Ancel AD410 : Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Ancel AD410 is a diagnostic scan tool that is designed to be compatible with OBD II compliant cars and vehicles. As an OBD2 tool, the AD410 can assist mechanics and vehicle owners with their servicing jobs, and help them uncover any issues within their vehicle systems. In this Ancel AD410 review, we’ll provide an overview of the product and describe how it works, so that hopefully you can make an informed decision as to whether this is a tool that you should pick up for your workshop.

The first part of the review will give an outline of the scan tool’s capability, before taking an in depth look at its best features. Finally, we’ll give our verdict on the Ancel AD410, and let you know whether we would recommend it to professional mechanics.

Product Overview

The Ancel AD410 is an OBD2 diagnostic tool, which can be used to uncover vehicle problems and to aid a mechanic in their servicing jobs. It can complete all of the basic functions that you’d expect from a scan tool, but also has some innovative bonus features that are really quite impressive. The Ancel AD410 is an affordable tool so it won’t be able to do some of the most complex procedures, but what it can do it does very well.

Basic Functions

The most common use of an OBD2 scan tool is to read and clear trouble codes. The AD410 can indeed read trouble codes, and does so quickly and accurately. It reads codes from a variety of systems, including engine codes, transmission errors, SRS warnings and airbag codes. The AD410 will read and recognise an error code, and then give the user a brief description of where the error is coming from. This can save a mechanic a lot of time since they don’t have to research a code themselves before beginning a repair.

After these repairs have been successfully completed, the mechanic can then use the Ancel AD410 to clear codes and reset the vehicle to its base state. This is something you definitely want to do after every repair. You don’t want a customer to be driving around with engine codes still showing up on their car. You also won’t be able to see when a new problem develops if the codes are not reset.

The Ancel AD410 can also be used to turn off the check engine light. This is again useful for when a repair has been completed, and you don’t want the check engine light to show up anymore. As well as the check engine light, the Ancel AD410 can also deactivate the oil reset warning and the tire pressure indicators. All these features make sure that you can complete your jobs to a high professional standard, and therefore impress your clients and customers.

Advanced functions

The Ancel AD410 has an excellent live data feature. Live data is one of the most useful features for the professional workshop since it is the best way to quickly notice any problems with your vehicles and run fast diagnostic tests. Live data displays vehicle information on your OBD2 scanner in real time, so you can see how the car is actually performing.

Furthermore, you can use vehicle inputs whilst using the data stream to see how it affects the readings. For example, the user could press the brake pedal whilst watching the ABS information on the data stream. They would then be able to see first hand whether or not the braking system is functioning as expected.

The data stream is taken further by the inclusion of a freeze frame data feature. Freeze frame data captures carinformation at a specific moment in time, and can then be used for comparison with other freeze frames. For example, you could record a freeze frame when the accelerator pedal is being pressed, and one where the pedal is released, to compare readings in the two situations.

Another useful, advanced feature that the Ancel AD410 includes is an emissions, or I/M readiness check. This feature scans your vehicle’s emissions system, and gives the mechanic a good idea of whether or not a car is likely to pass an external emissions test. This is probably the most cost saving feature of the AD410. Emissions tests can be expensive, so there’s no point taking a risk on a test if you know that the car isn’t going to pass. The check also lets the mechanic know how efficiently the catalytic converter is operating.


The design of the Ancel AD410 scan tool is quite simple, which makes it very usable and easy to operate. It is built around a brightly lit LCD display, which is easy to read and can be seen in even the brightest conditions. This screen is protected by a thick plastic housing that protects the device scan tool from any accidental drops. The design really is rugged and built to withstand the workshop.

The Ancel AD410 OBD II scan tool is controlled via 5 buttons below the screen. These buttons are easy to use and feel well built and solid. The buttons are also large enough so that the operator doesn’t have to remove gloves to use the scan tool. Not having to remove gloves is actually an advantage over more expensive, touch screen scan tools.


The software that underpins the Ancel is well designed and extremely easy to use. You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to understand how this scan tool works, its simplicity makes it suitable for car owners or car enthusiasts with little to no servicing experience. The software responds quickly to user inputs, and is completely lag free. This eliminates any potential frustration that is produced by a slow scan tool.

Ancel also offer free software updates for the lifetime of the device. These updates usually bring bug fixes to improve performance, but also sometimes add more car brand covergae and servicing functions. These updates ensure that your device stays up to date and isn’t falling behind the competition. The updates are easily completed by plugging the code reader into a computer via the included USB cable.


The Ancel AD410 has an excellent level of vehicle compatibility and coverage. It is an OBD II tool, which means that it is compatible with 1996 and newer vehicles. Those built in 1995 or earlier are known as OBD 1, and often require a second tool if you want to run diagnostics on them (also, check the differences between OBD1 and OBD2). The AD410 is compatible with a variety of domestic and import car makes and models and with all OBD2 protocols. You’ll be able to use the Ancel AD410 with vehicles from brands such as Ford, Chevy, Jeep, GM, Mercedes, Suzuki, Land Rover, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Volkswagen.

Compatibility is important when looking for a new car scanner, especially if you are a professional mechanic that is working with a variety of different vehicles every single day. You want an adapter kit that will be compatible with whatever is brought into the workshop next, since it’s impossible to predict what you’ll be asked to work on next. Having a tool like the AD410, which has a good level of coverage, means that you’ve got the best chance of being able to use it with more vehicles, and therefore complete more jobs per day.


At the start of this Ancel AD410 review we already talked about some of the impressive functionality of the scan tool. In this section of the review, we’ll look at some of the best features in a little more depth.

