Ancel X6 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Ancel X6 is a bluetooth OBD2 scanner, built with the professional workshop in mind. This diagnostic tool has a wide vehicle coverage, and is able to complete a range of car diagnostics that improves the efficiency of vehicle servicing procedures. This review will take you through an overview of the scan tool, before going deeper into its compatibility and functionality, and finally outlining its key features.

At the end, we’ll let you know what we thing of the Ancel X6 OBD2 scanner, and whether or not we’d recommend it for you and your repair shop. We’ll start with the product overview, which will give a rough idea of the capabilities of this diagnostic tool and what it may be able to add to your toolbox.

Ancel X6 Product Overview

This OBD2 scanner tool is a tablet-style diagnostic scanner that connects to your vehicle via bluetooth. OBD2 scan tools are well known for making servicing a vehicle much easier, and always save the mechanic a lot of time and money. They give fast and accurate readings, and offer a variety of features, all in one small package.

The Ancel X6 does all of the basics that you’d expect from an OBD2 scanner. It reads trouble codes quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get straight to the bottom of a problem with the vehicle. This takes away loads of frustration of trying to locate an issue, and lets the mechanic know what they need to repair straight away just from the error codes. It runs a quick all systems test when you connect the device

This diagnostic tool also can do an engine light reset, as well as an oil reset service. This is a common feature of OBD2 scanners, and is really useful when you want to turn a warning light off after completing a repair. Although it’s expected for an OBD code reader to be able to do these things, the Ancel X6 does them particularly well.

Connecting the Ancel X6 OBD2 scan tool to your vehicle’s CPU is simple and painless and is done via bluetooth connection. The connection is reliable and constant, so you won’t have any annoying moments when you’re struggling to get linked up. The obvious advantage of a bluetooth connection is that there are no cables, so less clutter in the workshop.

The Ancel X6 OBD2 device can draw attention to issues with the SRS airbag system. It will read the error codes and tell you what the problem is. SRS is designed to deploy airbags and tighten seatbelts in the event of a heavy impact or crash, so it’s important to check that it’s all functioning correctly. The trouble codes will lead you to which part of the SRS system is causing the issue, for example the passenger seat airbag. Typical issues are corroded SRS sensors, poor belt buckle connections, and circuit resistance problems.

This Ancel diagnostic tool also has the capability to engage in freeze frame data production. Freeze frame data offers snapshots of vehicle information at a particular point in time, for example displaying the throttle position sensor. This allows the mechanic to isolate issues, and figure out the root cause of the problems. You can also see how different parts of the engine or car are interacting with each other, for example how the air intake temperature is affecting the fuel trim readings.

An interesting feature of the Ancel X6 OBD2 scanner is its ability to open and close brake pads, without touching the brake pedal. This is useful for finding out whether it is the brake callipers or the brake pedal that isn’t working properly. Being able to adjust the brake callipers remotely is also ideal for reseting the brake disc after a brake pad replacement or repair. This way, you can stand right next to the wheel whilst making the adjustments, to ensure the brake pads won’t be in contact with the wheel during driving.

The device can also read ECU info. ECU info reports on how the ECU system is operating. Using the Ancel X6 OBD2 scanner, you can adjust the ECU functions, to tune a vehicle and adjust it to your needs. The ECU, which stands for Engine Control Unit, is a type of electronic device that controls a series of the vehicle’s actuators to ensure the optimal performance.

This tablet-style device is powered by Android 7.0, which ensures the device runs smoothly and reliably. Android are known worldwide for producing some of the best smartphone and tablet software, so you can definitely rely on this scanner to not let you down. The tablet itself is a high quality device, and has a touchscreen that measures 10.1 inches. The screen is backlit by powerful LEDs, making the screen bright and easy to read. This is ideal for reading error codes and data stream values, and the brightness means that the screen is clear in all light levels.

Although you might think of a tablet as being fragile, the Ancel X6 OBD2 scanner is housed in a strong plastic and rubber casing, so you really don’t need to worry about the device getting damaged. The reinforced screen helps this as well, and is very unlikely to get smashed, even if tools are dropped onto it. The 6000 mAh lithium battery ensures that you won’t be running out of charge during your repairs, and offers plenty of battery life for a full day of use.

