Autel AutoLink AL329 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

OBD2 scanners are one of the most valuable tools that a mechanic can own that will enable routine car services to be performed and allow check engine light warnings to be investigated and corrected. The Autel AutoLink AL329 is a scanner that has a great reputation in the car industry for being quick and easy to use while also providing reliable data.

This Autel AutoLink AL329 code reader review will highlight the strengths of this device and discuss how to make the best use of its many top quality features. You can also check that the AL329 will meet all of your requirements before you go ahead and purchase this item. Save yourself valuable time by using this review to familiarize yourself with everything you want to know about one of the best pocket OBD ii scanners available to buy.

Autel Al329 Product Overview

Whether this is your first code reader or if you are looking to update a pre-existing scanner then the Autel AutoLink AL329 has something to offer everyone. This makes it the perfect code reader for both professional mechanics and DIY car owners.

The Autel AutoLink AL329 has many uses, from checking a vehicle’s emission level, switching off engine lights, and retrieving valuable VIN data, making this a useful device for every car mechanic to own. The scanner has the ability to freeze frame data and play data back, which are great time-saving features that provide you with concise information that can be used to solve engine issues.

At 9.3″ x 6″ x 1.8″ the Autel scanner is the perfect size for all toolboxes and is compact enough to carry in a pocket. It is also a fairly light-weight scanner at 11.2oz, so while it isn’t the smallest scanner available, it is the ideal size if you want a scanner to hand at all times of the day. The color display with backlight ensures the data is easy to read in all weather conditions.

The Autel AutoLink AL329 is an upgraded version of the popular AL319 scanner. This means that it comes with all the functions that the AL319 offers and more. In comparison, the AL329 scanner also offers an auto VIN function, allowing a vehicle’s identification number to be quickly checked, essential for working with second-hand cars. So if you like the AL319 then you are certain to find the AL329 a worthy upgrade and worth the price.

This reliable code reader is offered at a competitive price and is easy to understand, making this the perfect OBD2 diagnostic tool that should be part of every mechanic’s toolbox.

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  • Competitive price
  • Perfect first code reader
  • Bright colour screen with backlight
  • Auto VIN function


  • Must be connected to the internet to update
  • Only compatible with vehicles that are the year 1996 and newer

Al329 Compatibility

The Autel AutoLink AL329 code reader is compatible with most vehicles that are 1996 and newer. However, each vehicle needs to have OBD ii/2 compatibility and a 16 pin data-link connection for the scanner to work. Most European, Asian, and domestic vehicle models are compatible but mechanics can advise car owners on how to check that their car is OBD2 compliant and made in 1996 and newer.

Free lifetime updates are included in the price of this OBD2 code reader, ensuring that newer vehicles and their codes can be added, so that the Autel AL329 will have a long-lasting purpose. Don’t be put off with having to frequently up-date the scanner, as all you require is a good internet connection and a computer with Windows or Mac software to get started. This will ensure that the AL329 has the latest codes, so you can answer every car owners questions about their engine issues.


This Autel AutoLink AL329 code reader has a comprehensive specification that covers every eventuality that OBD2 scanners could be required for. Its great price makes this Autel smart meter scanner an essential part of your toolbox that is capable of identifying all generic trouble codes that car owners may come across.

Car owners will frequently present their car at a mechanics garage as the result of a malfunction indicator light (MIL) or check engine light (CEL) appearing. This is where the Autel scanner is invaluable as it can check and clear the code, in a few simple steps. You can even use the freeze frame or playback functions if you want to refer back to any of the vehicles data or recheck particular codes.

All MIL data can be accessed by this Autel OBD2 code reader as it can read both generic and specific manufacturers diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), allowing you to use the data to correctly reach a diagnosis. Once the repair has been carried out the DTC can be cleared. This ensures that you can pick up all error codes, allowing all engine issues to be detected quickly and easily.

