10 Best Autel Scan Tools for DIY Mechanics AND Pros in 2023

High-quality OBD2 scanners are an essential part of any mechanics’ tool kit. However, with so many brands available, the question is – which one is the best?

My answer here is Autel Scanners.

Autel scan tools bring to the table what most car diagnostic scanners cannot. They have high compatibility, offer great features, and can connect to most vehicles.

I’ve used Autel OBD2 scanners for quite some time now, and they have never failed me. And if you’re considering buying one yourself, I’ve compiled a list of the best Autel scan tools to help you narrow your search. 

My Top Autel Picks to Buy in 2023

Below is a quick comparison table of my 3 favorite Autel scanners:

ModelMy RatingKey FeaturesPrice
1. AL619 Autolink OBD2 ScannerAutuelAL6194.9/5– professional ABS, SRS diagnostics- complete OBD2 diagnostics- multiple language supportBuy on Amazon
2. AL519 Enhanced OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool with Mode 6AutuelAL5194.8/5– complete OBD2 diagnostics- live 02 sensor test data- multilingual supportBuy on Amazon
3. Maxicom MK808 All-System Scanner and Key ProgrammerAutuelMK80804.8/5– bi-directional control active test- full OBD2 functions- multilingual supportBuy on Amazon

Also on my list:

  • AutoLink AL319 OBDII Code Reader and Service Tool
  • MaxiLink ML619 ABS SRS MIL CAN OBD2 Scanner
  • MK908P Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner and Programming Tool
  • MS906 Professional Automotive Diagnostic Tool with ECU Coding
  • MD808 Pro All System Car Diagnostic Tool
  • AL539 Full System Diagnostic Scanner
  • AutoLink AL329 OBD2 Reader

The complete list with full reviews below.

10 Best Autel Scanners – Consumer’s Reviews

1. Autel AL619 Autolink OBD2 Scanner – Editor’s Pick

Autel AL619
Autel AL619 Autolink OBD2 Scanner
4.14.1 / 5
The AutoLink AL619 scan tool is built to help you determine why the Check Engine Light, ABS, or SRS warning lights are on for over 50 different vehicle manufacturers. The tool offers the same features as our AL609, but comes with the added benefits of SRS system diagnosis, code reading & clearing.

My top pick is the Autel AL619 Autolink – an excellent option for an advanced home mechanic. It offers a wide range of features and compatibility options while remaining reasonably affordable. 

It comes with all the features you can require from an OBD2 scanner, such as reading OBD codes, running an ABS/SRS diagnostic, running an O2 sensor test, or reading PCM live data.

I also found it very straightforward to use. It provided me with a lot of information in an organized and clear way. I especially like the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) Lookup feature. It allows you to quickly check specific information concerning the codes to know what the problem is. 


AL619 supports 1996 and newer domestic, Asian, and European vehicles that are OBD2-supported. 

The supported brands include Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Renault, Land rover, Jaguar, and more.

Product Specifications

Weight2.05 pounds
Dimensions7.83 x 4.11 x 1.48 in

Pros and Cons

+ Straightforward to use
+ Affordable
+ Comes with cool advanced options, e.g., reading and clearing ABS and SRS warning lights
+ DTC Lookup feature
– Doesn’t work on hybrid vehicles
– Doesn’t support GM cars newer than 2013
– It isn’t wireless

The Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an affordable yet advanced OBD2 scanner, Autel AL619 is definitely the number one choice. It offers all the features such a scan tool should have, along with several cool advanced features. For me, you won’t find a better scanner in this price range. 

My Rating: 4.9/5

With Autel AL619, you can clear MIL codes, read PCM live data, view freeze frame, o2 sensor test and show vehicle information as well.
Autel AL619 provides full obd2 function.

2. Autel AL519 Enhanced OBD2 Diagnostic Scan Tool with Mode 6

AL519 AutoLink
Autel AL519 Enhanced OBD2 Scan Tool with Mode 6
4.44.4 / 5
The AutoLink AL519 OBDII/EOBD Scanner supports all 10 modes of OBDII test for a complete diagnosis. Featuring the unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, TFT color display and built-in speaker,

AL519 AutoLink is another excellent Autel scan tool I love. Maybe that’s because it’s the AL619’s predecessor, so it basically comes with similar features. 

Like the AL619 model, I found this one very straightforward to use. It provides its user with a wealth of information, allowing you to select what you want to see on the screen. 