Ancel includes free updates for the whole lifetime of the device. This is a great addition and is at odds with lots of other companies, who charge extra for updates every year. The updates will usually include bug fixes and general improvements. They’ll also add support for more vehicle brands and models to increase the scanner’s compatibility over time.

The device also works in 22 different languages, so is suitable for your workshop wherever you are in the world. If you’ve got staff members who speak different languages, this is ideal, and ensures everybody can use the device and contribute to the vehicle diagnostic tests.

This is a diagnostic tool that nails the basics, and adds a few extra features to make it even more appealing and versatile for the workshop. It’s intuitive tablet design only increases its usability and makes it a joy to work with.

Ancel X6 Compatibility

The Ancel X6 OBD2 scan tool and code reader has excellent coverage across a wide range of vehicle makes and models. Specifically, the X6 is compatible with over 78 different vehicle manufacturers from the European, Asian and American car markets. 78 car brands is very high for an OBD2 scanner, and being able to diagnose issues and read the data stream from this many different companies and car models is quite remarkable.

It’s important to remember that the Axcel X6 is an OBD2 diagnostic tool. This means that it is compatible with OBD2 vehicles only. OBD2 vehicles are cars and vans manufactured in or after 1996. Cars made in 1995 or earlier are OBD1 compatible, and require a separate OBD1 scanner or a scanner that is compatible with OBD1 and 2 to be able to function.

OBD2 is really just a more advanced mode of OBD1. Many of the available readings and functions are the same in OBD2, however there are a few updates that make it more usable. Firstly, OBD2 can work over bluetooth. This is the case for the Ancel, and really is a great and useful feature. Secondly, OBD2 is much faster than OBD1, and can really cut down your repair and vehicle service times dramatically.

If you’re unsure whether the Ancel X6 OBD2 scan tool is going to be compatible with your vehicle, then be sure to read some customer reviews or check Ancel’s website, where you’ll get a full list of compatible car makes.


For this part of the Ancel X6 OBD2 scanner review, we’ll delve into the diagnostic tool’s functionality in more depth. We’ll highlight its key functions, and point out anything that makes this unit stand out from the competition.

Engine Control Module

The engine control module is the electronics system that controls engine functions, such as fuel injection and ignition. The Ancel X6 can read error codes straight from the instrument panel, or from the Engine Control Unit (ECU), and feedback information about how the Module is operating. Using the device, you can also adjust how the ECU behaves, and effectively tune the engine to how you or the customer desire.

The ECM controls the actuators of the engine, so affects things like the ignition system and fuel/air ratio. Being able to make control unit adaptations and re-programme these functions is a great feature of the X6, and allows for really fast adjustments and repairs straight from the tablet. Not all types of diagnostic tool offer this service, so it’s definitely a plus for the Ancel X6.

Tire Pressure Monitor

The Ancel X6 is able to monitor tyre pressures via the vehicle’s tire pressure sensors. This is obviously a quick way to see if the tires are fully inflated, and whether or not the pressure is dropping as you watch the readings – this would suggest a puncture. You can also use the Ancel X6 to reset the tire pressure sensor warning light once you’ve finished a puncture repair. This is useful since this is not always possible to do just from the vehicle’s own console.

Running a TPMS service is much easier with the Ancel. TPMS service stands for Tire Pressure Monitoring System.

ABS System

This diagnostic tool can also a do a few things with regard to the Anti Lock Braking System. It can run basic diagnostics across the system and read error codes that originate in the ABS. This vehicle information can then be used to repair any issues with the system. Again, this is another standard OB2 function, but the Ancel X6 does it very well.

The Ancel X6 OBD2 scanner can also prepare the ABS system for air bleeding and assist with brake fluid control. This is another useful feature and is bound to make your ABS repairs much faster, and cheaper!

IMMO Anti Theft alarm system

The Ancel X6 OBD2 tool can reset the alarm system, which is particularly useful if the alarm needs fixing or isn’t operating as expected, you don’t want the alarm blaring out as you work. This feature can also help if you need to reset a key. This could happen if the original keys had been stolen for example, and you want to change the key coding so the stolen can’t be used to steal the car as well.

