10 Best OBD2 Scanners with ABS and SRS for 2022

Finding the right tools for the job is an important part of any repair task, whether you are a professional or a regular user.

This is doubly true for tools that scan the ABS/SRS in a vehicle; these vital safety systems ensure a car protects its passengers and driver in the case of an accident.

Finding a quality tool for this task can be difficult. This is why we have compiled a review to help you find the best ABS code reader on the market!

On-Board Diagnostic tools are an essential part of any vehicle enthusiast’s toolkit, but not all offer ABS/SRS capabilities. Finding the right automotive diagnostic tool can be a bit of a chore, but we have got you covered.

Below you will find our picks for the best professional ABS code readers. Read on to see our thoughts on a bunch of current readers, and why we recommend adding one to your tool selection today.

What is an ABS/SRS code scanner?

An ABS/SRS code scanner is a type of OBD2 scanner that can help you diagnose any issues with both your anti-lock braking system and your vehicle’s internal airbag system.

Determining why an ABS light is on can be tricky. Thanks to the use of an OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS compatibility you can now determine faults with ease and in real-time.

Although most scan tools will offer the ability to read ABS/SRS trouble codes as well as other issues – like those in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) – not all of them do. This means you should always check what a diagnostic scan tool (DTC) offers, and whether or not it covers your needs or your customer’s needs.

All the scanners we have featured today offer you the ability to read both ABS and SRS codes with ease, ensuring you can quickly diagnose a warning light. Be sure to check below to read our thoughts on what we believe are the 10 best ABS scan tools in 2022!

Best ABS/SRS Scan Tool Comparison Chart

Take a look at this comparison chart:

Best of the BestBest ValueAlso Great
Check Price
Innova 3100j
Innova 3100j
Check Price
ANCEL AD610 Elite
ANCEL AD610 Elite
Check Price
Our Rating
4.44.4 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
4.34.3 / 5
PriceFIXD priceInnova 3100j priceANCEL AD610 Elite price
Product Dimensions1.5" x 0.5" x 1.8"10" x 8" x 1.5"8.7" x 6.6" x 3.4"
Item Weight0.96oz1.2lbs1.76lbs
Live Data--
Freeze Frame
Engine/ Transmission
Oil Reset----

How We Evaluated These OBD2 Scanners 

When evaluating which scanners to recommend for our readers, we looked at a lot of different criteria to determine which would make our top list for 2022. Here are some of the factors we considered when making our picks. 

Functionality – These scanners need to be able to diagnose both ABS and SRS issues seamlessly. We also looked at additional functionality that would give certain car diagnostic scanners an edge over the competition.

Accuracy – To make our top list, these scanners had to have pinpoint accuracy in diagnosing automotive issues. We tested each to ensure the quality here. 

Ease of Use – User experience is always a factor when we’re evaluating car diagnostic tools. They should be easy to use with as little friction as possible. This is especially important for amateur mechanics and DIYers. 

Durability – We looked at how these scanners were made – especially the quality of the components. Nothing is worse than a tool you rely on breaking when you need it most.

10 Best OBD2 Scanners with ABS and SRS Functionality

From scanners with color displays to tools that are compatible with almost every vehicle, the world of OBD2 ABS devices is packed full of incredibly functional devices that can help even the newest car enthusiast in diagnosing their vehicle’s problems.

So how do you pick the best tool for your vehicle?

By comparing, what we believe, are the best scan tools with ABS and SRS compatibility on the market, we have come up with this list.

  1. FIXD OBD2 Scan Tool
  2. Bluedriver OBD2 Scan Tool
  3. ANCEL AD610 Elite
  4. FOXWELL NT630 Elite 
  5. Innova 3100j
  6. Autel MaxiLink ML619
  7. Autel Diaglink
  8. Launch CRP 129 
  9. MAOZUA Creator C310+ 
  10. Innova 3160g

Below you will find our thoughts on some of the finest tools available and why we believe you should add them to your toolbox today!