The best thing about it is that this scanner can do much more than just read and clear codes. It can do component tests and O2 sensor tests as well. In general, I think it’s a great option for DIYers, mainly because of its price and user-friendliness.


Like the AL619 model, Autel AL519 supports almost all 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN) vehicles.

Product Specifications

Weight1.0 pounds
Dimensions70.87 x 31.5 x 102.36 in

Pros and Cons

+ Intelligent diagnostics and code lookup
+ Straightforward to use
+ User-friendly interface
+ Affordable
– It’s no longer updated
– It can be difficult to register the device
– Notifications disappear quickly (after 2-3 seconds)

The Final Verdict

While it lacks the overall quality of AL619, this Autel is another example of an efficient yet easy-to-use OBD2 scanner. For me, that user-friendliness is its greatest advantage, and if you’re a DIY beginner looking for a simple test tool, this scanner is an excellent choice, especially considering its low price. 

My Rating: 4.8/5


Best autel scanner comparison
Autel Autolink AL519 full OBD2 functions.

3. Autel Maxicom MK808 All-System Scanner and Key Programmer

MaxiCOM MK808
Autel MaxiCOM MK808 OBD2 Scanner Diagnostic Scan Tool with All System Diagnosis and Service Functions
4.54.5 / 5
Once accessed to the Diagnostics service of MaxiCOM MK808 scan tool, here are a variety of functions available including oil reset and EPB/BMS/SAS/ DPF service which are used for the safety and efficient maintenance of systems.

If you’re looking for a more advanced OBD2 scanner, Autel MK808 is one of the best choices available, at least for me. 

It helps diagnose complex car issues and recommend fixes. I also love the fact that it’s wireless, which significantly improved my user experience. The interface is also easy to navigate, and all information is provided in a clear and organized way. 

It can perform a lot of functions, including ABS, SRS, AT, BMS, DPF, SAS etc. Additionally, this tablet has a 7-inch LCD, and it works on a polymer battery which gives it a runtime of 4.5 hours on continuous use.


Autel MK808 supports almost all 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN) vehicles. The only exception is its IMMO function, which doesn’t work on Benz vehicles.

Product Specifications

Weight1.1 pounds
Dimensions9.45 x 1.38 x 5.91 in

Pros and Cons

+ Supports both basic and advanced OBD2 scanner functions
+ WiFi compatible
+ Works with Android
+ 1-year warranty
+ Wireless
+ Compatible and easy to use
– Doesn’t support ECU programming
– IMMO function doesn’t work on Benz models
– TPMS doesn’t work on all car models, e.g., Toyota Highlander or 2009 Jettas

The Final Verdict

With its numerous advanced functions, Autel Maxicom MK808 is a great choice for more experienced DIYers and professional mechanics. Personally, I love it, especially when it comes to more sophisticated issues. However, if you don’t require more comprehensive scans, there are many simpler and less expensive options around.

My Rating: 4.8/5

best autel scanner: MK808
Autel MK808 offers all basic OBD2 functions.

4. Autel AutoLink AL319 OBDII Code Reader and Service Tool

Autel AutoLink AL319
Autel AutoLink AL319 OBDII Code Reader
4.44.4 / 5
Autel al319 OBD2 code scanner is ‘Plug and play’ and very easy to use even for beginners,works on all 1996 and newer vehicles (OBD II & CAN)-domestic and import,Supports English, French, German,Spanish etc

Remember the AL516 and AL619 models? Meet their older brother – Autel AutoLink AL319. It’s simple to use, offers all basic OBD2 functionalities, and you can get it for peanuts. 

When I was using it, I could easily check and clear MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) codes, display live PCM data, freeze frame data, and show live sensor data. I also like the DTC Lookup feature. 

I do, however, find it a bit too limited. It lacks the newer options available for the AL519 and AL619 models. Still, if you’re looking for an affordable and simple scanner, the AL319 is a good choice to consider. 


Supports OBD2 1996 and newer models except for electric cars, which I, personally, don’t consider a massive disadvantage. If you have an electric vehicle, though, the AL319 model isn’t the option for you.

Product Specifications

Weight6.2 ounces
Dimensions0.71 x 4.61 x 2.83 in

Pros and Cons

+ Affordable
+ Perfect for beginners
+ Offers quick definitions
+ Comes with all basic features
– Short cord
– Doesn’t support electric cars
– A TF card reader is required to update

The Final Verdict

Autolink AL319 is built for people who want to take care of basic car problems. If you seek a more comprehensive device, I’d recommend looking elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a good scanner, an OBD2 scanner, especially at this price. However, I found that it doesn’t give the precise information required for it to work well when dealing with more sophisticated issues. 

