Compatibility

For DIYers, it is important to ascertain whether your vehicle is compatible with the Autel ts508 before making a purchase. These products are compatible with TPMS-equipped vehicles, meaning it is suited to most domestic, European and Asian market cars. Fortunately, you can easily check vehicle compatibility on Autel’s website.

The comprehensive vehicle coverage also means this tool is well-suited to car mechanics who work on a wide-range of cars. Having a versatile scanner is an important consideration, allowing you to utilise your Autel ts508 TPMS on multiple jobs.

The free lifetime software updates mean that newer car codes can also be easily added to the Autel ts508 TPMS. Luckily, software updates can be easily installed with a good internet connection, the provided usb cable and your computer. All you need to do is register your device on the Autel website, and then off you go.

Even better, the device comes well equipped with a multilingual menu. So, if English is not your preferred language, you can easily choose a different language from the menu options. Popular languages such as French, German, Spanish and many more are all supported by the device.

Autel Ts508 Functionality

The Autel ts508 TPMS has two function modes – Quick Mode and Advanced Mode. Contrary to the names’ suggestion, the difference between these two options is not speed. Quick Mode focuses on more basicTPMS jobs. For example, it can check and program sensors, i.e, MX-sensor programming. On the other hand, advanced mode not only checks TPMS sensors and programs MX sensors but also can run sensor position relearn. In addition, Advanced Mode can perform TPMS diagnosis which allows you to quickly and easily discover problems with the rotation of the vehicles wheels, sensor issues or tire deflation.

A great feature of these service options is the sensor position relearn functions. Relearn procedures are required after a service has been conducted on a vehicles’ TPMS system such as a new sensor ID or a rotation of the wheel. It’s a mandatory procedure to ensure that any replacement TPMS sensor works correctly. There are three types of relearn procedures: auto relearn, stationary or OBD II-relearn function. This device can perform all three sensor position relearn procedures. However, stationary or auto relearn can both be complicated and time-consuming, as well as vehicle specific. OBD II works by the Autel ts508 transferring new sensor IDs to your car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit). This function is particularly useful for car technicians, saving them time and difficulty. In addition, through reading TPMS fault codes to check and diagnose problems, relearn can also erase faulty TPMS system codes where necessary.

Moreover, the device can read key fob signals. Nowadays keyless remotes are more and more common. However, there is the risk of them suddenly not working or becoming less responsible. The ability to check its signals is a handy extra diagnostic tool, especially given the wear and tear our keys can go through.

Autel’s tool also offers the option to program your sensors. For brief context, Autel created the MX-Sensor which acts as a universally programmable TPMS sensor. In conjunction with the Autel ts508, your MX-Sensors can be programmed for any vehicle to replace faulty sensors. The MaxiTPMS can program the sensors quickly, saving the expense of more costly diagnostic equipment. Sensor Programs can be conducted by a multitude of options such as copy by manual input, copy by OBD (On-board diagnostics), copy by activation or auto-create. You can program sensors with both Quick Mode and Advanced Mode. However, the programming options available depends upon which of the servicing types you choose to use. Copy by OBD, available in Advanced Mode, is an ideal option as it is often the most effective. For this, you must connect your tool with the OBD2 cable.

Once connected you place your new sensor by the tool, select the tire and ID to be copied, and then it will program your sensors; It simply copies the ID stored in the ECU. With copy by activation, the Autel ts508 will copy the original sensor ID into the new MX sensors. Copy by manual input works by manually inputing the original OE (Original Equipment) sensor ID into the MaxiTPMS. You simply enter the original sensor ID, and then program it into your Autel sensors. With Auto Create, the device will generate a new ID for up to 16 new Autel sensors. However, Auto Create must be followed by relearn procedure to ensure any newly programmed sensor ID functions correctly.

As you’ll read above, it’s so easy to conduct Sensor ID relearning with the available functions, such as allowing you to clone TPMS sensors.

Key Features of the Autel maxitpms ts508

After our review of the functionality and compatibility of the autel ts508, we’ve rounded up our top five features which make it better than other tools on the market.

1 Print Data

A helpful feature of the Autel MaxiTPMS ts508 is its ability to print data. With the use of the USB cable adaptor – which comes alongside an OBD2 cable-, users can easily connect their device to their computer to print relevant data. The Print Data function is particularly useful for DIYers; it will help them share diagnostics with car mechanics.

After you have finished with your TPMS test, you can convert the stored data into an easily shareable HTML file. Simply connect the MaxiTPMS to your computer with your USB cable and it should open up an Internet Window Tab. From there, simply double=click on the files you wish to save.

2 Two Modes

As previously mentioned, the Autel MaxiTPMS ts508, unlike any other Autel tools, comes equipped with two functions – Quick Mode and Advanced Mode. Through offering two alternative service modes, Autel has made TPMS service modes function smarter and more effective than ever with this TPMS tool. Its programming otpions contained within MX sensor programming, as well as its other functions, are highly superior.