One of the favorite functions of the Autel OBD2 scan tool is the one click I M readiness key that works quickly at the press of one button. This enables any emissions problems to be detected as soon as the engine light flashes. The AL329 will display the data needed for emission testers to perform every test. The machine will indicate the systems that are functioning correctly and light up any issues. As vehicles are required to undergo emission tests every year DIY car owners can also run the scanner to check their vehicles readiness status before the test is performed.

So far the specification of the Autel AutoLink AL329 is comparable with the AL319 but this is where the comparison ends as unlike the AL319, the AL329 has the ability to retrieve auto VIN information. This allows the cars VIN to be identified, which can provide valuable information about the identity of a car. This is essential information for anyone who works in the second-hand car industry, as long as the vehicle has OBD2 compatibility.

Autel Al329 Key Features

Easy to Use

You will not find an OBD2 scanner that is easier to work and has the same number of features as the Autel AutoLink AL329. This is the perfect device for professionals and DIYers alike, that is quick to get started with from the click of a button and is also easy to understand. The functions are easy to use, allowing services and readiness checks to be performed quickly on all vehicle models.

If you have a vehicle presented to you with a MIL present then any engine trouble can be detected using the AL329. This allows an easy diagnosis of the problem to be reached. The option to freeze frame any data on the screen also enables codes to be accessed at a later date, which can save a mechanic valuable time when working on a recurrent engine problem.

Vehicle Coverage

One of the major advantages of this Autel AutoLink AL329 scanner is that it is compatible with many different modern vehicles and models. As long as the car has been produced in 1996 and newer and has OBD2 compatibility then this scanner is the perfect product to detect all engine issues and provide a quick diagnosis. No matter what that the cause of the MIL, this Autel code reader tool will be able to read the code in one click.

You will find that this OBD2 code reader will work with a wide range of European and Asian vehicle models, so it is a safe option to choose from if you work with a variety of different models. Though we would always recommend checking that the vehicle has OBD2 compatibility before each service.

Standalone Code Reader

Unlike other scan tools this Autel AutoLink AL329 device can be used as a standalone code reader. This means that you will not have to purchase other code readers to be able to test for any engine issues and identify the appropriate codes, as this scanner will perform all its functions with reliable accuracy.

Whether you are looking for a diagnosis for a MIL, to access VIN data, or to perform a one click I M readiness status test, this Autel scanner will perform each function you require. It is easy to switch between each mode, allowing the mechanic to read the appropriate data. With one machine, emissions tests, diagnosis of problem codes, and a service can be performed.

If you only want to carry around one product instead of multiple scan tools, then this light weight Autel scanner could be the perfect OBD2 reader for you.

Wide Ranging Functionality

No matter what your diagnostic needs are the Autel AutoLink AL329 is sure to be able to perform the functions you require. This particular OBD2 scanner has a comprehensive specification that makes it ideal for solving MIL and detecting engine error codes, or performing emission tests while being simple and straight forward to use.

This Autel AL329 OBD2 scan tool has a wide variety of features that means it is commonly referred to as the upgraded version of the AL319, so it is easy to see why the reviews of the AL329 recommend people to check it out.

Al329 features:

  • Diagnose and clear check engine light
  • One click i m readiness test
  • Auto VIN function
  • DTC lookup option
  • Displays live vehicle data
  • Freeze frame data and playback function
  • CIN, CVN, VIN and CALID status
  • Works with models of vehicle 1996 and newer with OBD2 compatibility

If you are looking or a scan tool that is able to perform any of these functions and is quick and easy to get to grips with or you are looking to upgrade from the AL319, then this may be the OBD2 reader that you have been searching for.

Comprehensive Multilingual Menu

One of the most important features of the Autel AutoLink AL329 is the multilingual options that the device offers. Every popular language is supported by the device including, English, Spanish, French, German, and many more. The multilingual option will cover the menu on the device and instructions that are provided, ensuring that everyone can work Autel OBD2 products.