My Rating: 4.6/5

autel scanner reviews
Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD2 Scanner is the best option in this price range.

5. Autel MaxiLink ML619 ABS SRS MIL CAN OBD2 Scanner

Autel ML619
Autel MaxiLink ML619 ABS SRS MIL CAN OBD2 Scanner
4.44.4 / 5
Quickly diagnose problems with a vehicle with the Autel MaxiLink ML619 Vehicle Diagnostic Scanner Reader. This handheld tool is ideal for detecting faults on anti-lock brakes ABS, supplemental restraint systems and air bag systems SRS, and performing OBDII diagnostics

Maxilink ML619 is an advanced Autel scanner that allows you to detect problems in the airbag system, anti-lock brake system, ABS, SRS, etc. It’s really basic and straightforward to use, making it a perfect choice for DIYers. 

As for more advanced mechanics, well, personally, I found it a bit too basic. It’s clear that this model was made with beginners in mind, as there are only two advanced functions – ABS and SRS warning lights. 

Other than that, it’s a pretty standard tool, great for detecting simple faults. There are better options in this orange if you ask me. 


The scan tool works on most 1996 and newer vehicles (OBDII & CAN), including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Volvo, VW, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and more.

Product Specifications

Weight1.95 pounds
Dimensions7.3 x 10.2 x 3 in

Pros and Cons

+ Numerous basic service functions
+ Complete code definition
+ High level of compatibility
+ Perfect for DIYers
– Difficult registration and update process
– Cheap construction (at least in my opinion)
– Short cord

The Final Verdict

In my opinion, there are better Autel OBD2 scanners than the ML619 model. On paper, it should be better than the AL619, but it just didn’t work for me. I mean, it’s still a good choice, especially for beginners. It’s easy to use and allows you to find and resolve the issue quickly. I expected a bit more from it, though. 

My Rating: 4.3/5

Autel ML619
Autel ML619 shows complete error with the cause of the problem.

6. Autel MK908P Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner and Programming Tool

Autel MK908P Professional Automotive Diagnostic Scanner with ECU Programming
4.44.4 / 5
Comprehensive OE-Level diagnostic & OBDII services, advanced ECU coding and programming for pro tools;
Designed for professional technicians who demand superior tool

For me, this is the best professional automotive diagnostic scanner. It offers everything from coding to programming, offering 11 advanced features – all OBD2 scanner basic features and ECU coding and programming for BMW and Benz. 

What I find exceptionally great about Autel MK908P Professional is the fact that it’s 100% wireless. Therefore, you can conveniently control your car’s engine, components, systems, and sensors.

However, when I say it’s best for professional mechanics, I mean it. It’s a much more advanced tool than the AL619 or AL519 models. It’s designed to deal with more comprehensive issues, and its price reflects that. 


The MK908P Professional is compatible with 99% of the vehicle models available from 1996 to 2022. This makes it one of the most comprehensive OBD2 scanners you can get and a perfect tool for any professional mechanic. 

Product Specifications

Weight0.01 ounces
Dimensions19.69 x 7.87 x 18.5 in

Pros and Cons

+ 11 basic and advanced OBD2, programming, and coding features
+ Exceptional level of compatibility 
+ Perfect for professional mechanics
+ Convenient to use
– It’s expensive
– Can’t re-learn TPMS sensors
– Too advanced for an average DIYer

The Final Verdict

For me, the MK908P is easily the choice for any professional mechanic. It’s just so advanced, coming with everything you need from an OBD2 scanner and much more. However, that quality comes at a price, which can seem off-putting at first. If you require a comprehensive scanner for your shop, though, this tool is the best investment you can make. 

My Rating: 4.7/5

Best Autel scanner: Autel MK908P Professional
Autel MK908P Professional offers 11 advanced features.

7. Autel MS906 Professional Automotive Diagnostic Tool with ECU Coding

Autel Maxisys MS906
Autel MS906 Professional Car Diagnostic Tool with ECU Coding
4.44.4 / 5
This scanner performs advanced vehicle diagnostics and analysis, such as live data view, actuation tests, adaptations and more dedicated services functions.

If you find the MK908P’s price a bit over the top, Autel Maxisys MS906 might be a more approachable alternative. Personally, I find it as great as its more advanced kin, even though it doesn’t offer that many comprehensive features. 