Quick Mode performs basic TPMS such as:

  • Activate TPMS Sensors
  • Read Sensor ID, Temperature, Pressure
  • Read Sensors Battery Condition
  • OE Sensors Information
  • Program MX-Sensor
  • Auto Create: Batch Program 1-16 M X-Sensors

Advanced Mode functions include:

  • All Quick Mode functions
  • View TPMS faults
  • Read and Erase TPMS Codes
  • Program MX-Sensors by Copying ECU ID
  • Relearn Procedure Guide
  • OBD-II Relearn

3 Portable and User-Friendly Design

The portable and protective design of this device, compared to other devices, is another attraction. It measures 8 x 4 x 1.5 inches, making it incredibly compact. And at only 0.4 kg, you’ll be hard put to find another one of your tools which is as lightweight as this. Furthermore, its durable rubber encasing and protective carry case ensures your Autel device remains in top condition. Such portability and durability makes this perfect for on the job.

Alongside its excellent design specifications, the intuitive interface means this is easier to user than other devices. It features a large color display screen with step-by-step onscreen instructions which are easily navigated by the push-button design and the option of audible instructions. In fact, with such user-friendly design, the extensive user manual is hardly needed. The additional accessories included with purchase, such as a USB cable and OBD2 cable, mean you are well equipped to utilise all the features.

4 Compatibility

As already discussed earlier in this review, the Autel ts508 is compatible with a wide range of car, including domestic, European and Asian models. Even better, newer models are regularly added to Autel’s coverage via software updates.

5 One-year Warranty

The one year warranty that Autel include helps make this TPMS number, despite its expense, a worry-free purchase. Customers can easily get their device repaired or replaced if it shows any defects within the first year of purchase.

The Ts508 Final Verdict

Overall, the Autel MaxiTPMS ts508 is a brilliant TPMS tool that is needed in any car enthusiasts’ toolbox. From our review, our favourite aspect has to be the choice of servicing modes. Quick Mode and Advanced Mode facilitate quick, effective and smart TPMS repairs by allowing users to prioritise certain TPMS repairs based on their individual TPMS system issues.

With Quick Mode you can perform basic TPMS diagnostic and repair services quickly and effectively.

Meanwhile, Advanced Mode allows even the most inexperienced to conduct more complex service modes; For example, you can program sensors, specifically M X sensor programming, via copy by manual input, OBD2, activation and AutoCreate. Likewise, sensor ID relearning is easily conducted, which is particularly effective with the OBD2 sensor poisitorelearn mode to transfer new sensor position ID to your vehicles ECU. The sensor ID relearning functions are clearly easy to use, with these service modes.

Ergonomically designed and accompanied by a multitude of useful accessories (USB, carry case, OBD2 Cable) this tool doesn’t compromise on function. The high-quality color display alongside the intuitive interface means you’ll be conducting advanced mode TPMS tasks and even TPMS repairs with ease.

With lifetime free software updates and a one-year warranty, you can rest assured that this TPMS tool is a worthwhile investment. If this review has made you think this could be the tool for you, simply head over to to get your hands on the Autel MaxiTPMS Ts508.


How do I use my Autel Ts508?

As we’ve well established within this review, this tool is incredibly user-friendly. Even without using the handbook, you’ll easily be able to get started due to the step-by-step onscreen instructions. Nevertheless, the Autel user manual contains all the relevant information in an accessible format to ensure you can utilise all available features.
After charging your device, simply power up the tool by pressing the Power button (bottom right-hand corner), and the Main Menu will appear onscreen.
Under the ‘Setting’ option you can easily set the chosen language, unit of pressure/temperature/distance or ID format.
Any initial errors you may encounter with your TPMS tool can be easily resolved in the manual’s troubleshooting guide.

How do I update my Autel Ts508?

With free lifetime software updates, cost is not a worry. Luckily, neither is ease. It is very simple to update your Autel Ts508.
Firstly, you must register your tool on the Autel website ( All you’ll need is your account ID and your product’s specifications.
Using your computer, you will need to run Autel Update. This programme allows customers to easily identify the available update types for your tool. From this point on, there is the option of a ‘Batch Update’, i.e., selecting and then downloading multiple update items. Alternatively, you can do a ‘Single Update’ where you simply install the relevant item from the software update options.

Does MaxiTPMS TS508 need updating?

Autel are frequently releasing new software for their devices, which you can easily discover on their website. While this may seem inconvenient, it actually makes your tool more effective. For example, in recent updates they have expanded their OBD function for a wider range of vehicles. Moreover, Autel’s software updates often focus on making your tool faster and more powerful. Undertaking regular updates therefore increase your tool’s versatility and usability.

Autel Ts508
Autel Ts508 OBD2 Scanner
4.54.5 / 5
It is one of the popular brands considered as a diagnostic tool for vehicles.