Autel Maxicheck Pro: Perfect scanner to save time and money!

Autel Maxicheck pro OBD2 is a helpful device for anyone to know their car in a better way.

There are a lot of things to notice in Autel Maxicheck Pro which may prove to be best for your vehicle, so let’s get started.

Autel MaxiSys MS906BT
Autel MaxiCheck Pro Diagnostic Tool for ABS, SRS, BMS, DPF, EPB,...
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Perform Service Maintenance and Oil, Inspection and Mileage Resets.Oil Light Reset. Battery Maintenance Services.

Features and Functions

Also to know your car on a personal level, you have a perfect tool known as OBD2 diagnostic scanner. So what is Autel Maxicheck Pro OBD2 Scanner? Let’s learn about it here.

Simple Design and Interface

Here, the first thing which you will come across with maxicheck pro obd2 scanner is the size. It is compact with the dimensions of 14.6×3.9×8.7 inches. The device can also fit into any adult’s hand easily and with comfort.

The design is ergonomic with giving you a full firm grip. Moreover, the overall weight of Autel maxicheck pro is under 4 pounds which is not heavy at all. It is a lightweight scanner, unlike others which may be hard to carry all the time with you.

One of the most likable thing about Autel Maxicheck prod is that it has a smooth and straightforward interface. Therefore, you do not require any training to understand its operations, but they are self-directed.

Autel maxicheck Pro
ABS and SRS Coverage for 50+ Vehicle Makes.

As soon as it powers up, the auto scan starts when you connect it with the PC or with the OBD2 complaint car. You can set up the settings through the menu and also playback the diagnostics data options.

Some of the main functions which appear on the screen are EPB, ABS/SRS, OBD2, SAS, Oil Reset, and BMS. The menu is impressive, so, the more you explore, more you will learn about the device. Autel maxicheck pro also enables the ABS bleeding navigation automatically to the user.

The display is 320 x 240 TFT so you can view the content in colorfully. It also enables you to get the ABS bleeding checked automatically without any extra efforts.

Reading and Clearing Trouble Codes (DTCs)

Autel maxicheck pro works as a code reader for some of the vehicles through onboarding system. It helps in reading and clearing the ABS, SRS, ECU and SBC codes of diagnostics. You can get the codes and know where the problem exists through this feature.

It helps in erasing the code, and you can also turn off the warning light with this system. So, you can clear up the problems with the ECU codes easily. However, Autel maxicheck pro device does not give you the performance report for the transmission as there are no codes available regarding it.

Service and Advanced Functions

There are advanced functions for the technicians who require this scanner as much as a car owner would be. It checks through the ABS and also tells the performance of the brake fluid control.

Along with that, you can deactivate or activate the brake control system. With that, you also have the option to reset the service intervals, service lights and service mileage on some of the popular branded vehicles such as Audi, BMW, Benz and more.

Autel maxicheck pro review
Autel Maxicheck Pro offers Brake Auto Bleed Function.

It also supports the opening and closing of electronic brake calipers. The performance of calibration is also provided to the user through the ESP report. So, the functionality of TPMS is there with this device, but you have to register with the sensor ID on it.

It also offers the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) function to read and erase the codes when needed for regeneration.

Live Data Display

With the Autel maxicheck pro OBD2 scanner, you can get the view of the entire recording, and graphing of the data live. It also has an SD card where the data stores for you to playback later on as well. It also shows the real-time data on the screen with different parameters of OBD2.

Therefore, you can know the efficiency of car, overall health and fuel economy of the vehicle through this. There is also freeze frame data option which shows the history of faults in the vehicle or the emissions and where they occurred.

Extensive Coverage

Autel maxicheck pro covers a wide range of vehicles which are local and foreign both. It covers Land Rover, Ford, Audi, Jaguar, GM, Volvo, Mercedes and much more. Therefore, vehicles with a maximum capacity of 18V are compatible with this device to work correctly.

Pros and cons

Autel maxicheck pro check device is an excellent help for the car lovers. So, with the pros, there are cons as well which you can find out here. P


  • Works great without lagging any data display
  • Updates automatically free of cost for one year
  • One year warranty also included in the package
  • Suports menu with multi-lingual
  • Display of code definitions for proper understanding
  • Also have a User-friendly interface
  • Provides auto recommendations to fix faults
  • Durable and also a guarantee machine for vehicles


  • Does not provide information on the transmission performance
  • Does not support built-in battery
  • The scanner also needs to be plugged into PC or vehicle
  • Installation may be hard for some people
  • Downloading may take time

Bottom line

Most of the people also have a special bond with their car due to which it is more than a vehicle to them.

It is a standardized system for trucks and cars. OBD2 system helps in the assistance of the vehicle testing the performance of the vehicle such as its components and emission monitoring.

This is self-diagnosing tools which monitor the overall health of the vehicle along with its regulations. Thus, it is a brain behind the vehicle which reads the data and analyzes it daily for best maintenance.

Here you will be able to learn about the Autel Maxicheck Pro Review with the help of features and other important information which you must learn if you love your car/truck.

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Will Autel maxicheck pro obd2 scanner work on chevy cobalt 2010?

Yes, it will work on chevy cobalt. It has been used on ford focus 2010 with resetting the codes. If you have the data connection port of OBD2 on the steering wheel area, it will work correctly. So, make sure to check the port of your car which is OBD2 compatible.

Does it clear abs codes on 2500 suburban?

Yes, it can work and also clear the ABS codes on 2500 suburban easily.

Does the auto bleed ABD worked with Camaro 2017?

There are also some trucks which are not compatible with Autel maxicheck pro and Camaro 2017 is one of them. So, check the compatibility before you purchase the device.

Does Autel maxicheck pro reprogram the TPMS sensors?

No, it does not support this function.

Does maxicheck pro device tell scans the specific sensor locations?

Yes, it also tells about the wheel speed, airbag and other locations which are not working well in the vehicle.

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