Does it make it much worse? As said, no. At least not for me. It met all my expectations, allowing me to deal with BS, SRS, ECU coding, EPB, actuation tests, adaptations, TPMS services, oil reset, and more. I also found it very straightforward to use. 

It operates with a 1.3 GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 + 1.7 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A15 that can process tests rapidly and display quick results. However, I have to say that this isn’t a scanner for an average DIYer. Once again, it’s a tool for professionals, and not just because of its features, but also because of its price. 


S906 supports more than 80 car brands, including Chevrolet, Ford, GM, Audi, Benz, BMW, Dodge, and more. Additionally, this model is compatible with all Bluetooth models, including iOS and Android.

Product Specifications

Weight18.71 pounds
Dimensions‎10 x 1.4 x 6.9 inches

Pros and Cons

+ User-friendly interface
+ All basic and additional advanced OBD2 features
+ Powerful battery
+ AutoVIN technology which allows you to identify your vehicle
– Relatively expensive
– Costly updates
– A surprisingly short battery’s lifespan

The Final Verdict

This Autel MS906 is a fantastic option for a smaller mechanic shop. It’s less expensive than the MK908P model, and while it offers fewer features, I found it extremely useful. What I love about this scanner is how fast it allows you to diagnose your vehicle in a matter of seconds. The biggest flaw is certainly the cost of updates. Some of them are really expensive, and they are necessary for the device to function efficiently. 

My Rating: 4.6/5

Best Autel scanner: Maxisys MS906
Autel Maxisys MS906 with user friendly interface.

8. Autel MD808 Pro All System Car Diagnostic Tool

MD808 Pro
Autel MD808 Pro All System Car Diagnostic Tool
4.14.1 / 5
Support Read/Clear Codes and Live Data functions for Engine, Transmission, ABS, and Airbag (SRS) systems Read and clear trouble codes, control and test BMS/Oil Reset/ SRS/EPB/DPF systems

Let’s take a break from more sophisticated OBD2 scanners. This Autel Maxidiag MD808 is a much better fit for DIYers, offering a much simpler interface and less advanced features. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a professional scanner that lets you use DPF, SRS, ABS, oil reset, battery maintenance, and check trouble codes. It can also correct the steering sensor in your car, which is a feature I really appreciate. 

The only real problem I have with it is the price. It’s not overly expensive, but I do find it slightly overpriced, considering that there are many similar alternatives at lower prices, even among Autel scanners. 


It supports all OBD2 vehicles that are 1996 and newer models, such as Audi, Acura, Land Rover, Skoda, Seat, Isuzu, Honda, Audi, and Benz. Additionally, it supports all OBD II protocols.

Product Specifications

Weight12 ounces
Dimensions8.35 x 3.62 x 1.4 in

Pros and Cons

+ Easy to use
+ Comes with all basic OBD2 features
+ Allows test runs
+ Highly compatible
– Slightly overpriced 
– Difficult to update
– Doesn’t offer TFT services

The Final Verdict

Autel MD808P is a highly practical OBD2 scanner that will meet all your expectations. If you’re a DIYer, you’re going to love it; that I can guarantee. However, I do believe that there are better options for a lower price. For this cost, I’d expect it to offer something extra. 

My Rating: 4.1/5

You can perform CEL, MIL, I/M readiness, O2 sensor, component settings, see graph data and freeze frame
Maxidiag MD808 is a professional Autel Scanner.

9. Autel AL539 Full System Diagnostic Scanner 

Autel AL539
Autel AL539 Full OBD2 Car Scanner
4.34.3 / 5
The AutoLink AL539 OBDII & Electrical Test Tool supports all 10 modes of OBD II for a complete diagnosis and features a unique patented One-Click I/M Readiness Key, graphing digital smart meter, starting and charging system tests, color display, and built-in speaker. The versatile, easy-to-use AL539 will streamline automotive service and help ensure rapid, accurate diagnosis and timely repair.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable Autel Scanner, the AL539 model is another excellent option. It can perform all basic functions with an additional circuit test. 

Using it, I was able to read and erase codes, check emission status, freeze frame data, do the O2 monitor test and onboard monitor test, and record data and playback as well.

I also like the starter and charger test features. The first allows you to test the crank voltage, whereas the latter shows alternator output from no load to when you add loads.