1. FIXD OBD-II Scan Tool with ABS SRS – Editor’s Pick

FIXD OBD-II Scan Tool with ABS SRS
4.34.3 / 5
This ABS/SRS auto scanner is a compact, Bluetooth device that works with an application on your mobile device.

Our pick for the best ABS and SRS scan tool currently available for purchase. Few code readers offer as many features as the FIXD OBDII scanner, and at such an affordable price.

Whether you are a mechanic looking to add to your toolset or just a family vehicle owner, this easy-to-use ABS scan tool is a great investment.

Features and Functions

One of the most accessible and user-friendly OBDII scanners on the market today. Unlike some other options out there, this nifty diagnostic tool will provide you with a video that will show you how to fix your vehicle’s problem.

This is reinforced by an easy-to-use interface that even the most amateur vehicle enthusiast can use with minimal fuss.

Users can set-up regular maintenance checks and alerts, preventing a potential fault from getting worse if left unattended. The FIXD scanner can also track non-ABS faults such as issues with wipers or general vehicle maintenance.

As the FIXD obd2 scan tool can track live data, you will be able to keep track of any threats in real-time. It also provides 24/7 protection, ensuring you aren’t suddenly in an accident due to an anti-lock brake system failure.

The only real downfall to this extremely handy tool is that it requires the code to be initially activated by your vehicle. If the check engine light, or similar malfunction indicator, isn’t on, then FIXD will struggle to pick up any problems.

obd2 scanner with abs and rsr
Fixd monitors ABS, Airbag lights on your vehicle.
Credit. Amazon.com


Its universal compatibility ensures that it works alongside most cars made during or after 1996, meaning you can diagnose faults on the majority of vehicles you may own.

To check the compatibility of your vehicle be sure to visit the FIXD website. All vehicles from 1996 and newer models should be fully compatible.


  • An incredibly accessible user interface, suitable for amateurs and professionals alike
  • Video walkthroughs are extremely helpful
  • Compatible with a wide array of vehicles made during or after 1996
  • Easy to read trouble codes


  • Initial installation can be a chore – you need to manually input the application code, as well as the Bluetooth and VIN pairing codes
  • Not compatible with vehicles made before 1996 – Always check compatibility before making a purchase

An incredible OBD2 scanner, that is both extremely accessible and thorough. The FIXD OBDII scanner offers everything you could need in an ABS and SRS diagnostic tool, and then some.

Consider checking out this incredible ABS code reader today as it offers the most comprehensive vehicle protection you can find.

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2. Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner with ABS SRS

Bluedriver OBD2 Scanner with ABS SRS
4.44.4 / 5
Bluedriver is an advanced Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool that works with an online application to give you professional level reads on your vehicle.

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, the Bluedriver OBD2 code reader is an incredible Bluetooth device. This is easily one of the top contenders for the best DIYer tools available on the market today.

Features and Functions

If you are looking for an entry-level code reader that doesn’t sacrifice functionality, then you would be hard-pressed to find one quite like the Bluedriver. Offering all the functionality you would expect from a premium pick, at this price point – this device can’t be beaten.

An easy-to-use and quick access menu offers users the ability to check important information about their vehicle. Whether that’s analyzing live data or determining why the check engine light keeps blinking, this affordable option has got you covered.

Thanks to its smartphone pairing, users of this device can quickly check the state of their vehicle from the moment the check engine light pops up. This is extremely helpful to both mechanics and DIYers as it offers information that can be helpful to repairs.

Ideally suited for DIYers, this entry-level code reader is an excellent choice. Regardless of whether you want to be prepared for faults, or you need an immediate diagnosis, be sure to pick this ABS scan tool up!


Most vehicles made after 1996 will be compatible with this scanner. If you are curious whether or not this tool is compatible with your vehicle, be sure to check the Bluedriver site online.