Real Time Data Stream

Like a lot of OBD2 scanners, the Ancel X6 OBD2 diagnostic tool offers a live data function. Live data is a list of real time vehicle statistics that represent a variety of different sensors an vehicle functions. The most common reading you will see is Fuel Trim information. Fuel trim represents how much fuel is being released into the engine by the fuel delivery system. A high positive reading indicates that too much fuel is being released, which would indicate an issue with the vacuum leaking.

Other readings on the live data list include throttle sensor position, ignition switch timing, air flow sensor, and air intake temperature monitor. You can then adjust things like the ignition system from the device, for example you can make an ignition timing adjustment so that the engine ignites the fuel with a slight delay. This is for when your fuel/air mixture is too lean, and you need to let more fuel into the engine before igniting.

Deactivate ABS, oil and check engine warnings

Another useful feature of the Ancel is the ability to do an oil service reset and turn off the check engine warning light. This is pretty essential for an OBD2 scanner and means that the warning lights can be deactivated following a repair. You really don’t want to be driving around with the lights still on, not knowing when you next develop a problem.

Android Operating System

The inclusion of an Android operating system is one of the best things that the Ancel X6 has to offer. The system is fast, reliable, and regularly updated. Speaking of updates, Ancel let you update their applications for free for the lifetime of the device. These updates usually include necessary bug fixes and add more compatible vehicles to the software.


You can choose to run the device in one of 22 different available languages. The choices include: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish and Russian and many more!

This ideal if you have various language speakers operating in your workshop.

Ancel x6 Key Features

Live Data

The live reporting on the Ancel is really excellent. It reports on a variety of car diagnostics and represents them in an easy to read and understand manner. These car diagnostics are very useful for uncovering issues in various parts of the engine system and will undoubtably come in handy if you buy this device.

Effective and Rugged Design

The touch screen is housed in a protective plastic and rubber casing to protect the diagnostic tool in accidental drops. The solid screen will also be likely to withstand knocks from spanners and tools. The screen itself is backlit by LEDs, which give a nice clear and bright display. This makes it even easier to read off values and easy to use in all lighting situations.

Wide ranging Car models Coverage

This Ancel Diagnostic tool is compatible with a staggering 78 different car makes and manufacturers. Being able to record car diagnostics from 78 brands really makes this device perfect for the mechanic’s workshop. You never know what is going to drive through the door next, and this Ancel unit will ensure you’ve got the best chance of being able to take on every repair.

Android OS

The included Android OS is fast and reliable, with regular updates to address bugs and add new vehicle compatibility. The advantage of operating on such a widely used system is that there is loads of information online about troubleshooting and how to update etc. The Ancel is really just an android tablet, with added OBD2 benefits and features.


The diagnostic tool comes with a 3 year warranty. This means you can purchase worry free, knowing that you’re covered if there are any manufacturing defects. This is pretty unlikely, given Ancel’s great reputation, but it’s definitely nice to have an extra bit of comfort when buying a diagnostic tool.

The Verdict

So, to wrap up this review, we think this Ancel scanner is an excellent choice of OBD2 scanner for all types of vehicle workshops. Not only is it effective at “classic” OBD car diagnostics, such as monitoring tire sensors, checking the brake control system and running an oil service reset, but it also has some extra features such as real time data streaming and a variety of test modes.

The fact that this device is multi-lingual and operates on the Android system make it one of the most usable OBD2 scanners around. You won’t be sorry if you buy one of these for your repair shop.


Ancel FX4000 vs Ancel AD610 elite vs AncelX6?

The Ancel FX4000 and Ancel AD610 are popular but older OBD2 scanners than the AncelX6. They all do things like oil light reset, O2 sensor tests and level calibration. However the AncelX6 brings some extra features, such as being a touch screen android tablet, and the option to run EPB DPF service functions.
We’d recommend the latest X6 scanner out of these three. If you want to learn more, take a read of the comprehensive review above.