Like most OBD2 scanners on my list, the AL539 works on most 1996 and newer vehicles. It does have a problem with German cars, though, which, for me, is a massive downside. 

Product Specifications

Weight2.3 pounds
Dimensions74.8 x 31.5 x 102.36 in

Pros and Cons

+ Easy to use
+ Starter Test, Charge Test, and Voltage Test features
+ Affordable
+ Comes with all OBD2 features
– It works slower on lithium batteries
– Doesn’t work well with German vehicles

The Final Verdict

Autel AL539 is a versatile and easy-to-use OBD2 scanner. On top of that, it’s relatively affordable and comes with some cool features that allow you to run more advanced electrical diagnostics. However, I do find it a bit weird that it doesn’t work well with German vehicles. If you’re a DIYer who doesn’t own a German car, that should be an issue. For professional mechanics, though, I’d suggest looking for a different scan tool. 

My Rating: 4.2/5

Autel AL539 best Autel car diagnostic tool
Autel AL539 OBD2 functions.

10. Autel AutoLink AL329 OBD2 Reader

Autel AutoLink AL329
Autel AutoLink AL329 OBD2 Reader
4.74.7 / 5
This product compatible with domestic, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer OBD II/EOBD compatible vehicles.

You won’t find a simpler yet more reliable OBD2 scanner than AutoLink AL329. It’s as basic as a scan tool can get, making it a perfect choice for a DIY mechanic. Don’t let its design deceive you, though. 

As simple as it looks, the AL329 offers a wide range of basic and advanced features. It allowed me to check and clear CEL codes, read and reset monitors, and check live sensor data. It also comes with the Auto VIN feature, which reads your Vehicle Identification Code automatically. 

What impresses me most, however, is how easy it is to operate it. I mean, it’s clear to see that it was designed with beginners in mind. It may not suit a professional mechanic’s needs, but for this price, you won’t find a better option for a beginner. 


It supports domestic, Asian and European vehicles that are 1996 or newer EOBD/OBD2 compatible versions.

Product Specifications

Weight10.8 ounces
Dimensions9.7 x 6.5 x 1.9 in

Pros and Cons


+ Extremely easy to use
+ Can read specific and manufacture codes
+ Affordable
+ Ideal for beginners
+ Comes with the Auto VIN feature
– Short cord
– Not bi-directional
– Doesn’t support German language

The Final Verdict

If you’re a beginning DIYer looking for a simple and affordable, yet reliable OBD2 scanner, Autel AutoLink AL329 is an excellent choice. Using it reminded me of my first steps as a mechanic, and it’s the perfect tool for anyone who wants to learn the ropes of OBD2 scanning. 

My Rating: 4.5/5

Autel Autolink AL329 best obd2 scanner
Autel Autolink AL329 with easy-to-use design.

How I Chose My Top Autel Scan Tools 

If you read my guides, you know that I always want to provide my readers with as helpful and accurate information as possible. The story is no different for this guide. 

I’ve personally tested all the Autel scanners listed above, putting a specific emphasis on:

  • Diagnostic capabilities –  Not all OBD2 scanners have full system diagnostic capacity, so I had to make sure to test the full gambit of each tool’s functionality and call out which tools have limited capabilities, and which ones can give you a full system diagnosis. 
  • User-friendliness – I always prioritize tools that are easy for both DIY repairmen and professional mechanics to learn. Things like intuitive design, easy navigation, and clear, reliable interfaces give scan tools an edge. 
  • Convenience – I value any feature that makes your life easier. Things like Bluetooth functionality, a wide range of compatibility, bi-directional control, and easy storing and graphic functions also score extra points. 
  • Value – To ensure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, I also considered each tool’s price. There’s no need to shell out for an expensive scan tool if another one can do the same thing for less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Autel make good scanners?

Autel is one of my favorite brands to look at when it comes to OBD2 scanners and code readers. Their products are highly compatible and come with many advanced features for a great price.

What is the best Autel tool to buy?

My favorite, when it comes to features, compatibility, and value, is the Autel AL619 Autolink OBD2 Scanner. This product offers a range of features for multiple mechanic skill levels and comes at an affordable price.

Do Autel scanners work as key programmers as well?

While some Autel models have the ability to code and program keys, there are others that will not. If you are searching for specific features, it’s always best to ensure that the model you’re buying has the ability to perform it. 

Are Autel updates free?

Most Autel scanners come with free updates. However, some of the professional models have a yearly or monthly cost associated with them.


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