The Verdict

Overall, the Autel AutoLink AL329 is a brilliant scan tool that is perfect for performing all vehicle diagnostics that a mechanic could want. With a wide variety of functions and modes that can be used to look up important vehicle information and test for engine issues, this Autel OBD2 reader will not let you down. Best of all, the price of this Autel scanner makes it affordable for all.

Commonly described as an extension of the popular AL319, this Autel scanner is ideal for both anyone looking to buy their first code reader or anyone who is looking to upgrade their existing, out-dated scanner. The AutoLink AL329 has the ability to read any check engine lights that appear on the screen of your vehicle, providing you with the option to test for issues and clear trouble codes once resolved, making this an invaluable piece of equipment for your tool-box.

Other popular functions that this Autel scanner displays include vehicle preparation for any upcoming vehicle emissions tests with the one click I M readiness test and auto VIN capability. There is also the option to freeze frame data that you want to keep a record off, which is particularly useful for novice code readers. Users find that all of the available functions are easy to understand, making this a simple Autel scanner to get to grip with and free from any issues.

Compatibility is not an issue with this Autel scanner as it functions with a wide age of cars from 1996 and newer, and with new European and Asian models able to be added at any time there are not many vehicles with OBD2 compatibility that are unable to connect to this code reader.


Are Autel scanners any good?

If you are looking for an OBD2 scan tool that is high quality and reliable then Autel is one of the best code reader manufacturers available. Autel prides themselves on producing products that are fit for purpose and consequently produce a variety of code readers that are suitable for vehicles that are 1996 and newer. Their code readers always offer a wide range of functions, but what everyone likes best is the accuracy of each reader allowing a diagnosis to be reached. This provides you with confidence that the scanner displays all trouble codes correctly, so appropriate repairs can be carried out.
Autel is a popular name in the vehicle industry and their code readers always carry a competitive price, making them a great value tool. All reviews always mention that Autel machines are easy and simple to get started with and they have appealing functions, so people will commonly come back to Autel when they want to upgrade.
Importantly, Autel scanners can be used with a wide range of vehicles that have OBD2 compatibility and are made in 1996 and newer, so if you work with cars in this age range then an Autel scanner is sure to be a suitable scanner for your needs.

How do I use AutoLink code reader?

When you purchase an Autel AutoLink scanner it will come with clear instructions that will enable you to quickly get started with using your new gadget and so you are ready system tests. All Autel AutoLink scanners are similar to work, so you will quickly become familiar with the menu displays and modes if you have used an Autel scan tool before.
Simply check that the vehicle is OBD2 compatible and that it has a 16 pin data link connector (DLC). Then you can plug one of the Autel AutoLink scanners into the car, start the ignitions and you are ready to get started and collect data. When choosing which Autel AutoLink scanner is the best for you make sure that it comes with the functionality that you require.

How do I use my Autel Al329?

If you have ever used the Autel AutoLink AL319 then you will be able to get started with the Autel AL329 straight away as it has similar services to the AL319. Even if this is your first Autel product then you will find it simple to set up and get started with, without having to look up the instructions.
Using your AL329 scanner
1. Plug in your Autel AutoLink AL329 into the DLC inside the vehicle
2. Start the ignition
3. The Autel monitor will automatically turn on
4. You are ready to start using the Autel functions and collect the cars data

How do I update my Autel Al329?

It is essential that you are able to update your Autel AutoLink AL329, as new vehicle model codes and user updates are added frequently to the Autel website. Fortunately, updates are easy to perform and everything you need is included in your product price; all you require is your Autel reader, the USB cable that Autel supply, and a computer with either Windows or Mac software. Then you are ready to get started.
It is important that before you begin you make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you have registered your device into your name on the Autel website. Then you simply connect your Autel reader to your computer and select the updates you require. The computer displays all of the available options so you won’t have any trouble updating your Autel device.

Autel AutoLink AL329
Autel AutoLink AL329 OBD2 Scanner
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