  •  Extremely accessible design suitable for all users
  • Licensed and certified to work on both Android and iOS devices
  • Available at an affordable price; perfect for beginners
  • Offers repair suggestions from ASE certified technicians


  • Adaptor connectivity can sometimes be unreliable
  • Low availability as it sells out often
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3. ANCEL AD610 Elite OBDII ABS Airbag Scanner

ANCEL AD610 Elite OBDII ABS Airbag Scanner
4.34.3 / 5
The ANCEL AD610 Elite is a professional level OBD/EOBD diagnostic tool that will help users get an in-depth diagnostic scan on the engine of their vehicle.

Mechanics and car enthusiasts will instantly fall in love with this highly functional OBD II code reader. Offering a range of premium features such as data backup and support for all 10 OBD2 test modes, mechanics need not look elsewhere.

Features and functions

One of the more premium options featured here today, the ANCEL AD610 Elite is ideal for people looking for ABS/SRS diagnosis. Clearing and diagnosing SRS warning lights is incredibly straightforward and can be done with a few clicks of a button.

Although it may not offer all the advanced features that its more expensive counterparts do, this tool does offer many unique functions. Users can use this code reader to directly activate both the ABS and SRS systems giving you the means to test them when required.

Diagnosing trouble codes and your CEL can be a pain, but with code readers such as this on the market, it has never been easier.

The ANCEL AD601 Elite allows you to clear codes and performs an ABS motor test with ease, no matter your skill level – be sure to check it out today.


In terms of compatible vehicles, this handy little tool boasts compatibility with over 60 vehicle manufacturers. This makes it an ideal option for mechanics or people who work with a wide range of vehicle models and types.


  • Comes with a backup SD card so you can save your diagnostic data
  • Compatible with over 60 different vehicle makes and models
  • Covers all 10 OBD2 test modes such as ABS, SRS, and actuator tests
  • Multilingual LCD screen offers global accessibility


  • Provided manual is fairly unclear so it’s not entirely accessible to new car owners
  • Not all vehicles it’s compatible with will allow for bi-directional ABS tests
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4. FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner

Foxwell NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner
4.34.3 / 5
The Foxwell NT630 Elite is an advanced OBD2 scanner that can help you understand ABS/SRS and trouble codes that appear to cause your vehicle issues.

FOXWELL is a popular name in the world of code readers and it is no wonder why. The NT630 is just one of the many excellent options out there, regardless of whether you are new to the world of OBD II tools or you are an experienced mechanic.

Features and functions

Glowing customer reviews and constant recommendations are exactly what you will find when researching the FOXWELL NT630. Thanks to its incredible range of compatibility and simple interface, this is an ideal purchase for all car owners.

Reading live-data is especially accessible as users of this ABS/SRS scan tool can switch to a graph-based view. This provides you with diagnostics across a range of periods, not just the most recent sensor data reading.

For long-term users, FOXWELL provides all its software updates for free – meaning less time is spent messing around with downloads and more time is spent diagnosing your vehicle’s main systems.

If you have ever tried a FOXWELL device you will know exactly why this one is so highly favored in the mechanical world. For those of you who haven’t, however, then try to get your hands on the NT630 when you can.

Elite airbag ABS diagnostic tool
FOXWELL NT630 Elite OBD2 Scanner ABS SRS.


This device is compatible with over 41 modern vehicle manufacturers. For a full list of compatible models check out the manufacturer’s site.


  • Easy-to-read real-time data thanks to graphing capabilities
  • Constant updates ensure this scan tool lasts a while
  • Control both ABS and SRS systems using the device
  • Automatic VIN acquisition is a useful addition


  • Can be fairly inaccessible for new OBD2 users
  • It may not be compatible with ABS on some vehicles
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5. Innova 3100j OBDII Scan Tool with ABS SRS

The Innova 3100j is a budget-friendly device that can quickly tell you the cause behind the annoying check engine warning light.

Innova 3100j OBSII Scan Tool with ABS SRS
44 / 5
This ABS/SRS code reader was designed for any vehicle owner who needs to easily read and erase trouble codes on their engine.

If you’re looking for a great budget-buy tool to check and clear codes on most 1996 and newer vehicles, then you should consider checking out the Innova 3100J.

This affordable code reading tool can help diagnose error codes and help you figure out why your malfunction indicator light is on.