Read and clear error codes

The Ancel AD410 can read clear error codes with ease. Whether you want to read engine codes, airbag codes, ABS codes, emission codes, oil codes or stability codes, the AD410 will have you covered. The scan tool will highlight the specific trouble code, and give you a brief description of what it means. This code information is very useful to a mechanic, and will save them a lot of time during repairs. As a code reader, the AD410 performs very well.

It can also be used to clear the trouble code after the repair has been completed. This is pretty essential if you are running a professional standard workshop.

Turn off check engine light

The scan tool also lets mechanics deactivate the check engine light following a repair. This is again necessary for a professional mechanic, who needs to send vehicles out of the workshop that aren’t still showing any errors or warning lights. The Ancel OBD II tool can also deactivate the warning lights for the oil, tire pressure and ABS systems.

Again, turning off the check engine light is a standard function of OBD II diagnostic tools, but the Ancel AD410 completes this function as well as any other scanner on the market, and sometimes performs even better than much more expensive devices.

Live data

This OBD2 scanner has excellent live data capabilities that can assist a mechanic greatly in the workshop. This feature reports on vehicle statistics in real time, meaning the user can watch how the vehicle readings are developing over time. This is a great way to spot problems within car systems, and it is a feature that all mechanics look out for when choosing a new scan tool.

To use this feature to its maximum potential, mechanics and technicians will often input vehicle functions whilst watching the data stream to locate issues. For example they might press the accelerator pedal and observe how the engine RPM develops. If the RPM doesn’t change as expected, then this might indicate a problem within the engine.

The data streams will also display values for fuel trims, oxygen sensor levels and throttle position. All of these readings are good places to start if a you suspect there might be an issue with your emissions, engine or fuel injection systems.

Freeze frame data

The inclusion of a freeze frame function on this OBD2 scanner and code reader is also an impressive feature. Freeze frame data takes snapshots of vehicle statistics from a specific moment in time. For example, you could take a freeze frame at the moment the brake pedal is pressed.

This feature is also useful for comparison. You could also take a frame of data when the brake pedal is not pressed, and then compare and contrast car statistics. In some cases you may even be to place this data onto a graph, which makes comparison even easier and generally makes the readings easier to understand.

Smog check

The AD410 also has a fantastic smog test, also known as an emissions readiness check. This check scans your vehicle’s emissions systems and lets the user known how likely it is that the car will pass an external emissions examination. This kind of emission testing is extremely useful, and can save a mechanic loads of money and time. There is no point sending a car for an expensive emissions test, when you know that it is definitely going to fail.

The smog test runs on a range of different vehicle models, and is a great feature of this OBD2 scanner. Even some more expensive devices don’t have a smog test feature, so to have it on a device at this price point is quite impressive.


The software that runs on the AD410 is pretty simple and easy to use. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t powerful though, and the software is more than adequate for a demanding professional workshop.

There’s nothing more annoying than a scan tool that lags during important repairs. Luckily, you won’t be experiencing any delays with this OBD2 scanner, which runs smoothly and completes all its functions quickly and accurately.

The software is kept up to date by regular firmware updates. These updates provide bug fixes, as well as adding more functionality and compatibility. Moreover, the updates are completely free for the lifetime of the device. This is ideal, and means that your OBD2 scanner won’t be falling behind the competition in a few years. The updates keep the AD410 running smoothly and reaching its full potential.

Key Features

Code reading

The AD410 reads fault codes quickly, accurately and efficiently. Whether you need to understand ABS codes or transmission codes, this OBD2 scanner will be able to help. The code information it can provide is extremely useful in the workshop. Furthermore, the scanner can then be used to clear a trouble code following a repair.

Emissions readiness test

The Ancel OBD2 scanner also has the capability to run a smog test. This indicates to a mechanic the likelihood that a car will get through an external emissions test, so can save them a lot of time and money.

Turn off check engine light

Like all good OBD II scan tools, the AD410 can turn off the check engine light. This is a great feature since you don’t want a car owner to be driving round with the check engine light illuminated, even when the car is fully repaired.

Data streaming

The data streams are some of the most useful features included on the AD410. A stream can assist a mechanic in self diagnostics, and will save them a lot of time when searching for problems with their vehicles.

The Verdict

In conclusion, the Ancel AD410 is one of the best OBD scanners for cars if you’re working on a budget. Whether you need a scanner to disable the check engine light, or need to complete a more advanced smog test, the AD410 is bound to serve you well. This device is easy enough to understand for DIY mechanics but has enough impressive features to act as a professional standard tool in a workshop. We definitely recommend this tool to car owners and mechanics looking for their next scan tool.


How do I update the Ancel AD410?

Updating the AD410 is a very simple procedure. You simply connect the car scanner to your computer via the included USB cable. Then, head to Ancel’s website to download the latest update. Once downloaded, follow the steps to fully install the new firmware on your code readers.
For more information about what the updates can bring to your device, have a look at our in depth review above.

How do I use the Ancel AD410?

The AD410 plugs straight into your vehicle’s OBD2 port, which is usually located below the steering wheel or near the passenger side door. You can then access all the AD410’s great functions from its main menu. To learn more about the AD410’s features, read our review above.

Ancel AD410 vs Ancel AD310 vs Ancel AD610 Elite?

Ancel make some great scanners at a range of different price points. The AD410 is an excellent entry level tool that is still suitable for professionals. The Ancel AD310 and AD610 Elite are also great, similarly priced tools. It’s worth looking at their individual specs to see which one is perfect for you. To find out more about the AD410 specifically, look at our review above.

Ancel AD410
Ancel AD410 OBD2 Scanner
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