Features and functions

Suitable for owners of vehicles from 1996 onwards, the Innova 3100j can help diagnose trouble codes across a range of system categories. Users can diagnose their check engine codes and figure out exactly what is up with their vehicle in minutes.

Once this tool arrives, completing diagnostics is fairly straightforward. It can be plugged into most modern vehicles, whether they can start or not, then by using the menu you can readily access any flagged trouble codes.

This tool gives you access to stored freeze-frame data from most systems, including ABS. Whether that’s checking the engine coolant temperature or verifying why the MIL is turned on, the Innova 3100j has got you covered.

This tool is both affordable and functional. We think it’s a great tool for both beginner and experienced users, as it is well built and will diagnose problems very quickly.

Airbag scan tool for cars
Innova 3100j displays ABS/SRS Codes.


Almost all vehicles made after 1996 will work fine with this scanner, including vans and SUVs.


  •  Access freeze frame data with ease
  • Can complete battery and alternator tests
  • Reads and clears ABS/SRS codes
  • Provides oil-reset procedures


  • No live-data or bi-directional functionality
  • Doesn’t come with a protective case
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6. Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD2 ABS Airbag Scanner

The Autel MaxiLink ML619 is a diagnostic scan reader for identifying faults on anti-lock brakes ABS, Airbag systems SRS, and also for OBD2 diagnostic reading.

Autel MaxiLink ML619 CAN OBD2 ABS Airbag Scanner
4.44.4 / 5
This ABS/SRS fault code reader has more advanced functions.

A great option when it comes to diagnosing faults and potential errors in a range of vehicle models. Ideal for your typical motor owners and DIYers, this incredibly useful ABS scan tool is extremely accessible thanks to its easy-to-understand definitions.

Features and functions

Keeping track of your ABS/SRS systems within your car is essential when it comes to ensuring your car doesn’t breakdown. Thankfully, the Autel MaxiLink can help car owners track not only their ABS/SRS systems but also a range of other vital components.

Those of you who love to keep a record of any faults for future reference will be glad to hear you can print off diagnosis information using this tool. Simply hook it up to a Windows PC and print off the diagnostic data you need.

This is a very useful advanced feature, as it allows you to compare car performance over time.

The Autel MaxiLink provides its users with tips and procedures when it comes to diagnosing your vehicle’s problems. This is especially useful for your regular car owner, as mechanics will be aware of them already.

First-time OBD2 tool users and DIYers will struggle to find a car code reader as accommodating as this. When you’re next looking to add to your toolbox, be sure to consider purchasing this useful tool.


The Autel MaxiLink is incredibly compatible and supports almost all domestic, Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer. If your vehicle is older than 1996, however, you may need to find an older tool to get the job done.


  • Comprehensive support for most systems
  • Provides support for various languages
  • Users can print out data by connecting to a Windows PC
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design


  • Can’t clear and diagnose all error codes
  • The smaller screen size can be hard to read
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7. Autel Diaglink ABS SRS Transmission Scanner

Capable of accessing every module within a vehicle’s system, the Autel Diaglink is an incredibly powerful scan tool. It offers support for all OBD2 test modes, making it a must-buy for mechanics and car enthusiasts alike.The Autel OBD2 Diaglink Code Reader is a scan tool that is capable of accessing a lot more than previous scan tools.

Autel Diaglink ABS SRS
Autel Diaglink ABS SRS Transmission Scanner
44 / 5
With this tool, you have the ability to access every module within a vehicle system with ALL System access, which includes Engine, Transmission, ABS/SRS and more.

Features and functions

From reading live data to scanning your entire vehicle for codes, this ABS scan tool is packed to the brim with functionality. Turn off the ECU with ease and diagnose faults with both your SRS and ABS systems in just a few clicks.

The Autel Diaglink is an incredibly durable piece of tech, and will easily survive more than a few accidental bashes in the workplace. On top of this, it comes with a 12-month warranty, providing an impressively safe purchase.

One of the most overlooked features of the Diaglink is its ability to service your electronic parking brakes. Most scan tools will often leave this service out, making this a standout option.

If you are looking for an in-depth ABS scan tool that can quickly diagnose faults and get your vehicle back on the road – then this could be the one for you.


In terms of compatibility, the Autel Diaglink features a unique system. It is compatible with almost all vehicles post-1996, however, it can only be used on a single vehicle at a time. You will need to manually download the software required for your specific vehicle if you plan on using this tool.


  •  Step-by-step instructions are concise and clear
  • Easily scan and clear SRS and ABS codes
  • 12-month warranty and free lifetime software updates
  • Reads and resets oil service lights


  • Can get sluggish when on low battery
  • Low availability due to high demand
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8. Launch CRP129 OBD2 ENG/AT/ABS/SRS Scan Tool

3.83.8 / 5
The Launch CRP 129 OBD2 scanner for the most important engine systems on your vehicle.

One of the larger designs on this list, the Launch CRP129 is an incredible option if you aren’t a fan of the smaller screens found on most OBD2 scan tools. With a full-color screen and advanced functionality, this is ideal for people already familiar with OBD2 devices.

Features and functions

Superb compatibility alongside advanced functionality that mechanics will love is exactly what this device excels in. Offering compatibility with over 40 vehicle manufacturers, ABS tools as compatible as this are rare.

It covers a majority of OBD2 functionality such as bi-directional tests and ABS tests – making this ideal for enthusiasts.

The large design is incredibly resistant to physical damage so you don’t have to worry about using this in the garage. The large screen is particularly useful for those that want to graph data.

Although it is slightly more expensive than some other tools featured today, this is still highly recommended. Beginners may struggle with getting to grips with it, making it an ideal option for experienced mechanics.


The Launch CRP129 scan tool is compatible with over 40 vehicle manufacturers. It mainly focuses on compatibility with American, European, and Asian models. Ideally, check your vehicle is fully compatible before purchasing this functional device.


  •  Compatible with most modern vehicles
  • View and save up to 8 hours of live-data
  • Performs diagnostics incredibly quickly
  • Large color screen


  • Slightly more expensive than other options
  • Advanced functionality may not be suited to beginners
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9. MAOZUA Creator C310+ Scan Tool

MAOZUA Creator C310+ Scan Tool
3.93.9 / 5
The MAOZUA is an Airbag/ABS/SRS diagnostic scan tool that can help you delete codes and get rid of annoying lights on your dashboard.

Owners of a BMW, or those of you looking to purchase one, will easily get the most out of this device. Designed around BMW compatibility, few OBD2 tools on the market offer a specialist design quite like this.

Features and functions

Whilst it may not be compatible with a majority of non-BMW vehicles, this tool is incredibly functional if you do happen to own a BMW. Because it is custom-built for these cars, it is able to diagnose ABS or SRS codes with great speed and accuracy.

When it comes to speed, this device is almost unbeatable. Thanks to a superbly accessible menu, you can access all the functions you require in minutes.

To round out this package, it is readily available at an affordable price – you don’t need to spend a fortune to give your vehicle the service it deserves.

If you are looking for a scan tool that is compatible with a range of vehicles, then this may not be the tool for you. However, if you mainly drive or work with BMW models, then do yourself a favor and give this tool a go.


Designed with BMW vehicles in mind, the MAOZUA Creator C310+ should be compatible with almost all BMWs between 2001 and 2017. If your BMW was manufactured between 1997 and 2000, you may need a 20 pin adaptor for full functionality.


  •  Incredibly affordable price
  • Robust and durable design
  • Covers a range of OBD2 test functions
  • The provided user manual is helpful


  • Mainly designed for BMW vehicles
  • Low price means it is regularly out of stock
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10. Innova 3160g OBD2 Scanner with ABS SRS

There are multiple Innova devices featured in this list for a reason. Offering functionality alongside a portable design, the 3160g is an ideal purchase for those who want a wire-free experience.

4.24.2 / 5
A large screen and handsfree functionality are just two reasons this may be your go-to product.

Features and functions

Thanks to a Bluetooth transmitter and a battery-powered option, this is easily one of the most portable and adaptable scanners covered here. Ideal for mechanics on-the-go, the Innova 3160g can be used in a range of different locations.

When it comes to functionality, this nifty tool is no slouch. Almost all of the most popular OBD2 functions are covered such as SRS/ABS checks and oil light reset functions.

Learning how to use this code reader is also pretty straightforward. So whether you have years of experience or it’s your first OBD scanner, you will be able to get diagnosing in minutes.

Recommending the Innova 3160g to almost all car owners is incredibly easy due to its high levels of compatibility. With Bluetooth capabilities, high levels of functionality, and free updates, this is a great all-around package.


This ABS scan tool can be used alongside most modern vehicles made after 1996. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s website to verify your vehicle is fully compatible as vehicles post-2014 won’t be fully compatible.


  • Regular free software updates
  • Easy-to-read large screen
  • Bluetooth functionality
  • Battery-based design offer added portability


  • Requires a monthly subscription cost for full functionality
  • You will need to buy batteries for it
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Scanners Help, But You Might Still Need A Mechanic

All the scan tools we have reviewed today excel in what they do and offer you a straightforward way to diagnose any ABS trouble codes you may come across. However, few can provide as much real-time data as the FIXD OBD2 scanner.

You should always check that the ABS scan tool you have chosen is compatible with your vehicle, or vehicles you work on. Although some OBD2 scanners will offer a simple diagnosis with most vehicles, you won’t get the full list of features if your vehicle just isn’t compatible.

For any general car owners reading this, if you can diagnose the problem using your code reader but you can’t fix it, we would still recommend visiting your local mechanic. Although OBD scanners are exceptional at finding the cause of the problem is, they cannot fix it.

You’ll always be able to read codes as a diagnosis, but some jobs require a professional’s help. 

Diagnostic Scan Tool FAQs:

What is ABS on a code reader?

ABS on a code reader is when it has the functionality needed to diagnose potential problems with your Antilock Braking System. Not all scan tools will feature this functionality so always read the manufacturer’s guide if that is a feature you are looking for.

Can AutoZone check ABS codes?

By using OBD2 scan tools, AutoZone can check your ABS codes for you.

You may also check the trouble codes yourself if you own or have access to an OBD2 scanner with ABS and SRS compatibility. Be sure to read our review above to help with this.

This can save you a lot of money, as long as you know what you are doing. It’s always best to check with a mechanic before you attempt any complex repairs – if you aren’t sure of what you are doing, you could make it much worse.

What are ABS and SRS codes?

To diagnose an issue with your vehicle, you may want to check your ABS light. This is a light that links directly to your ABS and can be used to determine if there are issues with your braking system. An ABS code is used to check whether or not your ABS systems require repairs.

On the other hand, SRS codes are used to help determine faults with your airbags. The SRS, or safety restraint system, consists of a collection of impact modules and sensors that determine when your airbag system will trigger.

Can torque read ABS codes?

Torque predominately focuses on check engine light codes as opposed to ABS/SRS system faults. However, if you own a compatible OBD2 reader, you may be able to access all your ABS/SRS data through the use of the scanner.

Will an OBD Scanner Read ABS codes?

This depends entirely on the scanner itself and whether or not it has been designed around SRS and ABS functionality.

Each OBD2 scan tool will offer its own set of unique benefits such as the option to read live data or check on your ABS system. It’s always a good idea to see what is included in a device before you make a purchase.

Bottom line

No matter your reasoning for purchasing an ABS/SRS code reader, they are one of the most useful tools you can own when it comes to vehicular maintenance. Preventing faults with your safety systems is extremely important – something that an OBD scanner can do.

All the tools we have featured today excel in vehicle diagnostics. Mechanics and car enthusiasts alike should always own a code reader that they can rely on.

So when you are next servicing your own vehicle or are looking to offer your customers excellent repair work, consider getting an ABS scan tool.

3.5/5 (30 Reviews)
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